Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Meaning of Walk Truth

October's Cycle of Truth is to Work and Walk Truth.  My relationship with Work Truth is in all the ways I express my creative pulse by and through Divine Direction.  Walk Truth is the process of expressing my work out in the world and to others.  I  Walk Truth when I walk with the understanding my work is 'More God than me'.  Walk Truth is meditation in action.
In Work Truth, I create with and through spirit. In Walk Truth, my walk in the world is a spiritual practice.  It is often as colorful and rowdy as it is soft and contemplative.

Self Reflection: How am I currently expressing my life's work our in the world and to others? Do I need support to express my life more truthfully?  If so, am I will to ask for this support? to receive it?

Friday, September 29, 2017

The Gifts of Moon's Waxing Phase

Begin again, a new moon, a new day,
Clean slate, if I choose to see it that way.
Try too hard and the receding tide will leave me dry upon the beach.
Gentle growing, layer by layer, I create.
I allow a vision to become clearer, fuller, more illuminated.
I allow it.
I don't force it.
My illumination comes slowly sliver added upon sliver
with each new day.
This way, I am not blinded by my own light.
It is more humble to acknowledge
I am as much light as the brightest star
Then it is to deny the light within.
This light I have yet to reveal, to myself, let alone to another.
Moon is patient and kind
She will repeat her lessons as often as needed
Cycle after cycle

There are enough days in the waxing phase
the expanding illumination phase
to embody a little more of my light
and integrate it in my being and doing.

I work with my Light and then,
at the Full Moon,
I will be more out and about in the world
with this newer Lighter me.
I will experience this newer Lighter me
for a couple of weeks
and I will then begin again.

But for now, I will just enjoy my current phase of enlightenment!

Self Reflection: How am I enjoying my current phase of enlightenment?

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Meaning of Work Truth:

To Work Truth is the opposite of Workaholism.

I have come to understand that the meaning of  'Work Truth', as it is taught in the Seneca tradition, is not a reference to doing what earns us an income or a means to support ourselves. To 'Work Truth' is to use our knowledge, hearts, hands and gifts with integrity and as the best we can in any given moment. Work Truth refers to all the things we would consider as activities of daily living, as well as how we use our gifts and skills to nurture ourselves and others, and to bring ease and beauty to our life. Our ability to Work in Truth is not a static process--activity and rest, ease and intensity, and returning to balance--always the movement toward living in balance.

Begin to learn what it means to Work Truth by noticing how creatures in nature do their 'work', how nature herself 'works'.

Self reflection:  What small action can I take to increase my awareness of the natural world around me?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Necessary Actions for the Waxing Moon Cycle

The clan mother archetype for the October moon cycle is Weaves the Web.  Notice her name is in the active tense.  She is not called 'Weaved the Web'.  Life is not a 'once and done' process.  Like spider, we continually deconstruct and reconstruct parts of our lives. We are often called to begin again. Sometimes we must move our 'web'.  Usually, we just need to do a little de-cluttering or possession consciousness.

During the waxing moon phase, we are invited to clean up what get's in the way of  our ability to work and walk our vision for our life.  A cluttered mind impedes our ability to hear Guidance and Truth.  Cluttered relationships are prone to dishonesty and disconnection. Cluttered environments breed self-sabotage.

As we move through the waxing phase of the moon cycle and toward the full moon, it is important to give time each day for both decluttering our 'web' and for doing small actions and connections (with others and the world) to grow our vision.

Self reflection: What part of my 'web' needs decluttering? Is this an inner decluttering or decluttering in  my external world?  Or both?

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Trust in Your Choices and Your Dreams

Trust in your choices and your dreams.
Can I trust my choices? 
How often I second guess my decisions!
I second guess myself even when I'm going for something I have dreamed of, longed for, worked for.

By the process of exploring and experiencing each cycle what is Truth in my life as it is laid out in the Cycles of Truth, I have come to know more what is trustworthy in my body's reaction to things.  I have come to recognize when my thinking and emotions are truthful and in integrity, and when I am out of alignment with my Truth. This has been a slow process, and my awareness of changes I have made, are more an after the fact  'aha', than pre-choice awareness.

This past week I made a choice to spend a good chunk of money on something which has the potential to support the dream I have for my work and life.  After I made my decision, I waited for buyer's remorse to set in.  It didn't.  I didn't wake up in the middle of the night with an "oh s--t, what have I done".  I didn't wake up the next morning with my stomach in knots.   48 hours later, I still had a subtle hum of excitement, aware of the work ahead and was looking forward to beginning.  No regrets, no second-guessing.  A year later, opportunity 'successfully' completed. The big ah-ha for me was the outcome was not what I had envisioned.  Rather than going where I thought I wanted to end up, I found what I was going for was not the direction I was being turned toward. 

So, what is different now?  What has changed in me? I realized that in the past my choices and decisions have usually been from my need to be safe and create security in my world.  Of course, this frequently didn't work out the way I planned...hence always the 'buyer's remorse' response.  This time I made a decision from the space of giving myself and my work what is needed to flourish and grow.  I am flourishing and growing, and parts of myself that no longer serve me or others are falling way. I have less resistance. I have more willingness to say 'yes' without needing to know the outcome.  I also have found more willingness to say 'no' without fear of missing out. This space feels SO different!  I am coming to trust my choices and trust (and honor) my dreams. I am also as ease with my dreams being fluid and changing, growing. 

Self Reflection:   Am I willing to seek the support and guidance I need to make choices and go for my dreams with 'no regrets'?

Monday, September 25, 2017

Connecting Our Hearts to Our Visions

Carolyn writes:
One summer, I had the privilege of spending a weekend with Bob and Lee Nitsch, the son and daughter-in-law of the late Grandmother Twylah Nitsch.  Twylah was the Seneca Elder who shared the Seneca teachings of Cycles of Truth, a foundational part of the Moon Circle Journal, with all who would listen.  Bob and Lee carry on her work, and came to Philadelphia to lead a weekend seminar for contemplating and experiencing the meaning of the Cycles of Truth in our life.  Participants were invited to take contemplation time outside in the gardens surrounding our meeting place.  During one walking meditation, I came across this placard peeking out from among the flowers:

When I uploaded the pictures off my I-phone, the photo I snapped of Jung's quote was the one that 'just happened' to land in the front of the album. Jung's quote is fitting for the waxing moon phase for October's call to walk and work with/in Truth. I think about my difficulties having 'clarity of vision' and I reflect on Sara's intuitive interconnection of visions, dreams, goals and desires on the Waxing Moon journal page. I ask myself, "where inside myself, do I need to look (or sense) more fully, deeply, thoroughly to be more fully awake to my work and to the way I walk in my life? Am I willing to look there?"

Self reflection: Are they places I need to look within myself to be more fully awake to my vision for my life? Am I willing to look?

Sunday, September 24, 2017

There Are Many Ways to Have a Vision for Your Life

Visions have always been difficult for me.
I sense an opening, rather than seeing a well laid out path;
a kaleidoscope of images, rather than a clear picture;
ways of feeling and being, rather than having and achieving.
Is this a tangible way of visioning?
Or, am I like a boat in the sea of possibility, without a rudder?

Carolyn writes:  I've always hated those vision exercises with instructions to write down clear visions for the future, or  business growth, or what my life will be like in 1, 5 10 years from now.  I rarely get 'clear' visions.  I get brief flashes of image and a lot of 'felt sense'/feelings that are more like a kaleidoscope of possibilities rather than a clearly defined path to the future. I realized today how much shame I have been carrying about not being able to create a clear vision. I was asked in an interview to share about my vision, embarrassment and shame were lumps in my throat as my mind flipped through my mental Rolodex  wanting to grasp something inspired, or at least acceptable.

But, the interviewer, in her wisdom, gave me a wonderful gift.  She gave me permission to have my vision my way, and she validated it, and most important, truly seemed to understand it.  Having a vision for how I want to feel and be in the future, rather than what I wanted to be doing and what my life looked like, isn't so odd after all.

Self Reflection: How do you create vision for your life, for living, working, walking your Truth?

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Stepping fully into the Journey on Our Web

What flows from me inevitably leads me to becoming more whole
              and complete in my life.  
What flows from me is not originated by me, but through me.  
I am not responsible or creating the idea, the inspiration. 
I am responsible for using all of my senses (including the sixth sense)
And allowing what comes to flow through me.
This I can allow, support, encourage.
This I can nourish in the womb of my being.  
I trust what comes through me will be known to me 
           at the right time, 
                        and the right place.  
This is the stance of faith.
Just like with spider, the fibers to spin her web flow from her when she is
           in the right time 
                        and the right place/space.

Self Reflection:  Read this contemplation aloud four times. Then, sit and listen, just for a few minutes, letting the specific truth of this message for YOU come into consciousness.  If mind wants to run away from what  is coming in, gently bring her back until you feel the resonance of the message settling in your heart. 

Note: Spider totem represents a feminine aspect of the creative source 

                 and is part of all of us, whether we are female or male.  

Friday, September 22, 2017

Visions and Dreams; How to Avoid a Nightmare

There is a ancient Japanese Proverb:
Vision without action is a daydream.
Action without vision is a nightmare.

Sara's words for the waxing phase of the October moon create a pattern for working and walking Truth in our life.

There is a sense and order to how those four words words are laid out on the pages.
Our dreams and our desires enrich one another.
Our desires and our visions inform one another.
Our visions and our goals instruct one another.
Our goal and our dreams energize one another.

The places they intersect reveal and are the template for our calling, for our becoming.
When we honor the interplay of our dreams, desires, visions and goals, we can be sure we will walk and work in Truth.

Self Reflection: If I am willing to take time to come to know my dreams, desires, visions and goals, they will support me in who I am called to BE in my life.  Will I embrace my dreams, my desires, my visions. my goals?

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Aligning your Dreams, Desires, Goals and Vision

Sara writes:  To be honest, when I sat down with the four circles of 'Dreams', 'Desires', 'Goals' and 'Vision' this morning, I wondered why on earth we had chosen four words that meant the same thing. Then I started writing:

  • Desires-what my heart is calling for, that for which I feel a lack or emptiness 
  • Dreams-what I would love to have in my life.  Again mostly what I don' have (yet)
  • Goals-what I hope to accomplish, in specifics
  • Vision-how I see myself manifesting in the world and how the Universe manifests around me
I remember a time, about 13-14 years ago when a similar exercise (in the middle of a corporate  retreat) nearly caused a complete emotional breakdown.  I was living my life trying to fulfill someone else's desires, reach goals that had been set by those who controlled my financial future, had room only for the dream of safety and didn't dare let myself look at a vision of how my life was manifesting.

When we are not in touch with our inner self, we lose the ability to weave a coherent web.  Those four apparently similar words end up disconnected when they do not spring from our own inner truth,  from our own core wisdom.  

Self Reflection: Are my Dreams, Desires, Goals and Vision in alignment?  Can they all be contained and supported by the web I am weaving with my choices and my life?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A dust-speck spider weaves perfect imperfection: October New Moon; Walk/Work Truth

Spider weaves
Is she Creator of her own web?
Or does Creator come through her?

I weave my web
Inspired strands,
Spun in the colors of my heart
Imperfect Truths
Here for the moment
They speak to me
(and perhaps to another?)

my Truth will be different
And I will weave a new web
Different, yet still Truth
For I am a dust-speck spider
Weaving in the vastness of the Universe
Infinite and infinitesimal
Channeling that which cannot be contained!

Self reflection: On this New Moon, how is Universe inspiring me to weave my life? 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Closing Moon for September and the Cycle of Live Truth

We are in the closing moon for September.  In this day may we become aware of the small ways we have learned to use our senses to hear, see, sense, feel and taste the presence and power of the Creative Force of life within.  

We prepare to step consciously onto the Web of Life, to work with and to walk with Truth in our lives. 

Self Reflection: A Contemplative Prayer: "Bring me more into alignment with my own inner truth and enrich my capacity to Live Truth in my being, within myself and in the world.  I ask a vision for my life. I ask for a conscious dream to understand how to live the unique expression of Truth in my life walk, in my life work."

Monday, September 18, 2017

Live Truth and Abundance

All Truths are within myself.
I experience them day by day.
Each step is a discovery
of new Truth,
of more Truth,
of clearer Truth.

Here in this place within, which some might call the soul, I will find the key to abundance.  In all of my experiences, a positive abundance is available.  Accessing this abundance requires a shift in my perceptions .

No matter my feeling-being sick, excited, afraid, brave..., I can use what I am feeling to support my going within to say 'yes' to the needs of my body (and mind). This is a vital and necessary step to Live Truth in my life.  Am I willing to Live what I know is True to have abundant health?

Self-Reflection: What would I need to change in how I live?

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Live Truth is When We Experience the Extraordinary Gift of Being Human

These morning blog posts really are meant to be one minute meditations.  Hopefully sparks of illumination to shed light on the direction of the day.  BUT...
It is definitely worth taking extra time to read this post from Dr. Kelly Flannagan's Blog 'Untangled'

To Live Truth is my having the _________________to experience being human as an extraordinary gift.

What word fills in the blank...
....what IS my word?

To Live Truth is to experience being human as an extraordinary gift.
Life is a gift; not always a fun or easy gift and Truth is a gift we receive when we come to understand our life as a gift, an extraordinary, co-creative Gift.

Self-Reflection: What is 'my word' that will support me to experience life as an extraordinary gift?

Saturday, September 16, 2017

How Do We Know if We are Living Truth?

As we enter the final days of the waning moon, reflect on how the phrase 'Live Truth' shown up in your day to day life.

Remember this is a process.  It is unique for each of us. It will change as we change.  We will have moments where we lose connection with the power within us that brings us the peace, courage and wisdom to claim and manifest OUR awareness of Truth.

A Serenity Prayer:
I ask for the Grace of serenity to accept what I cannot change in my life.
I ask for the Grace of courage to change the things I can.
I ask for the Grace to use Wisdom to discern what is mine to accept, what is mine to change, and what is mine to let go, and to act with that Wisdom.

Carolyn writes:  At this point I still mostly know when I am NOT Living Truth.  But this, too is progress.  I am now so uncomfortable when I am in 'NOT Truth', that I am more and more willing to surrender to not knowing and...Truth arrives (sometimes after a bit of patience).

Self Reflection:  How have I experienced my process of  'Living Truth'? How do I experience living 'Not Truth'?

Friday, September 15, 2017

Inner Knowing Illuminates the Difference Between Wants and Needs

The waning moon teaching 'Live Truth' reveals that inner knowing illuminates the difference between wants and needs.  In living Truth in our life, we learn to discern ego from soul.

Egos are not capable of sorting out what are wants and what are needs.  Only the soul can do that.
The source of our deep inner knowing is our soul.  

Only the soul would know that what the little girl really needed was a pair of glitter-covered red mary janes.   It wasn't just a whim.  It was her symbol for courage so she could read her poem in front of class.  The ego would say she was showing off, or how much better it made her look than the other girls, or that it wasn't something her parents' could afford.  But the soul persisted.  Her soul wore those red shoes long after her physical feet had outgrown them. Years later, in a courtroom they were with her when she spoke clearly, wisely and forcefully on behalf of her client.  The soul knew she needed those red shoes. 
Sometimes what the soul knows surprises us.

The Grace of the childhood smorgasbord Sara wrote about in yesterday's blog is a smorgasbord where wants and needs are served together, each complimentary to the other.
Not either or, not excess, or gluttony, but generous portions, yet always the right size.  That is the way it is with Grace. That is the way we give meaning to Living Our Truth.

Self Reflection: How can I find this Grace again and feast at her smorgasbord more often.  

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Saying "YES!" to Life

Saying "yes" to life is the outcome of inner peace.
We get there through listening for guidance, consciously creating balance in our inner and outer lives and trusting in the outcome.
Saying "yes" to life is an earthly experience of heaven.

Sara writes:
As a young girl I often experienced what I now realize is an incredible gift of Grace:  Many, many mornings, I would wake up in a state of rapturous anticipation.  I had a natural ability to joyously welcome the experiences the day would bring.  I think now that the secret to that joy was that I 
looked forward not to some specific outcome or event, but just to LIFE happening.  Back then, I knew in the depths of my soul, that life was good.

Today, I am only rarely blessed with awareness that I stand before life's buffet table; abundance laid out before me in ways I cannot imagine, and which I did not create.  My spiritual practice directs me back to this state of welcoming acceptance.

 Self Reflection: May I live in a state of "YES!", welcoming the depth, breadth and variety of what life will bring me today.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

To Have Inner Peace IS To Live Truth

When I have inner peace, I am the essence of Live Truth
When I am pushing to get something done--OUCH!
Miss-takes happen.
Words are care-less; or at least not care-full.

Inner peace comes,
One breath at a time, a conscious pause in thinking, doing.
I pause in my be-ing
And open my consciousness to Great Mystery's influence.

When I am under the influence of the Source
I AM the essence of Live Truth.
Then, I am able to live truth in my life.
From this place of inner peace, it happens automatically.

Self Reflection: Let me reflect on my time of greatest inner peace.  Reflecting, I am shown how this reflects to me my personal essence of Live Truth

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

On Finding Inner Peace

Inner peace is found inside the self
How does my body show that I have peace within me?  
Do I know how it feels to have peace inside my body?

I can't find inner peace from outside myself;
Not from others
Not from my environment.  
Neither is necessary for being in a state of peace.  

Even if others and my environment have peace, if I don't have a willingness for it,
even just a tiny seed of willingness,
I will not be able to manifest this inner peace.

Self Reflection: How does my body show me MY inner peace?  How will I honor this body wisdom?

Monday, September 11, 2017

What Live Truth Means to Each of Us in Our Lives is Different

Truth, Lived through me, will be uniquely my truth,
Different from everyone else,
Yet, each living ou rown path of Truth,
We create a path for Peace.

Carolyn writes: This little poem is one of the conclusions about the meaning of 'Live Truth' as it is in my life. I came to this awareness during the time I spent with Lee and Bob Nitsch.
I saw that each person has their own gifts and a unique vision for their life, different from all others. To Live Truth, for me, means to Embody Truth as I currently understand Truth, then to express this Truth in all my thoughts, words, deeds.

Self Reflection:  In this waning moon phase, I have the possibility--and the ability-- to Live Truth in my actions and interactions with all of life.  My commitment to daily contemplation and reflection (daily review) ensures Truth lives in and through me as fully as I am currently able to allow. Contemplation and Review are preparation for my next action or my next letting go.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Preparation for Action; Stillness invites Faith

Action requires Preparation
Faith requires stillness.
I prepare with faith
My Action and my Stillness are in balance.

What are the actions I want to take in this time of the waning moon?
What is the preparation do I need to take these actions?
Am I able to be still? In body? In Mind? In Spirit?

Ah, Faith!  
Do I have faith enough to give my time to prepare for my action?
Do I have the faith I need to take action, 
        without promises or guarantees
                of the outcome?

Self Reflection: Faith, which is manifested fidelity to Truth, insures my success, guides my actions.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Waning Moon: Live Truth and Balance

Balanced, Balancing, Balance  
This word choice for the Waning Moon.
What does this word, 'Balance' mean for me?

Balanced meals
Balanced use of time
Balanced relationships
Balanced exercise
Balanced work and play

Balancing Act
Balancing give and take

Balance in my walk
Balance in my talk
Balance in my thoughts
Balance in my prayers

Self Reflection: When I Live Truth in my life, I live in Balance.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Waning Moon for Live Truth: Alter Actions; Understand Feelings

When we practice a daily review of our life, we create a space for awareness, clarity, and ultimately, transformation to occur.  Understanding feelings and altering actions are the two 'qualities' and teachings for the season of autumn in the Medicine Wheel direction of the west.  Both allow us to Live Truth.
We take time with our changes, seeking first awareness and clarity. Subtle adjustments to our behaviors are often easier for ourselves and others to accept than rash action.

Self Reflection: I prepare to interact with the changes life presents by altering my actions and understanding my feelings.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Contemplation as an Act of Reviewing and Releasing

We bring our experiences, our efforts and intentions from our day into a few moments of just sitting in silence and letting them pass through our mind and our feeling—a review of who, how and what we were in our day.  This act of quiet sitting at the end of the day is the way to release what is not working in our life. In contemplation, Creator becomes the listening partner and adviser in the beauty of the setting of the sun.  How different it is to release our difficulties and struggles, to let go of what is not working, to be consciously in communication with the source of our being, rather than to escape or numb out to our life.

We learn the Truth of our life through contemplation. Through contemplation we learn to release what no longer serves us, without escaping, without numbing out through our habits and addictions. Through contemplation, we are given the gift to live life with intention.

Self Reflection: Do I have a daily practice of reviewing and reflecting on my day?  If I do, how might I further strengthen my practice?  If I don't, am I willing to embrace this practice to support my life?

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September Full Moon, Contemplating Twilight

All spiritual traditions, from all over the world, and throughout history, hold a time for sacred connection at close of day. In our modern, secular world, the end of day ceremony is likely to be ‘rush hour’ or ‘happy hour’.  
The most mystical and sacred times of day are in those moments when the sun sets and the sun rises.  These are two short periods of time in the twenty-four hours of each day where there seems to be a thinning of the veil between the material and the ethereal—our physical being and our spiritual being. 

What would happen if we consciously entered this the time between Evening and Morning? 
What is required?  
Merely begin a practice of contemplation.  
Merely!  This is such an act of conscious commitment.   
It is how we begin to express the Truth of our Self; how we Live Truth.

Self Reflection: My readiness and willingness to self-reflect leads me deeper into contemplation. I can rest in the natural growing of this practice, this gift. I can be grateful--and patient.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Meeting the Morning Star

The Full Moon approaches.  The morning star—the star-child who invites us to Live Truth more fully-- is highly visible in the early morning, predawn hours.  She is visible in the eastern horizon, about 2/3rd's of the way up and directly east at about 515 or 5:30 am CST.  She slowly moves to the south as the sun rises.  My invitation and challenge to take some time to go look for her, meet her and  seek her message she brings.

Self Reflection:  On this last night of Waxing Moon, set an intention to wake up early to see the pulsing, blinking celestial light, think about what would support you in welcoming your full Self into being?  What stops you from asking for and expecting to receive all you need to be who you were created to be?  When you look at this star, it can be a reminder that your essence, purpose and path is always held there, protected, waiting for your 'yes' and your willingness, Everyday when we wake, we receive a renewed version of ourselves and in the evening, we offer our life back, just as in Setting Sun Woman's story. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Seeking Our Own Morning Star

Carolyn writes: The evening star is called Wata-jis in Jamie Sams’ story of Setting Sun Woman in her book 13 Original Clan Mothers.  This same star is present in the morning sky for six months of the year, and is brightly visible to us in these predawn hours of autumn. If my memory from previous years serves me correctly, those of us in on this continent should be able to see her at least through the end of the October moon cycle.  If you recall from the story of Setting Sun Woman, the evening star became present to Setting Sun Woman as an infant in a cradle-board, also with the fur of the white bear as her robe.  Setting Sun woman put this child on her back.

Metaphorically, the child is symbolic of our purpose and calling in this life.  This little one is also the connection we have to this purpose; a way to express Creator’s design/template for our unique  being.  Setting Sun Woman puts the child in the cradle board on her back, another metaphor for us: our willingness to carry and align the expression and development of our purpose and calling with Divine Will. We are willing to carry our calling and to pay attention to it, and let it direct the way we express it in our life.  In the story, Setting Sun Woman sends the child back to the stars.  As I think about this in terms of my own growing Spirit within, I think of metaphorically offering my life and my spirit back to Creator at the close of my day.

Self Reflection: Am I willing to cradle my life purpose and carry it always with me; nourishing her and seeking to know her better?

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Being Faithful to Truth Life to Truth

"The ultimate source of courage, of 'fidelity to truth,' is fidelity to the light that is in us which is from God. May you find again within yourself the deep life-giving silence which is genuine truth and the source of truth: for it is a fountain of life and a window into the abyss of eternity and God."  (Thomas Merton in correspondence to Boris Pasternak in collected letters, Courage for Truth, 1958)

Carolyn understanding: Fidelity to truth is my faithfulness to what I currently understand as Truth, for the more I am faithful to my current understand the more Truth seems to come to light.  This I have come to know, and I find the silence of twilight a nightly metaphor. It reminds me of the the recurring truth that going willingly into the depths of the dark abyss of night will ultimately lead me to the source and fountain of life. And this 'fountain of life' reveals herself-- as in the ever present, though not always visible, morning star.

Self reflection: I find myself in the deep life giving silence of the twilight time. Here I can be faithful to my commitment to Live Truth, as I currently understand Truth.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Being Sick and Really Living Truth

What about those days when I feel sick and miserable?
The reality of what it means to Live in Truth sinks in.
What a challenge it can be to live with what is really happening in my life-
Accept it.
Listen for Wisdom about what to do, now, next.
Actually, do what I need to do to take care of my
Physical being,
Mental being,
Emotional being,
Spiritual being.

Carolyn writes:  I am still learning this lesson of truthfully caring for my life.  When my body is sick, exhausted, frightened, I try to suck it up and in live my image of what it means to be a women who 'Lives Truth'.
I try to over-ride my achy body, crusty eyes, stuffed-up nose, scratchy throat and carry-on.
I fight accepting what was happening in my body.
I fight listening to the inner wisdom saying, "Stop! Go to bed. Rest." Until Wisdom gets projected through other peoples' reaching out to care for me, then,  humbled, imperfect, fumbling, I will finally, give in to bed-rest.

Live Truth is a process, and a practice, and a humility.

Self Reflection:  I first express Live Truth through truthful caring of my own being.

Friday, September 1, 2017

The Union of Awareness and Gratitude

Awareness can be used as either a tool or a weapon. Awareness is a weapon when we bring our past and our fears into the present.  These two become like blinders, focusing our awareness on a very limited version of the present.  From this place we are likely to manipulate, control, strike out, or withold and withdraw.  We have to as we do not/can not see the whole picture. We are human beings and not likely to ever live entriely free from the influence of our past nor the pressure of our fears. The antidote for limited awareness is gratitude.  We Live Truth  when we continually invite a bigger, deeper and more expansive awareness into our present moment.  We are able to see the bigger picture --closer to Creator's view.  With this invitation comes snipets of gratitude.  Little snipets at first, but then this gratitude grows and eventually the blinders of fear and past are disolved away.  This is  awareness as a tool.  It allows us to see more, know more and 'trust the bigger picture'.

Self Reflection:  What is the quality of my awareness about my life? Am I aware of my blinders? Do I have a practice of writing gratitudes and appreciations?  If not what would I need to shift in order to beign to know them and write them down?