Monday, December 18, 2017

The 13th New Moon's Invitation to Be Your Vision, Be Your Truth

I am the Thirteenth New Moon.
From where have you come, so far? So far!
You are already the vision Creator/Great Mystery/All That Is/God birthed you to be.
Be here now and...
Learn who you are
Honor who you are
Know and Accept who you are
See who you are
Hear who you are
Speak who you are
Love who you are

I am the 'Be-ing Moon'.
Be with me in my rhythm and flow
My new is your re-newing
My waxing is your filling
My full is your fullness
My waning is your releasing
My void is your resting
Then you will begin again
On the path of your vision.

I am the 13th Moon Cycle.  I am 'Be Truth'.

Self Reflection: Become Your Vision; Be Truth.

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