Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday Summer Blessing

Karen shares a blessing that resonates with her journey of Love Truth:

Thursday Summer Blessing

As the tree shares its gifts of fruit,
So I, too, share the gifts of me.
For in me
Is the facilitator
Of a more loving world;
In me is the catalyst
For a greater social awareness.
In me is the power of the Word,
And I share that gift with All.

--Essene Book of Meditations and Blessings
     by Danaan Parry

Carolyn shares:  When Karen shared this blessing with me, I truly felt it as 'a blessing'.  As I read these words, I felt an affirmation of my intention and commitment to open myself to love the truth of what is and my desire to be a catalyst who helps others know the power, peace and sense of well-being which comes with loving the truth.  Reading this blessing, I heard this: There is power in the Word, and this power is a gift.  And I am blessed in sharing this gift.
I left my contemplation time with a deep sense of peace and with hope. To embrace 'power', I think will be a practice, and the coming cycle of Serve Truth, will offer a time for practice.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

We All, Eventually, Return Home to Ourselves

29 days on a journey committed to loving what is Truth will reveal parts of our character that have previously been hidden in shadow.  As we embrace these parts of our selves, such
harmful behaviors, errant beliefs, or judgments (of self and others), it is common to experience feelings of shame.
Love Truth invites us to compassionate forgiveness of ourselves for all the foibles of our life journey so far.  we are the prodigal goddess of Sara's poem.  The parent we are returning to is ourselves, the woman we are becoming; the woman Love Truth has invited us to see as Truth.  We are returning to a mansion where a life rich with possibility, creativity, growth and abundant love is waiting to be experienced.

Wait no longer to Love all the Truths of your journey thus far. Embrace the imperfections of your life as a human being. This conscious act starts the healing, just as in Jamie Sams' story of Loves All Things.

Sewlf Reflection:  Have I allowed ALL of me to return to rest in my own being, in my heart?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Prodigal Goddess Prepares to Serve Truth

To return home,
to walk as prodigal into our own life.
Will we feast on our fatted calf?
Or mete our own justice?

To know the light, we must learn darkness.
We value most, that which is nearly lost.

Treat yourself with kindness.
and upon turning back,
Welcome yourself with open arms.
Embrace the cycle.
Hug your Goddess.
Greet yourself,

perfect in your imperfection

Originally posted by Sara on

Self Reflection:  My imperfection is my path of learning my perfection as a child of Creator.

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Willingness to Love Truth Offers a Gift of Peace

Carolyn Shares: The biggest awareness I have received in holding the idea, thought, feeling and experience of Love Truth over the course of this moon cycle is that as I practice (and often fail) to Love ALL Truth(s) I am developing the 'ability' to love in a different way.  This loving is difficult to describe. It feels like a gift-- loving in a way that is a gift to myself, to those close around me, and also out into the world.  By my willingness to embrace that the tiny truth I hold in my mind is NOT the whole truth, and may not even be accurate, I open a space in myself for awareness and courage to receive, even welcome, larger Truths.  This is a gift, and I experience this gift coming from the Creator.  I cannot make it happen, but I can show-up daily and and receive this gift.  To seek the ability to Love Truth IS an experience of deep and abiding Peace.  And this I can offer as a gift for others, just by moving through my daily life wearing the experience of this peace.

Self Reflection:  How have I experienced love this moon cycle? For myself? For Others? For this planet?

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Love Truth is Letting Go of the Need for Perfection

What have I encountered on this journey to Love Truth?
I have encountered the Truth that to Love Truth is to let go of my idea of the need for perfection.
I could name this a journey 'love imperfection', 'love patience', 'love what is hard to love'.
In my imperfections I recognize I have caused harm to others.
To love the truth of my human fallibility, means I can send a prayer for the one I have harmed.  
I can open myself to receive the grace of self-forgiveness, and in doing so
Grace comes through me to amend for the suffering my own suffering has caused another.
In the truth of Love Truth, grace can come through me.
And I can offer comfort through me.

Self Reflection: What am I encountering on my journey to Love Truth.  I wonder what is yet to be revealed?

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Quest to Love Truth Bridges the Gaps in Our Perception and Judgment

The quest to love Truth is the journey of compassion.  The Truth cycles up to this point have been offering us gentle invitations to embrace a more compassionate way of living: with ourselves, with others, and in the world. On this quest to Love Truth we now come face to face with what we perceive or judge as wanted or unwanted, good or bad, kind or hurtful, honorable or shameful...For most of us, coming face to face with the undesirable of these is like coming to a cliff edge 'reality' and come to an abyss of our fear-based perceptions and judgments.

Our options are always the same:  We can turn back, taking up our addictions for comfort and retreat. We can freeze-up emotionally or physically and become frozen into inaction. We can fight them until they consume us and we end up falling into the abyss. OR...we can build a bridge of compassionate forgiveness, one plank at a time to span the abyss of our dark shadows--all those places we can not yet truthfully see in ourselves, judge in others, and perceive in the world.

Self Reflection: When I lay down my judgment of self and others, I am freed to accept the Truth,  I am able to love what, in my error of perception, I deemed unlovable. I am freed from a prison of my own making, and I cross the abyss toward a freedom of great love.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Take Time to Reflect on Your Path of Loving Truth

During the waning moon phase, our mind and heart come together to bring into focus what we most need to learn about loving what is true--in our own life, in the life of others who our life touches, in our communities, and our world. A commitment to love truth is not an easy path, but the pay off is worth the effort.  Inner peace comes with this commitment. We develop a deeper understanding of our and others' challenges and difficulties. There is a growing wisdom that comes from this practice. 

Self Reflection: How are the lessons of this cycle of Love Truth coming into play in my life? Where am I called to take action? What might I need to release to be able love a larger, deeper truth? What new awareness is uniting my mind and heart?