Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bead Collage Medicine Wheel

 The bead collage medicine wheel continues to grow. There are now 6 sections, one for each moon cycle. I have temporarily closed the circle for the purposes of taking this picture and posting on the Moon Cycle Circle blog. This month I was particularly inspired by Jamie's story about little star brother and how "Forgets to Twinkle earned the name Lightening Bug." I added the red section at top with the large crystal to represent this story, to reflect our collective light. It reminds us to trust our ability to shine bright.  As we move through the next 7 moon cycles, I will continue to add beads and found objects to this piece.  I close this post with the lyrics and a link to a special song from the album Ancient Mother sung by artist Robert Grass & On The Wings Of  Song. Enjoy!

May the Circle Be Open

By the Air that is Her breath
By the Fire of Her bright Spirit
By the Waters of Her womb
By the Earth that is her Body

May the circle be open but unbroken
May the peace of the [Clan mothers]
Be ever in your heart
Merry meet,
And, merry part,
And merry meet again.