Thursday, February 15, 2018

New Moon for February 2018

What does it mean to ‘Honor Truth’
I honor what ‘IS’ as I experience it.
I am NOT asked to accept it or know it better.
I am just asked to experience ‘it’ as ‘it’ is.
I am asked to honor the truth of the histories
                Of myself, of my family, my culture, and the whole of the world.
I am asked to taste what has been laid out before me;
                An abundant banquet of history, experiences, memories

Monday, January 15, 2018

Become Your Vision Through Living the Cycles of Truth

Much of what we learn of the Truth of who we truly are comes through our relationships with others and our experiences in the world.  Some of what we take in as Truth is false evidence appearing real. Some of what we take as true is future events already ruined. This is the misunderstanding of the instinct of fear.   In the natural world, the instinct of fear is Creator's gift that tells all Creator's creatures to pay attention to what is coming.  That's it.  Just pay attention.  When we learn to pay attention to what is, then we can begin to discern with our all our physical senses; Truth from illusion as it is revealed in our relationships and our experiences. 

Self Reflection: As we sit in the darkness of the closing moon for the 13th Moon Cycle of Be Truth, we are preparing for January's moon cycle, and the gifts of Learn Truth.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Watching for How We Block Ourselves From Becoming Our VIsion

Carolyn shares:  This morning I woke up and immediately bumped into the 'me' I dread most. I recognize this 'me' quite readily these days.  When I wake up to my alarm and start a conversation about whether or not I should sleep longer, that tells me right away the dreaded 'me' is tussling to take charge.  Three snooze buttons later I got up, came downstairs and immediately picked up the latest copy of a magazine called 'Live Happy'.  I did not feel 'happy'.  Instead, what I saw was all the authors-leader, mentors, actresses, counselors sharing their work in this lovely magazine, doing what I felt I wasn't or couldn't do.  This was an open door for negation and shut-down of the 'me' that would be visible in my vision. Just when I was starting to feel my next step into Love and Truth about to happen, I get a flash mob of all my old stuff (a flash mob all dressed in black, by the way) which blocks out the Truths which are already a part of me.  My vision for my Vision is blocked. This feels terrible to me in all ways: in my body, my thinking, how I feel, and in my connection to my spirit.  In the past, this could take me down for days, weeks, months, often using physical illness as the final blow to 'becoming Me'.

It is so easy to let this sentinel who blares her neon sign-"That's not you!" be the truth-speaker. But...She's not.  My best defense against giving her charge of my life is in the daily work I do to keep my chord of connection plugged into Creative Source, Great Mystery Great Spirit, or G.O.D. (Good ,Orderly Direction).  This is certainly what walking and resting in the path of the Moon Cycle work helps me do.

Self Reflection:  I am present to myself during these busy days of the waning moon. I AM able to discern the blessed Truth of my Self and the Truth of the emerging vision for me life.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Come toward the Close of the Waning Moon with Love and Grace

We have been given four weeks of time for rest and reflection.
In this year, what are the themes this cycle of reflection has revealed to me?

Acknowledging and honoring this/these theme(s), I notice my response, my reaction.
Have I been loving to myself? Indulgent? Judgmental?  Shaming? Encouraging? Inspiring? 

Self Reflection: How have I loved myself?  How shall I love myself better?

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Winter Solstice; the Time for Thanking Truth

On this shortest day of the year, we celebrate the longest night.  We are symbolically offered a longer span of darkness to sit with our dreams for what we might be, could be, will be as we consciously commit to being more completely our Self!

Have a wondrous and inspired solstice!  Light a fire or candles to celebrate the gift of darkness, to remember of the gift of light that is eternally within your being, to offer gratitude for the balance of life-the gift of rhythms and cycles.

Self Reflection: I thank Truth for my light, which becomes visible to me in being with my own dark times.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

How the Will Centers Feel in Our Physical Body

Recognizing who's WILL is in directing our life is truly an amazing fete.  It reflects a commitment to to be more fully our True Self.  A 'self-hug, pat on the back' is in order.  Do that now!

Now, how WILL feels as it is present in our body:

Energetically, the will centers are energy centers in the backside of our body. They are in alignment with the chakras as  represented on the front of the body. It is helpful to think of WILL as the force which supports us in moving out in the world. It is the energy which gives us the little (or sometime forceful) push to take action in our lives. One of my teachers, John Pierrakos, talked about the importance of aligning our will with Divine Will. The question, he said was whether we were aligned with other peoples will, our will, or God’s will? Of course, whose will is in charge dramatically effects our personal development as well as  self-discipline, self-determination, and showing up Truthfully in the world.

When we work with our daily review practice, our goals and our vision for our life, it  becomes clear which use of WILL mostly informs our life and our choices. To Live Truth is to have our personal Will and Divine Will be aligned (or as the mystics say, 'as one').

Self Reflection:  Who's really in charge of  your life? Give yourself a 'self-hug, pat on the back'  for anytime you have given over to Divine Direction-the 'will' of a higher dierction!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Inner and Outer 'Workings' of Our Cycles of Truth

There are 12 Cycles of Truth as shared  by Twylah Nitsch, the Seneca  Elder who brought these teachings into the world.
As I have worked with these cycles, I have come to see the first five Cycles of Truth are invitations and instructions for relating to our inner growing, knowing, being.  They are in some ways correlated with our senses.**
1. Learn Truth--touch
2. Honor Truth--taste
3. Know/Accept Truth--smell/scent
4. See Truth--sight
5. Hear Truth--hearing/auditory
(Working with each of these cycles incorporates and helps us develop our intuitive/sixth sense.)

The remaining seven Cycles of Truth are invitations and instructions relating to knowing, being and expressing in the world around us, in our relationships with all-people,creatures, places and things. As we work with cycles 7-12 our intuitive senses and our connection to our understanding of Source also grows and develops.

6. Speak Truth  --speaking only truth as we understand Truth
7. Love Truth --Truth as expressed through our heart
8. Serve Truth --live servicing truth as we understand what is Truth
9. Live Truth -- awareness of Truth resonating in our being
10. Work/Walk Truth  --conscious and intentional expression and actions in/of/with Truth
11. Share Truth --willingness to share in actions, words and intention our understanding or Truth
12. Thank Truth --living in/with gratitude

When Jamie Sams wrote her The 13 Original Clan Mothers, she honored the 13th Cycle 'Be Truth', is the clan mother, Becomes Her Vision.  This cycle occurs as the final new moon of the year in our Gregorian calendar.  In my work, I use this thirteenth cycle as a month of reflection, self assessment and integration.

**These are my interpretations and understanding.  It is not my intention to represent them in any way as 'official'.

Self Reflection: Moving through the 13th moon cycle,  take time to review and reflect on your experience with each of cycle of Truth.