Saturday, December 31, 2016

To Learn Truth We Practice Through Relationship

Richard Rohr (Center for Action and Contemplation), in one of his morning contemplation posts writes "We do not think ourselves into a new way of living;  we live ourselves into a new way of thinking."

If we want a new life for ourselves, we must be willing to return again and again to that place where we learn and can practice tools for living in a new way. The place we return to is through our connection with All Our  Relations.  What we learn is Truth. What we experience is Love. We learn to live in relationship with all Creation. We learn to think in the language of love.

Self-Reflection: I commit to practice living in relationship with all of creation in the best way I know how. In this way I wil Learn Truth

Friday, December 30, 2016

We Learn Truth Through the Sense of Touch

We begin the experience of being human through our 5 senses.  The 5 senses are not instincts, but they inform our instincts, and also, the other way around. We begin our learning about what it is to be human with our sense of 'touch'. We learn comfort and pain, hot and cold, hard, soft. Our first experience of being loved or rejected comes through our tactile experience during our birth.

In working with the Cycles of Truth, we begin with Learn Truth and the first of our five senses, touch.  This tactile sense is our first informer as to whether our world is a good and safe place to be. It is the first way we are in relationship with all of our world.

Reflecting on our early experience in the world gives us clues about where we need to update our sensory systems (quite literally).  Jamie Sams' experienced this first cycle of truth as 'Talks With Relations'.  Through the story she tells, she shows how our willingness to step into relationship with all of creation (not just people and our pets) is a tried and true way to Learn Truth AND to open our sense of touch to a higher level of sensitivity and frequency, which brings healing for us and for all we touch...

Self Reflection: I enter a new year of cycles and rhythms. I will be touched by the experience of living my life in rhythm and flow. I will Learn Truth through being present to whatever my life touches.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

January New Moon and the Gift of Healing Touch.

Carolyn shares her thoughts on the night of the new moon:  I sat listening to what thoughts make themselves known to me during the time I set aside for my new moon meditation.  Thinking about the gift of the call to Learn Truth that I embrace this month. AND thinking, too, about the gift creator has provided for me through my five senses.

This month the sense we are asked to know better is the sense of touch.  My mind goes to a memory of one of the first times I laid my hands on the skin of a loved one and through that touch received awareness of their pain and the way to relieve it.  Remembering this, and reflecting on the other times my coming in touch with another has been healing for me, or them, and sometimes for both of us, I had this thought:  What if we are beings born as cells of the heart of Creator? What if our bodies are living ‘hearts of the Divine’?  Then this skin of ours, which is the largest organ of our body, is a magnificent receptor and giver of all that is possible of Divine Love.  It is no wonder that intuition is developed through our awareness of touch.  It is of no surprise that we Learn Truth through our willingness to be in relationship with all, and how often our sense of touch (as well as our voice) frames these relationships.  

Self Reflection: Am I open to the gifts which come my way with the willingness to learn truth?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Closing Moon for December: Using Our Senses to Make Sense of Our Vision

When we can  be present with all of our senses, we are present to our Self.  This helps us take full advantage of all the gifts that ultimately show us our vision.  We learn to be fully present to life in the moment and to become more fully aligned with Creator’s purpose for our individual life.  We learn to use our senses as tools for connecting to higher frequencies of awareness.  We are able to have our senses become more acute and sensitive so that we can respond more proactively, rather than from fear or anxiety.  We become more able to use our senses to wake up to the world around us and to our own unique path.  Wise use of senses help us let go of, or at least set down, what keeps our vision from being visible (mostly to us).

Highly developed senses, while they may require our attention and cannot be easily ignored, can bring a sense of ease to our lives once we come to trust them and to use them wisely.  The increased awareness with our senses also awakens our intuition, often called the sixth sense,  Our sixth sense points the way to becoming our vision.  We are at the eve of the New Moon Cycle Year.  We are invited to experience our senses fully during the next five moon cycles and to  receive the sixth sense, our intuitive capacities.

Self Reflection: I take time to sit in gratitude for the year that has been. I take time to sit in gratitude for the gifts already coming my way. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

As We Move to a New Year of Truth Cycles...

Being and living the vision for our life: Everything in the universe has a template for it's structure and existence (it's potential and possibility).  We, as human beings, are no different in this sense than rocks, trees the elements and the stars.  We are what we are.  Yet, as human beings, the template of our potential is often co opted by our ego and our thinking brain (a simplistic description; read Ken Wilber's  work on Integral living if you want to know more).  We have brief, fleeting moments of awareness and knowing--where we ARE fully present, and the person we dare  to dream we could be-if/when...makes herself/himself known to us! 

We are already who and what we were created to be.  But...because our sense of self is not in alignment with our 'Divine Template' it only means that we must learn how to bring our vision back from the distance of 'someday' to the present moment.  

We already are the person we sense we are called to be.  We CAN and WILL learn to experience ourselves as this person! How? We start by paying attention to the reaction of our senses in our daily lives.  We notice our preferences, likes, dislikes, prejudices, beliefs.  No judging, just notice.  No judging, just notice.

Self Reflection: The process of becoming who I am is not so much about becoming more, but a process of shedding, letting go, dropping what is not 'me'.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Who We have Been and Who We Are Becoming

By taking time to reflect on how the life we have lived so far interfaces with the vision WE have for our life,  we come out of from hiding ourselves from ourselves and the world. We come to know we are already whole. Perhaps we just need to take off the shell that covers our wholeness.  We have not allowed ourselves to see the Magnificent Wholeness of who we are. 

We are manifestations of Creator/Creation.  We all have experienced the magnificence of nature; we too embody that kind of magnificence in our own being. Now we sit in wonder of the magnificence of ourselves-whether we feel we are currently expressing our self in the world, or whether still in the becoming place.

Self Reflection: Think about your most awe inspiring experience in nature. YOU are that magnificent, that awe-some as well. We all are.  We can and will embrace this as Truth, by our willingness to travel fully in our humanness. These days approaching the new year are times to allow the Vision of your being to visualize.  Then YOU can be manifest in the world.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Watching for How We Block Ourselves From Becoming Our VIsion

Carolyn shares:  This morning I woke up and immediately bumped into the 'me' I dread most. I recognize this 'me' quite readily these days.  When I wake up to my alarm and start a conversation about whether or not I should sleep longer, that tells me right away the dreaded 'me' is tussling to take charge.  Three snooze buttons later I got up, came downstairs and immediately picked up the latest copy of a magazine called 'Live Happy'.  I did not feel 'happy'.  Instead, what I saw was all the authors-leader, mentors, actresses, counselors sharing their work in this lovely magazine, doing what I felt I wasn't or couldn't do.  This was an open door for negation and shut-down of the 'me' that would be visible in my vision. Just when I was starting to feel my next step into Love and Truth about to happen, I get a flash mob of all my old stuff (a flash mob all dressed in black, by the way) which blocks out the Truths which are already a part of me.  My vision for my Vision is blocked. This feels terrible to me in all ways: in my body, my thinking, how I feel, and in my connection to my spirit.  In the past, this could take me down for days, weeks, months, often using physical illness as the final blow to 'becoming Me'.

It is so easy to let this sentinel who blares her neon sign-"That's not you!" be the truth-speaker. But...She's not.  My best defense against giving her charge of my life is in the daily work I do to keep my chord of connection plugged into Creative Source, Great Mystery Great Spirit, or G.O.D. (Good ,Orderly Direction).  This is certainly what walking and resting in the path of the Moon Cycle work helps me do.

Self Reflection:  I am present to myself during these busy days of the waning December moon. I AM able to discern the blessed Truth of my Self and the Truth of the emerging vision for me life.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Preparing to Receive; Preparing to Begin Again

When we are willing to receive the Vision for Our Being,  we consciously join with Creator to live our life to our fullest potential.   We make the decision to let go of our need to be in charge and control of our creative energies. We become willing to have an open mind and heart to receive Creator’s gifts—inspiration, guidance, direction, and impulse so we may be out in the world manifesting and fulfilling our birthright, our purpose.

Here in this place we do not work alone!  And yet, we alone do the work.  We alone are responsible for our actions.  Yet our actions are made known to us ONLY by our letting go of ‘my way’, the need to control. Preconceived ideas, notions and beliefs—which may be conscious, unconscious or subconscious MUST be set aside for our vision for our life to come clear.

Self Reflection: Am I ready to begin the journey to know and become my vision in these Truth Cycles about to begin.  I will rest and reflect in gratitude for my journey of the past year so I may be re-energized to begin again.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Become Your Vision Through Living the Cycles of Truth

Much of what we learn of the Truth of who we truly are comes through our relationships with others and our experiences in the world.  Some of what we take in as Truth is false evidence appearing real. Some of what we take as true is future events already ruined. This is the misunderstanding of the instinct of fear.   In the natural world, the instinct of fear is Creator's gift that tells all Creator's creatures to pay attention to what is coming.  That's it.  Just pay attention.  When we learn to pay attention to what is, then we can begin to discern with our all our physical senses; Truth from illusion as it is revealed in our relationships and our experiences. 

Self Reflection: As we sit in the darkness of the closing moon for December, we are preparing for January's moon cycle, and the gifts of Learn Truth.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

How Truth Reveals Our Lives

 "...Does truth work in our lives?...Truth Heals the body, purifies the soul, reforms the sinner, solves difficulties, pacifies strife. There is no such thing as undemonstrated understanding. If you wish to know where you really stand spiritually, look about you at your environment, beginning with the body.  "There can be nothing in the soul that is not demonstrated sooner or later in the outer, and there is nothing in the outer that does not find some correspondence in the inner." (pg 201)       From Emmet Fox, July 20, (1886-1951), a pioneer of the New Thought movement, continues to inform many wisdom teachers and spiritual searchers.  Around the Year With Emmet Fox,

It seems all great spiritual teachers, mystics and holy ones were/are seekers of Truth. All of them! When we seek the vision for our life, Truth is likely to show up in one of the many forms we experience working with the moon cycles, which is just one path for searching and knowing Truth.  

Self Reflections: When I intentionally follow the path of my unfolding vision, I am living my life purpose as best as I currently know it, with the Truth I currently know. I can trust teachings on Truth to pop up synchronicitically in my life. This synchronicity is confirmation of my connection to Creation

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Winter Solstice; the Time for Thanking Truth

On this shortest day of the year, we celebrate the longest night.  We are symbolically offered a longer span of darkness to sit with our dreams for what we might be, could be, will be as we consciously commit to being more completely our Self!

Have a wondrous and inspired solstice!  Light a fire or candles to celebrate the gift of darkness, to remember of the gift of light that is eternally within your being, to offer gratitude for the balance of life-the gift of rhythms and cycles.

Self Reflection: I thank Truth for my light, which becomes visible to me in being with my own dark times.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Can It Really Be True?

Can it possibly be true that already within us is everything we need to know? How different our lives would be if we acted as if we believed this to be Truth.  Yet is is Truth.  Across the long  timeline of Spiritual Teachers, this message is given repeatedly. The difficulty comes in that there are many layers or levels of 'knowing' within our being.  We can be aware of many things that are 'true' about ourselves, yet 'true' only under certain conditions.  As we dig deeper into our consciousness, we find that what is true in one experience is not true in another experience.  Or what is true in one relationship is not true in another. Just because something is true, does not mean it carries the wisdom of Truth.

Self Reflection: As I begin to discern the difference between what is 'true' and what is 'Truth' in terms of becoming my vision I take all that I have held as true and examine it with a desire to know what is true for me NOW. If I find myself in a negative reaction or feelingintreanched in my self-examination, iit is likely I have come across something 'not true'.  I can acknowledge what has been revealed and set it aside.  If I find a compassion in my reflections, it is likely to be a Truth.  With gratitude, I place these knowings in my heart, and carry-on toward becoming my vision.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Gratitude Replaces Resolutions

Carolyn Shares:  I try to be positive every time the end of December draws near, but I am most always crabby as I approach the final weeks of the year.  For me, there is a difference between the idea of starting over everyday and starting over in a 'new year' with a set of resolutions. So, here is my resolution solution:

The New Moon for the New Year comes during these weeks as well. For those of us who use the moon cycles as guides for growth and change the date of the ‘Real’ new year begins with the New Moon for January. One that day/night, we will take a deep breath in, and breathing out, start on the next leg of our journey.  

As we look for this new cycle to begin, do a review of the past year by asking for Guidance and Wisdom to see the Truth of your journey.  For the struggles there may have been that don’t yet make sense, set a place of gratitude for what is yet to be revealed.  For any successes, great and small, give yourself appreciation.  Sit in Praise for the journey that has been, and yourself for making the journey up to this point.  Rest in place.  Just rest and have gratitude for yourself, your fellow journeyers and the earth upon which we all travel.  Taking these remaining days of the waning moon phase to rest in thanksgiving without giving into new plans or resolutions will give more energy and clarity in the week to come as we prepare to step into the starting block for the 'real' beginning of a new year.

Self Reflection: This year instead of writing resolutions for the coming year, can I just stick with writing a gratitude list.  

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Receiving Guidance: Gratitude as a Guiding Force

Carolyn writes:  I have a journal which I write in only when I am in deep awareness of connecting to Guidance-It is my G.O.D. journal' (G.O.D. is my acronym for Grace of Divine/Guidance on Demand/Good Orderly Direction).
Sometimes I write in it everyday for a week or so, then months can go by without an entry. I began this particular journal in 1994 and there are sill a few pages left to fill!  Here is the page that caught my attention as I sat to seeking and writing for guidance this morning.  What a page to show up, as perfect now as it was the year I wrote it. What is REALLY Truth is eternal.  

Self Reflection: What is my gratitude for Truth list for the year now ending?

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Flipping the Coin of Forgiveness and Gratitude

In practicing gratitude for our experiences in life, we come upon times where we experience hurt, anger, frustration, dissolution, pain.  Can we even think about being grateful during these times?  The gift in this cycle is 'Thank Truth' .  We look for the Truth, open ourselves to what is Truth, (with an uppercase 'T') when we are confronted with the challenges of living life. 

Self Reflection: Forgiveness and gratitude are two sides of the same coin.
If this coin comes into my possession, I have received a gift more priceless than gold. It is a gift which brings me a freedom greater than I have ever known!

Friday, December 16, 2016

The Amazing Gift of Gratitude for 'What Is"

The gift of  'Thank Truth' is a gift supporting us to start each day anew with the willingness to begin again, and again, and again. Gratitude allows us to miraculously be present to life in an amazing, powerful way.  It truly is a gift to be able to see beauty in the everyday and the mundane.  It truly is a gift to know hope and possibility in the midst of chaos.  It truly is a gift to be able experience change as it is happening in our feelings and actions.  Gratitude = a path of living in the present/in Presence.

Self-Reflection: Today I begin again. Today I will live in the present of each moment. Beginning again and in the present I experience Presence. I live Gratitude

Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Practice of Gratitude Changes Consciousness

As we move through these weeks of the waning moon our focus of gratitude turns outward as we explore our perception of others and the world around us. It is easy to express gratitude toward others when we are getting what we think we want, or when things are going our way.  This is only a tiny part of the gift of Thanking Truth.  We receive the gift of greater consciousness when we can be grateful for the whole of the Truth, which may be very different from our original perceptions and beliefs--as was noted in yesterday's post,

What DOES it mean to look for the Truth in every situation and experience, especially those that are challenging in some way? We can start with a question teacher and writer Byron Katie  asks, "Is it really true?"  Through deeper exploration we often find the Truth is different than our personal perception and experience.  We come to understand how important our life experiences have been/are for the growth and healing of our being.  This space of expanded understanding of what is reality is the place where we truly and deeply feel gratitude for the Truth.

Check out Byron Katie's guided questions here in her process called: The Work

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Full Moon and Sacred Traditions

The December Moon Cycle is always in rhythm with the holidays and holy days. Moon cycle awareness doesn't hang it's lantern on the mantle of any particular spiritual practice, religious tradition or culture.  It includes and incorporates the sacred present in each tradition, and the agnostic and atheist traditions are included as well.  How we label ourselves, and how or why we have come to hold as Truths what we know from the traditions we embrace is irrelevant to the universe in which the moon ebbs and flows. The sacred is contained within each of us, as a spark able to give light, love and hope out into the world.  If we celebrated the sacred days and nights of all the traditions on our planet, it would be a rare day that was not considered holy, sacred or celebratory. If we looked for the wisdom regardless of the source, how much softer and receiving would our world be.

The teachings of all the wisdom givers, all the traditions, which some might call religious traditions, and some might call philosophies and some would have other names, they all teach us the same elemental Truths.  The language may be different, as well as the nuance. But the Truth is fundamentally the same.

Self Reflection: Take time on this holy day of the Full Moon to have gratitude for the Truth shared. Ponder a commitment to learn and have gratitude for the Truths shared on all the holy days in all traditions.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

To 'Thank' Requires Action

I can be grateful for what is true/truth in myself. But, what truth of myself do I thank?

What does it mean to thank the truth of myself?  This moon cycle we are instructed to 'thank' truth;  not just being grateful, but actively 'thank'.  It’s easy to be grateful for what we deem to be ‘good’ about our self; more challenging to be grateful for what we deem as ‘bad’.  Being grateful is an internal process.  We just think, 'Oh, yes, I'm so grateful ...."  There is a lovely feeling that arises when we sit in gratitude. But, to thank 'Truth' requires active engagement with that we are thanking-whether it is something within our self or another person, place or thing.  The very act of consciously being thankful for what we accept as 'Truth' opens a space for conscious creation of something even more true. This action invites transformation.  This is what deep personal transformation work invites—getting us look at our current view of what is true about how we experience our life, and opening the door for a bigger and more active truth to be created.

Self Reflection: When I find a way to thank everything I think I know about myself, regardless of how I judge it to be good or bad, I will have freed myself of the binding that keeps me stuck in unpleasant pain, patterns, and distress.  Am I willing to thank ALL of what is Truth of the person I am? 

Monday, December 12, 2016

December Moon Gift of Thank Truth Reveals Our Deep Truth

When Jamie Sams writes of 'Gives Praise' as the Clan Mother for December, her story reminds us that we have levels of being and depths of character which are revealed as we journey through life as a human beings.  Many cultures give a 'spiritual name' to children-when they are born or enter into adolescence.  In Jamie Sam's writng in The 13 Original Clan Mothers, a number of stories tell of different ways a spiritual name may be made known.  In our 'modern' culture, such namings are not usual, but that does not mean we don't have a 'name', different from the one by which we are publically known, that represents the deep spiritual qualities of our being.  Is it not  ironic that knowing this identity helps us to live more as the being we really are.

Self-Reflection: What is the name I call myself?  Is it a name which honors or shames my being? 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Keep Me in Truth

If I spoke only Truth
If I saw only what is Truth
How different would my life be?
Truth with the capital 'T' is so different from
          the little truths,
                         wanna-be truths
I embrace as the 'real thing'.
These are 'mis-beliefs', not truths at all.
It takes time to come to know the difference between my mis-beliefs, which have come to feel so much like truth to me, and the kind of Truth which stands up to the scrutiny of time and life.

The cycle of Thank Truth gives me the practice of gratitude. Learning how to be grateful takes practice.  It is a challenge to see the Truth in my own being.  To be willing to see Truth in others is an even bigger challenge.  This waxing moon cycle invites me to take up the challenge.

Self-Reflection: What new Truth about myself has been revealed during the waxing moon phase?  Am I feeling gratitude for this discovery?  Am I full-in with Truth?

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Gratitude Builds a Strong Temple

Gratitude builds a strong temple of faith and gives hope a place to live.
As we moved through the waxing phase of the December moon cycle 
our practice of gratitude for all aspects of our life may have had many effects.
Hopefully we have come to more gentleness with ourselves in our struggles and mis-takes.
Perhaps we are now able to pat ourselves on the back and appreciate effort and progress.
Sincere gratitude strengthens our resolve to carry-on.  It builds discipline in our character.
Sincere gratitude brings us faith that our efforts will carry us forward in our life, toward a future of hope.
Sincere gratitude hones our abilities and smooths away the rough places where we stumble.

These qualities are needed as we move into the waning phase of this moon cycle, where our expression of gratitude is outward, toward others.  
We become the strong temple in body mind and spirit.
We are a place where hope can live.

Self Reflection:  Am I ready to share gratitude?

Friday, December 9, 2016

Feeling Alone and Forgetting Truth

Carolyn shares: I wake up very early. It is the solstice...The cloud cover has shut out every bit of light from the moon and the stars. All the holiday lights are off in the neighborhood. I'm in the midst of that in-between everything time when I feel totally alone, disconnected from everything and everyone; even from the source of creation. It is a terrible anxiety, moments of total desperation, loss, panic, confusion. I recognize how often these feeling pass through me.--I wonder if I have tapped into an ancient feeling in the core of human beings in those moments, hours, days, maybe even weeks, when they felt alone. How often I forget I am connected to ALL.  I can't ever really escape this connection, but I am always forgetting it. THAT is probably the main reason I stay connected to the mooncyclecircle--so I  forget less and know my connection more. Then, I am able to be a place for others to know and remember their connection as well.  

When I forget, I close myself up in seeming self-protection, and these feelings can not pass through.  Instead, they must take up residence in  my body ('my own personal, 'oh shit, here I go again' response), my mind (which brings up all the bad stories from my memory), my emotions (I feel them in the racing of my heart) and my spirit (which I think feels desperate in my disconnection). They are trapped there until I open up again, which happens ONLY through my willingness to remember I am always connected, even when I forget I am.

Self-Reflection:  Am I willing to open up enough to let the difficult, scary panic,anxiety and fear pass through?  

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Learning Gratitude For All Parts of Our Truth

This month is a gift of teaching us how to Thank Truth.  This gift informs us to look deeply within ourselves for all those parts of ourselves that are worthy of gratitude.  This includes thankfulness for both what we consider the ugly, the shame-filled, and what we label as mistake parts, as well as what we label as victories, beautiful and love-filled.  Both are necessary for full expression of our Self. Without thankfulness for each and every experience, our life will remain shallow and, without depth.  Author and Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron, teaches that our ability to experience joy is equal only to our willingness to embrace our pain. Truth sees all, receives all, knows all, accepts all.

Self Reflection: Am I willing to find a way to be grateful for ALL of my self?

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gratitude for Truth: The Crack Where the Light Comes In

Taking time to sink into thankfulness for the truth of what is opens the space for us to be the human we are born to be. This is, to paraphrase the late Leonard Cohen, 'the crack where the light comes in'.

Cracks occur in a number of ways:
A house settles and a crack appears in the ceiling.
The root of a tree grows pressing against the sidewalk.  The sidewalk cracks against the pressure of this tender, tenacious root.
Humpty Dumpty falls of the wall.  He cracks his shell.
The earth quakes, she cracks open.
We lose a Love. Our heart breaks. Our heart has a crack.

It may take some time to hold gratitude for that which cracks us open so the Light can enter into our hearts and our life.

Self Reflection:  Am I willing to allow time to see the truth in the cracks in my life?

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Desiring Gratitude for What is True

The desire to thank truth
Invites slowing down.
       No, requires slowing down.
Takes time.
       No,  it gives us time.

Self Reflection: Do I desire gratitude for the truth of my life?

Try this: Spend one day expressing gratitude (just say it in your mind and heart, not out-loud) for every experience, every thought, every action.  yes, this experiment will take time.  The gift is: the presence we have for each moment -gives more time.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Personal Work for the Waxing Moon Phase

During the waxing moon, through the evening of December 24, we have a chance to embrace those parts of our selves that we tend to hide from others, from the world, and from our own consciousness. 
Marianne Williamson wrote: It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.   
And yes, most of us are more likely to 'hide our light under  the bushel', then to put it out in the open for all to see. (Is the idea of being in the limelight a little scary?)  This tendency to stay small also prevents us from having gratitude for our gifts. In fact, many of us have shame and doubt about the most powerful and effective parts of our being.  

A daily practice of gratitude toward  our self will, over time, turn the bushel covering our light transparent.  This covering will gradually disappear, and we WILL be able to share who we are in the world.With a commitment to find and express gratitude in our life on a daily basis, our understanding of life will expand. Our awareness of options and choices also increases, as does wisdom, and also our ability to discern what is truth from what is false.

Self Reflection:  Am I ready for my life to expand? Am I truthfully aware of my options and choices? Am I willing to discern what is truth from what is false?

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Thankful for Honsety

In all of our relationships we ask:
Am I in truth?
Or am I in non-truth, falsehood, wishful thinking, manipulation, delusion, addiction?
To walk a path of gratitude for truth
is to walk a path of committing to honesty.

Self reflection: Am I committed to honesty in my thoughts, words and deeds?
Where might I struggle most in using this gift in my life?

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Thanking Ourselves Deeply

A kind, loving and steadfast friend knows about gratitude.
They will stay by our side and know we will stand by theirs, regardless.
Yet, there is no taking for granted, no need to know the outcome.
These are relationships of deep gratitude.

We learn to be steadfast friend to our soul
            by holding our self in both compassion and accountability.
By expressing gratitude for our life experiences,
            we remember that our life is a journey of practice and progress.

Self Reflection:  How will I express deeper gratitude to me?

Friday, December 2, 2016

The One Reason We Thank Truth

To say Thank You and really mean it requires we fully accept what is offered.  Otherwise, our thanking is shallow.
To express gratitude while not truthfully receiving what is given, denies a gift we may need for our well being.
It may be that we are given the gift of gratitude for the primary purpose of practicing gratitude so we may eventually learn to thank and have gratitude toward ourselves.
We must experience gratitude toward Self in order to truthfully express gratitude toward others.
To thank the truth within our Self, in our gifts, imperfections, and miss-takes opens us to the gift of being human.
It is a gift to be human...a rare gift.
When we live this gift in the practice of being human, we are Truth,
we know the meaning of Thank Truth.

Self Reflection: Am I willing to express only authentic gratitude?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Foundation for Living in Gratitude

These are the foundations that are the basis for living in gratitude:

What Is:  there is so much goodness available.  In fact, the darker the space, the more place there is for good.

What Has Been: We will not regret the past nor try to shut the door on it.

My Gifts: we are the treasurer of our life.  What does that mean? Being able to work the edges and the core of our being at the same time.

My Trials:  It's so easy this time of year to run around like like a lunatic, to lose connection with what grounds me. When I let my environment direct my actions, I can not hear Higher Guidance.

Self Reflection:  I have the ability to listen for gratitude, to discern gratitude in all situations.  The only question is am I willing to live in gratitude rather than ego?

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How Do I Thank Truth?

How to Thank Truth.
What does it mean to Thank Truth?  
Live in gratitude
Gratitude for my path
Just as it is unfolding.  
Cut myself some slack
Pat myself on the back
Lighten up
Maybe even embrace a little humor, even if it is dark humor
Don't take myself too serious

Self Reflections: Creator, Spirit of All That Is, help me remember that the path of my life takes me toward truth.  No matter how crooked my path, no matter if I stray far off the path laid out for me, eventually I WILL embrace my Truth.  And I will thank her for my journey.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New Moon, December: Darkness Becomes Apparent When Exposed to Light

Darkness becomes apparent when exposed to light.
On this new moon, darkness is apparent, because, for the moment, the light reflecting from the moon is not visible to us. And in December, the darkness seems even darker as the night continues to lengthen.

This is the month to Thank Truth.  There may be things, rules,experiences, persons and institutions we struggle with, maybe even feel hatred toward, that we we not only don't want to hold in any form of gratitude.  These same 'things' we also repel from even considering that what have is true about them is not true at all, let alone ask with sincere intention to know and be grateful for the truth of these life experiences.

Gratitude is the light that will end the darkness of any situation.
We begin to bring in light by acknowledging there may be a truth in (the situation we are thinking of) that we do not yet understand and are not yet able to accept.  This can take effort and time.

Self Reflection: Am I willing to commit to continue looking for a tiny place for thankfulness, no matter how difficult or horrible the experience?  If not yet, what would I need (within myself) to look?

Monday, November 28, 2016

In the Time of the Closing Moon of Sharing Truth

The time of the 11th Closing Moon
I am holding the place of TRUTH that walks beside me. Even when I don’t see her, hear her, feel her.
She is there, here, always present.
But where am I?
How has TRUTH, my silent, ever present partner, manifested herself this month, in me?

A year of sitting with the TRUTH and inviting her into our life:
We have learned her.
We have honored her.
We have accepted her.
We have seen her.
We have heard her.
We have spoken her.
We have loved her.
We have served her.
We have lived her.
We have worked her.
We have walked her.
We have shared her.
We thank her.
We ARE her.  We are TRUTH. 

TRUTH (and her sister Wisdom) emanate from the moon.  Both are essences ever present, though visible only through their reflection out to the world.  Still, even in their not being seen, they exist. 

Self Reflection: The truth of my essence is also visible as a reflection in the world. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Shame and Gratitude on the Path of Share Truth

Sara’s honesty in sharing her experience of shame around her personal gifts and accomplishments reflects how a willingness to be visible creates an environment for others to experience their lives more fully.  This kind of sharing with others has the effect of dissolving shame and making space for new growth--for ourselves and for those with whom we share.  In Sharing Our Truth we invite others to do the same.  A new community of trust and camaraderie with others begins to form.  This is the deeper calling of this moon cycle, Share Truth. As this cycle moves toward completion, the emerging  moon cycle brings the gifts of gratitude, strengthening our commitment to Share Truth. 

Shame lives in our shadows
              and feeds our fears.
Shame encourages hiding.
Shame keeps us from living fully,
              from sharing the truth of our gifts, talents, accomplishments.

Gratitude is the antidote for shame.
Gratitude nourishes our gifts,
              grows our talents.
Gratitude is a catalyst of encouragement,
for showing up as our real self.

Self Reflection: My time of daily reflection and contemplation makes a space where my gratitude and shame can meet.  This time creates a sacred space where my gratitude can shine light on my shame. Shame crumbles and loses its' power. In this time of sacred, quiet self-reflection, I experience gratitude for my abilities and accomplishments. I find courage to share my life fully in the world. For that, too, I am grateful.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Noticing Choice

It is important to acknowledge both the light and the shadow in how we live our daily lives.  Our truth is played out in the 10,000 choices we make each day.  When we notice and give ourselves credit for the times we choose alignment with our higher self, we have less need to hide from the shadow self.

Sara's personal share: While I easily acknowledge my gifts and abilities, I find they are often a source of shame:  I feel shame for not living up to my potential, not being as "good" as I "should" be, given how I have been blessed.  My "review/release" circle is filled with choices I made that "could have" been more in alignment with my Truth.  Today, I am reminded that I also need to balance my review with acknowledging the choices I make every day that ARE in alignment.

Self Reflection: Do I carry shame about my gifts, abilities, accomplishments?  If so, how has this affected my ability to align myself in truth? to Share my Truth?

Friday, November 25, 2016

Rhythms and Cycles as Guides to Caring for Self and Others

Jamie Sams tells the story of Walks Tall Woman, her conceptualization of the archetypal embodiment of the November moon cycle.  As a storyteller, Sams uses mountain lion, the totem animal of leadership, to bring the cautionary message to Walks Tall Woman concerning the right use of her gifts, and the importance of taking time to rest and replenish.

When we are in our role as leaders, we must take time to replenish ourselves with the energy of creator--with quiet reflection and regenerative sleep.  When we don't, we draw on the life force of those we would help and we invite imbalance and disharmony into their lives and ours. (Pg. 234) 13 Original Clan Mothers

Self Reflection: Am I taking time for meditation, contemplation, reflection?  What is my definition of regenerative sleep?

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Facing Both Darkness and Light

The November moon energy calls us to face our shadow and our fears, as well as to acknowledge our achievements and dreams (all parts of sharing our truth). 

If we are able to face our fears and our shadow while there is still light, perhaps we would not be so afraid of the darkness. Perhaps the tendency for depression and isolation would not be so strong during the winter months. 

If we could acknowledge ourselves in our successes and deservedness, with humility and balance and clear vision, then perhaps we could truly enjoy those months, which if we prepared and allowed ourselves, could result in a lot of creativity and fulfillment.  

Self Reflection:  I name and acknowledge the successes I have had in all aspects of my life. I name and acknowledge my deserving as a child of Creation.  This is me, Sharing Truth. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Waning Moon in Winter Can Get Really Dark

Perhaps it's all the holiday lights that make the dark seem even darker.
Certainly it is the ever shortening days that remind us of just how dark it can get.
Not just in the out of doors, but within ourselves as well.
All the cheeriness and sparkling lights can seem to make a dark mood darker as well.

No shadow is cast in this deep darkness.
We need not be distracted or frightened by their distortions.
We can choose to slow down and be present to the growing dark. 
We can choose to sit with the darkness and come to know it better.

For the gift of this time of growing dark is that, in the end
the deeper the dark the easier to recognize
The small flicker of light that is eternal within us.

Self Reflection: I will embrace my times of darkness. I will let my inner eyes adjust and I will see the small flicker of eternal light within.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pouring Out Like the Bowl of the Waning Moon

The waning moon is the pouring out phase of the moon cycle.  At certain times of the year, the upside down positioning of the visible moon can mimic a bowl turned on edge to pour out its' contents.
As we approach the midway point of the waning moon phase, we check our intention and purpose in sharing our truth.
The writing on one of the waning moon journal pages reminds us that our path should not interfere with the path of others.

Self Reflection: I pour myself out into the world with care.

Monday, November 21, 2016

All Truth Cycles Imply Movement

Rhythms and cycles imply movement
They also imply there is a repeat in pattern, an ongoing return to repeat,
or to begin again further down the path
or further up the spiral.

Life has rhythms and cycles as well.
Perhaps this is why some of us are drawn to journal amidst the moon cycles,
using the Cycles of Truth as our guiding star.

To Share Truth is 'Walking Our Talk'.  We are growing, changing and 'choosing' beings.  The moment we entertain stubbornness or status quo we are no longer in a present time, we then are no longer in Truth. A very blunt spiritual teacher once said to me "You are either dynamic or dead; ultimately there are no other options."

We are all walking a spiritual path in our life, and by being conscious of our path we remain in motion. Our spirituality is a dynamic process; spirituality is NOT passive!

Self Reflection: Do I experience my spirituality as dynamic? passive?

Carolyn comments: Depending on where the teachings on the cycles of truth are sourced, the 10th and 11th cycles both may refer to Walking the Truth.  This could be a confusion in translation or interpretation, but I have come to understand this seeming confusion not as confusion, but as an invitation to be conscious of the ACTIVE action required in both October's cycle of 'Work/Walk Truth' and November's cycle to 'Share Truth' as Bob and Lee Nitsch name these cycles, or 'Walk Truth' as Jamie Sams and Kenneth Cohen acknowledge it. The teaching source (Grandmother Twylah Nitsch) is the same.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

On Being With the Truth of My Day

Carolyn's personal share:
Some nights it is a struggle to find the right words for an inspiring post.
I can't seem to find the connection to inspiration or wisdom.
I feel more weary than witty.
My mind is packed full of thoughts, overstimulated from a full and challenging (in a good way) day.

I think of yesterday's post on Challenge and Truth.
The truth I can share is about my tiredness, and that I am being challenged to change.

I am grateful for the post and for Marianne Williamson's quote.
I'm cutting myself some slack.
I'm accepting this challenge to change.
I have some experience in the challenge and the change getting easier.
Ahhh, I feel better already.

Self Reflection: What is my experience moving from challenge toward change?

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Challenge and Truth

A challenge is a call to change.
Challenge is embracing an inner urging to change.

Almost always--this change is toward growth, creativity and joy.
Almost always--this challenge, takes us into a shared space with others, and out of aloneness.

For many people, it is so much easier to resist the change, and instead experience the higher cost and tougher challenge of trying to stay the same.

It is a challenge to live truthfully.  Not because we have so much 'bad stuff' to hide or stop doing,
but rather because we humans have this bizarre shame about letting our light out into the world.

When we accept the challenge of sharing the goodness we are aware we have, then our goodness that still remains hidden will share itself. It emerges, most often (maybe even 100% certain) without challenge and difficulty, but with a sense of ease and flow.

Self Reflection:  What is my goodness? How could I share it more fully?

― Marianne WilliamsonA Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles"
Marianne Williamson

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Friday, November 18, 2016

Interaction and Inner-action

This cycle of Share Truth is a month of action: interaction and inner-action.
Both are necessary for moving in and through the world

Interaction with others, in our family, our community, our work
Inner-action as we go deeply within ourselves to clear out the clutter,
to make way for our authentic self to bloom.

Self Reflection: Where am I taking action in my life?  Who an I interacting with? What is my 'inner-action'?

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Surrendering 'My Way'

On the journey (or the path) of sharing ourselves out in the world what is/are the challenge(s) I currently have in my life that could require I surrender 'my way'?
What might possibly be the 'my way' that is getting in the way of my having what I want or long for in my life?

Self Reflection Exercise (yes it takes more than a minute, but well worth it)!

Make A List 
Challenges            My Way(s)         Desired  Outcome       Would I change?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How Can I Trust I Am Actually Sharing My Truth?

When we can begin to appreciate ourselves, we begin automatically to accept help and support and gifts from outside sources, including others--the beginning of the end of self-reliance.
Self appreciation is not the same thing as self-aggrandizing, conceit or self-absorption.  In fact, these characteristics are the opposite of true self-appreciation.

In appreciating our self, we are accepting all of who we are, warts as well as loveliness.  This appreciation is a kind of change of view point that allows us to accept our self so much more fully than when we judge ourselves.

Appreciating our self is a necessary first step of humility.  It is also a defense against humiliation. We begin to see and experience the value of our self in the world.

Where are all these words leading?  It is going to take us to a way of being where we are able, without trepidation or fear, to share our being in the world, trusting the truth that it will be the best we are able in the moment we are giving it.  Self-acceptance of our imperfections, and of those moments where we also experience perfection.

Self Reflection: How do I appreciate myself? Am I willing to accept help, support, gifts from others? Am I still hanging on to self-reliance? If so, what fears lie beneath this veneer of self-will?

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Task for the Waning Moon: Surrendering What No Longer Serves Me

Accepting the time for surrender
Accepting the time for support
Opening to let go
Opening to clarity
Trusting guidance
Trusting intentions
Proceeding with Truth as my sentinel
Proceeding with Source as my compass.

Self Reflection: I can surrender what no longer serves me, trading that in for my real life, that which does serve me, and others, and the world.

PS:Check out Michael Singer's book  surrender-experiment.

Monday, November 14, 2016

November Full Moon: The Cycle of Share Truth

As the moon is full with light on this night, may I too know the fullness of my light.
As the moon reflects the light of the life-giving sun, may I too reflect the light of my gifts, sharing the fullness and Truth of my being in the world.  
As the moon is not alone in a universe of endless stars, may I too remember I am not alone, there are others with me who may light the way for me, or with me.  

Self-Reflection: May I remember to ask for help, support and wisdom as I continue my journey to share my truth.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Imperfection as Sharing Truth

Perfection is a not required action.
Truth exists within my imperfect self.
I can share truth even in my imperfection
      and it is still Truth.
The roots of Truth are within

Self Reflection: When I have integrity in my intentions I have tapped into the roots of truth. I share with ease.

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Today, I appreciate myself.
My efforts
My imperfections
That my imperfections don't keep me from keeping-on
That I make mistakes
That I take my mistakes as opportunities
For doing things differently.
For making a different choice.

Self Reflection: I honor the whole of me, my efforts, imperfections, mistakes, doing differently, making new choices. I have compassion for the whole of me.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Be Willing to Share Truth and the Heart Will Open

It was easier to stay small
When I thought there were limits to my being.
I could act smaller than I was,
Give less than I could,
Excuse my bad behaviors,
Hold on to resentments,
Stay in ignorance,
Claim self-reliance.
Not need others
Be superior.

Ahhh, but....
The only true limitations of being human comes when the heart is closed.
There is such bliss in an open heart,
Even when things are tough or seem to go wrong.
There is some kind of magic that seems to happen when
I just show up and be who I am in my
imperfect, True,
considerably more than adequate self.
The cycle of Share Truth , as does every Cycle of Truth, comes with her own marvelous gifts.
They are ours to discover, to claim as our own.

Self Reflection: Am I willing to discover my gifts, claim them and give up those ways in which I still play small?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Firsthand Experience with Sharing Truth

Carolyn shares: On my journey of learning what it means to 'Share Truth', I've had many firsthand lessons. One such lesson happened as I woke up early one Sunday morning with an intense awareness that I needed to do something for a woman who was about to undergo a very serious operation. If I said 'yes' to this spiritual nudging, it meant giving up a good chunk of my afternoon and evening.  It also meant I would be giving away a shawl I had spent a great deal of time and effort creating.  I felt my hesitation about both things-giving up my time and letting go of an object of beauty I had become attached to.

But, the awareness would not leave me alone. During my morning meditation, the nudging became stronger. So, I rearranged my day, and that afternoon took the train to the city, hailed a taxi to the hospital and offered the shawl.

The other part of this story is that in this nudging awareness, I also felt an insistent urging to hold a healing ceremony for blessing and protection.  My tendency is to keep this 'sacred object' wrapped up and hidden safely away from view, as if it were only for a 'special occasion'.  I act as if I were keeping some kind of sacred 'secret' and I don't share about it, or offer it to others, as though somehow my not sharing and keeping it hidden away was being humble (by the way, I have learned that not sharing  is never humble). As I observe this behavior in myself, it seems rather that I more selfish  by not letting others see or share the fullness of who I am and what I am able to offer, and by not sharing what I have been given. This, unfortunately is a lesson where I seem to need repeated teaching!

This is what I have learned: Sharing Truth is an action step.  It's not enough to have the concepts, or know the principles of Truth.  I must be willing to share actively ALL of myself-All the Truths of Me when asked, when needed.

Self Reflection: Am I willing to share actively ALL of myself-All the Truths of Me?

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Four Levels of Risk-Taking

Over the last few posts, an invitation has been made to take hold of all that supports our life and puts ourselves out into the world in the honesty of who we are as human and spiritual beings.
And so, we are invited to  practice risk taking,
Not the risk taking of an innocent child, ignorant of dangers;
not the reckless, impulse kind of risk-taking of adolescent,
or the compulsive risk taking of an addict.
This kind of risk taking of Shares Truth.
This is the person who can
Breathe in,
and with the out breath
Opens to inner and Divine wisdom and
Risks status-quo
to bring more Truth into the world.

Self Reflection: Am I willing to risk status-quo? Will I feel deeply the Truth of Divine Wisdom and and share the beautiful Truth of my being with the world.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Honest Self-Presentation May Not Be What You Think

Honest Self-Presentation?

In his November 18th post of daily meditations, Emmet Fox (1886-1951) wrote that we cannot have too much respect for ourselves, or too much confidence, that we must claim as much as we can for ourselves, all the while realizing these are an expression of the Divine within us, that these qualities are not of our own creation, but are of our expression.  And then, he reminds us that we must also accept them as true for every human being.

We realize we are sacred beings
and our sacredness
ends in failure!

"Think, talk, live your divine glorious selfhood, and it will demonstrate itself in your life!"
Emmet Fox

Self Reflection: What one doable act could I commit to that would support me living more of my Divine Glorious Self?

Monday, November 7, 2016

Taking Hold of Our True Self

Taking hold of our self, requires we hold sacred our core values. This requires we know what we honestly value in the core of our being.

Are we willing to be Truthful with ourselves about these core values, even if we are embarrassed to admit what these core values are? Our actions in the world are a either a reflection of the values seeded in our soul or the values of our ego. Either are acted out in the world as 'core values'.

In the cycle of Share Truth, we move through these weeks continually inquiring-Is what we express in our life an expression of the Truth at the core of our being?

Self Reflection: Take hold of who I am at the core of my being, and then take hold of all the support available to me so I can to live my truth.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Bigger Picture of Stepping Back

The inner nudge to step back might come when we are in the midst of struggling to see things clearly, to know what to do next.
An artist will step back to get a clearer picture of his/her work.  In a sense to see, to have a truer vision of whether their creation is how they 'imaged' it when the impulse to create their art came to them.  This is true whether the 'artist' is a painter, gardner, carpenter, designer, chef, other words, the innate creative part of each of us intuitively steps back to take in what we are creating out in the world. We step back to see if what we are sharing in the world is true to our inner knowing or vision.

Self-reflection:  The truth I share in the world is reflected back to me. When I step back to see the 'bigger picture' of what I am sharing, what Shared Truth do I see?

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Courage to Share the Truth of 'Me"

Courage:  The lion in The Wizard of Oz thought he lacked Courage.  He didn't lack courage.  He was ruled by fear and an overrated sense of needing to be in control. 

Fear in its' proper place is an invitation to 'Pay attention to what is coming (next)'.  Ironically, this is also what having a crow fly into your life also means in an interpretation as an animal  totem.  For many of us, when fear comes up we automatically go into hiding or into control mode--our instinctive 'best options' for safety. 

Self-reflection:  Am I in touch with how fear impacts my life? Am I willing to step back (the next blog topic) and pay attention?  Paying attention can lead me to seeing what is possible.  Seeing what is possible opens the space for courage if fear does not take control.

P.S. Carolyn's personal share: A number of years ago I was invited to use the Serenity Prayer as a daily practice in my life.  When I go into control mode, I hear a little voice in my head:

Self Reflection: (God) grant me the serenity 
To accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

Friday, November 4, 2016

How Stepping Forward Shares Truth

May I become willing to step forward, to speak up when my soul stirs and feels the inner urging to stand where others might hold back from fear, shame or a desire not to be noticed in the crowd.

May I step forward to because I WANT to be more visible in the world to share who I AM in my truth.  May I step forward to share the imperfect fullness of me.  In this way, I am a mirror for others to also step forward in their unique, wonderful, imperfect fullness.

Self Reflection: Let me count the ways I step forward in my life to be fully in my humanness.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Stereopsis Moon

Stereopsis New Moon , Lisa Kay, 9/30/16

 Looking into a black ceramic crock pot, soaking in my sink, I captured this strange and astounding photo that I titled,  Cyclops. The mandala image was created from the interaction of  vinegar and baking soda. I have been contemplating and wondering about the meaning of this image ever since the new moon. What does this have to do with the moon cycle? What I discovered is that a more fitting name for this mandala is Stereoposis rather than Cylops. This greek term (stereo meaning "solid" and opsis meaning" appearance") refers to one's ability to see with both eyes that which may is hidden from each eye alone.  For me, this is a reminder to stay open to seeing and perceiving with what Educational Philosopher, Maxine Greene has called a "wide-awakeness."

Monday, September 5, 2016

Serving the Child, Serving the Future

Karin, a founding member of our original Moon Cycle Circle and guest blogger, starts off the exploration of the role of 'will' (and true service) on the path to Live Truth.  She shares her personal reflections:

During last month's focus on Serving Truth, I was startled by the assertion that I needed to serve myself. (This flies in the face of my Christian indoctrination.)  It took so much pressure off me to serve, serve, and serve some more until I was spent. Working with Kinders these past two weeks--and I mean, young Kinders--with their joyful and willful expression, has reminded me to be aware of and care for my own inner child.  I intuit that I need to cultivate and give witness to an intermingling of service to them and to service to myself. Therein lies the evolution and healing of Planet and Self--one and the same!

It takes daily contemplation and review of my intentions in order to Serve God/The Good.  My intentions encompass guiding the little ones in learning how to 1) distinguish needs from wants; 2) balance their needs and immediate wants with those of their peers; 3) to assert when they have not been heard, yet also practice strategies of patience and grit when faced with challenges.  Basically, to stre-e-etch both their brains AND their hearts when peers trespass their boundaries and they don't receive immediate gratification--tall orders for any of us, let alone Kinders!

August's focus on Service and September's focus on Awareness of Tomorrow's Dreams in its range of manifestations epitomizes my journey through the cycles.  The image of a giggling-then sleepy-then generous babe Wata-jis in the cradle board (from Jamie Sams story of Setting Sun Woman) captures the essence of a Kinder kid!  This morning I looked at our class pictures and could distinctly envision them as high schoolers!  I need to be aware that their future selves will carry the foundational circuitry and emotions from their Kinder selves!

What exactly is my role?  It's imperative that I pray morning, evening, throughout the day (!) for the words and patience to love them just as they are developmentally (as my young Karin needed and did not always receive). Also important is to give them choice and a measure of responsibility in making those choices.  Tell them in word and deed that I trust them.  Model that I, too, make mistakes, but that we can and will become skillful emotionally and cognitively.  This is a process, an entire life's journey. My co-teacher and I are learning that patience and respect (with respectful consequences for obstinacy!) during this journey are the hardest to practice and model.  But the fruits of our labor are so worth it.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Serve Truth Mandala for the Waxing Moon

The Music of Serve Truth. Lisa Kay, 8.5' x 9", sheet music, watercolor, money plant seed cases, scrabble tiles
Copyright, Lisa Kay

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Forgiveness as an Instant Disolver of Anger

From Mary Z: Jamie Sams writes, “In her wisdom, Loves All Things teaches us that we can find the joys of physical life, without trying to escape our pain through becoming addicted to false pleasures or compulsive behavior patterns.”

I have a pattern of diffusing painful situations with humor or flattery only to succumb to internalizing the hard feelings I could not express to another.  Carolyn talked about forgiveness.  If forgiveness is for the self, how does one forgive when the feelings come from within one’s own self?
I only recently realized how angry I was at someone who had taken advantage of me a few months back.  I feel I cannot forgive him without him understanding how hurt I was.  Yet tonight I was finally able to express my feelings in writing.  A weight was lifted when I wrote down the words.  Is that the healing feeling of forgiveness?

I become overwhelmed trying to figure out where I took the wrong turns in life that leave me so unhappy so often in the present.  Focusing on a current emotion and doing something about it fostered a lightness I have not felt in a while.  Can past sins be forgiven by breaking a few patterns in the present?

Jamie Sams writes, “Forgiving the self for being human…usually dissolved the anger instantly

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We All Share the Circle of Connection and Relationship

Carolyn shares:  I'm writing this post just after saying "good night" to a group of women who joined me on this night of the summer solstice and the June full moon. This joining of solstice and full moon hasn't happened for 50 years.  It made the news and was an 'excuse' for a lot of partying.  On our end, These 8 women came all with different connections and from different places. We came to hold ceremony, to share about our current life-both the joys and the challenges, and to bear witness to each woman's request for the next step in her journey.  It didn't matter that some of us didn't know others, or that we came from different circles.  Neither did it matter that we all seemed to have different spiritual traditions. Songs were sung from different ancestries, even in different languages. In this small group, in a few short hours, new truths were spoken and old stories released to grandmother moon.  We committed to flourish and nourish others with the abundance of who we are, just as the solstice celebrations invites and reminds us all to do.
Hundreds, maybe thousands of women are gathering together for ceremony on this evening, and we are all connected. You, reading this post, are connected, too.  I am full of gratitude...and tired. It's near midnight, and way past my bedtime.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Listening to Hear Truth Speak for Herself

Carolyn shares: When I opened Lisa Kay's full moon mandala for May/the cycle of Hear Truth I felt spoken to. Loud and clear!  I didn't feel shouted at, rather beckoned in a way I was compelled to take note of.  What is it that spoke to me?  A few words about working with mandalas might be helpful.  Working with a mandala is a bit like working with a dream.  In both cases, the dreamer (or the viewer of the mandala) becomes each part of the dream/mandala.  We see, sense and feel from each perspective. In this way we are able to interpret for ourselves the meaning it has for us and perhaps the different parts of ourselves.
As I sat in contemplation with Lisa's full moon mandala I recalled how I felt when opening her gift of the May New Moon Mandala-I felt impatient to light all the candles, and wanted to light them one at a time as the moon moved through her waxing phase. Impatience was my predominant feeling-antsy anticipation. I shared about this in a post the next day: Waiting to Hear.

This morning. I entered the mandala from the inside circle. I felt protected by the circle of light.  I felt the light shining upon me in the center of my being, I felt seen and invited to be seen.  I also felt a little in shadow by the light the candles cast. The ring of beads around the center--all my possibilities and potential-or maybe all my experiences, neatly wrapped inside each bead for safe keeping and organization.  I can be so disorganized. Either way, they remain an invitation for further exploration.

I am now the light of the candles-twelve of them.  The light that comes forth from patiently moving through the cycles of the year, the moons, the Truth teachings. Am I willing to be a light in all the ways I am called to be? When I live with the intention of light, I not only am a light for others, I also bring light to my own essence, the core of my being. The strength of the twelve lights in the circle are a strong boundary for me; a protection of sorts. I recognize I am not the source of my own light. I was lit up by another source, by Source.  With humility I remember that.

I am now the ring around the twelve candles.  I am the container holding all together.  The concentric circles remain concentric circles because the securely rest in their container. I sit in contemplation feeling contained, container, flame and wax and wick, twelve times over, the experiences and possibilities of who I am, and my I AM in the center of it all.  In this way I feel connected, I am connected with myself and with all.

Lisa's May Mandala transformed from a concentric space defined in anticipation to Speaking for Herself; a powerful, brilliant voice of reassurance and beckoning truth.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Prayer for the Feast of Life

Guide me through my day; help me
 Live fully,
Laugh deeply,
Love heartily,
Manifest abundantly,
Receive unconditionally,
Heal profoundly.

(feel free to add your own...)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Orange; the color for January's Moon and the 3rd Chakra

Carolyn's thoughts: On meditating on Lisa's mandala  I found my mind wandering into the realm of chakras. Hmmm; I know this relates in some way! Orange is the color associated with the second chakra, centered in the abdomen. It is the center holding the energy of relationships (and money and power in relationships). This chakra 'hangs out' between the first chakra at the base of the spine and the third chakra, at the solar plexus. The first chakra, represented in the color red, holds the energy related to our family of origin, culture, country, and ancestry (and the power these hold in our life). The third chakra center for our sense of self and self esteem is associated with the color yellow. Although I have worked with chakra energy for many years, The fullness of Lisa's orange mandala gave me a new awareness of the influence on my origin of birth and my sense of self on how I 'relate' in my relationships.  A healthy vibrant red and a healthy vibrant yellow will come together to support a healthy and vital orange.  Having had some digestive issues recently, I am also contemplating how this all shows up in my physical body.  What is it I need to learn?  I have a gut feeling there are some Truths I am resisting!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Receiving the Fullness of the January Moon; Lisa Kay

Lisa Kay generously shares her creativity and her inspiration for January's moon.  This is how she has added to her mandala from the new moon for January 12, New Moon 

copyright Lisa Kay 2016
In her fullness, in her completeness.
Winter whiteout
The moon is in her fullness.
She s/peaks through the trees, difficult to see
Her powerful full presence
Her rich, ripe reflection
Her generous, abundant nature
Her sparkling inner fire; her soft, gentle glow
In her fullness, in her completeness.
She is among us.
Lisa Kay, January 2016