Saturday, October 7, 2017

Choosing A Walking Companion to Walk Truth

"You'll never walk alone"   1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein song from the musical Carousel 

It is True, I never walk alone.  Yet, I am often unconscious of just who my walking companions are.
When I walk with
resentemt, the other companions at my side are inevitably, shame, blame, and expectation.  With this gang I can predict what my life is going to look like with pretty good accuracy-and it will be more of the same.  Like attracts like.
I don't  like walking around with resentment, shame, blame and expectation.

What if I made a different choice? What if I chose to walk with Truth?
While I am not sure what walking with Truth would look like,
I do know who would I choose to walk alongside me and Truth, at least for starters.
Today, I ask for wisdom, compassion and curiosity to walk with me and 'Truth'.
Tomorrow I can choose different companions as I continue my walk.  
Over time I will come to know Truth better. 

Self Reflection:  Who are my walking companions?  


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