Friday, September 22, 2017

Visions and Dreams; How to Avoid a Nightmare

There is a ancient Japanese Proverb:
Vision without action is a daydream.
Action without vision is a nightmare.

Sara's words for the waxing phase of the October moon create a pattern for working and walking Truth in our life.

There is a sense and order to how those four words words are laid out on the pages.
Our dreams and our desires enrich one another.
Our desires and our visions inform one another.
Our visions and our goals instruct one another.
Our goal and our dreams energize one another.

The places they intersect reveal and are the template for our calling, for our becoming.
When we honor the interplay of our dreams, desires, visions and goals, we can be sure we will walk and work in Truth.

Self Reflection: If I am willing to take time to come to know my dreams, desires, visions and goals, they will support me in who I am called to BE in my life.  Will I embrace my dreams, my desires, my visions. my goals?

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Aligning your Dreams, Desires, Goals and Vision

Sara writes:  To be honest, when I sat down with the four circles of 'Dreams', 'Desires', 'Goals' and 'Vision' this morning, I wondered why on earth we had chosen four words that meant the same thing. Then I started writing:

  • Desires-what my heart is calling for, that for which I feel a lack or emptiness 
  • Dreams-what I would love to have in my life.  Again mostly what I don' have (yet)
  • Goals-what I hope to accomplish, in specifics
  • Vision-how I see myself manifesting in the world and how the Universe manifests around me
I remember a time, about 13-14 years ago when a similar exercise (in the middle of a corporate  retreat) nearly caused a complete emotional breakdown.  I was living my life trying to fulfill someone else's desires, reach goals that had been set by those who controlled my financial future, had room only for the dream of safety and didn't dare let myself look at a vision of how my life was manifesting.

When we are not in touch with our inner self, we lose the ability to weave a coherent web.  Those four apparently similar words end up disconnected when they do not spring from our own inner truth,  from our own core wisdom.  

Self Reflection: Are my Dreams, Desires, Goals and Vision in alignment?  Can they all be contained and supported by the web I am weaving with my choices and my life?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A dust-speck spider weaves perfect imperfection: October New Moon; Walk/Work Truth

Spider weaves
Is she Creator of her own web?
Or does Creator come through her?

I weave my web
Inspired strands,
Spun in the colors of my heart
Imperfect Truths
Here for the moment
They speak to me
(and perhaps to another?)

my Truth will be different
And I will weave a new web
Different, yet still Truth
For I am a dust-speck spider
Weaving in the vastness of the Universe
Infinite and infinitesimal
Channeling that which cannot be contained!

Self reflection: On this New Moon, how is Universe inspiring me to weave my life? 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Closing Moon for September and the Cycle of Live Truth

We are in the closing moon for September.  In this day may we become aware of the small ways we have learned to use our senses to hear, see, sense, feel and taste the presence and power of the Creative Force of life within.  

We prepare to step consciously onto the Web of Life, to work with and to walk with Truth in our lives. 

Self Reflection: A Contemplative Prayer: "Bring me more into alignment with my own inner truth and enrich my capacity to Live Truth in my being, within myself and in the world.  I ask a vision for my life. I ask for a conscious dream to understand how to live the unique expression of Truth in my life walk, in my life work."

Monday, September 18, 2017

Live Truth and Abundance

All Truths are within myself.
I experience them day by day.
Each step is a discovery
of new Truth,
of more Truth,
of clearer Truth.

Here in this place within, which some might call the soul, I will find the key to abundance.  In all of my experiences, a positive abundance is available.  Accessing this abundance requires a shift in my perceptions .

No matter my feeling-being sick, excited, afraid, brave..., I can use what I am feeling to support my going within to say 'yes' to the needs of my body (and mind). This is a vital and necessary step to Live Truth in my life.  Am I willing to Live what I know is True to have abundant health?

Self-Reflection: What would I need to change in how I live?

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Live Truth is When We Experience the Extraordinary Gift of Being Human

These morning blog posts really are meant to be one minute meditations.  Hopefully sparks of illumination to shed light on the direction of the day.  BUT...
It is definitely worth taking extra time to read this post from Dr. Kelly Flannagan's Blog 'Untangled'

To Live Truth is my having the _________________to experience being human as an extraordinary gift.

What word fills in the blank...
....what IS my word?

To Live Truth is to experience being human as an extraordinary gift.
Life is a gift; not always a fun or easy gift and Truth is a gift we receive when we come to understand our life as a gift, an extraordinary, co-creative Gift.

Self-Reflection: What is 'my word' that will support me to experience life as an extraordinary gift?

Saturday, September 16, 2017

How Do We Know if We are Living Truth?

As we enter the final days of the waning moon, reflect on how the phrase 'Live Truth' shown up in your day to day life.

Remember this is a process.  It is unique for each of us. It will change as we change.  We will have moments where we lose connection with the power within us that brings us the peace, courage and wisdom to claim and manifest OUR awareness of Truth.

A Serenity Prayer:
I ask for the Grace of serenity to accept what I cannot change in my life.
I ask for the Grace of courage to change the things I can.
I ask for the Grace to use Wisdom to discern what is mine to accept, what is mine to change, and what is mine to let go, and to act with that Wisdom.

Carolyn writes:  At this point I still mostly know when I am NOT Living Truth.  But this, too is progress.  I am now so uncomfortable when I am in 'NOT Truth', that I am more and more willing to surrender to not knowing and...Truth arrives (sometimes after a bit of patience).

Self Reflection:  How have I experienced my process of  'Living Truth'? How do I experience living 'Not Truth'?