Sunday, June 21, 2020

Loves Truth Emerges from a Deep Dark Place

July's New Moon, Loves Truth, emerges from a deep dark Place. 

As seekers of Truth we now have an invitation to acknowldege and be willing to embrace our country's history which powerfully, traumatically, unrelentingly, burst forth. During the moon cycle of Speak Truth which just ended, the deep and concealed stories of our country's truths spilled out on the streets for all the world to witness.  

This new moon cycle has the ability to bring us solice, strength and the courage to continue to face these hard truths and embrace the courage to remedy the untruths the cycle of Speak Truth revealed. All that is required is our willingness to learn how to love truth in all her faces: 

To Love Truth is to fully embrace 
joy and sorrow
pain and pleasure
triumph and failure
history and vision
with a full and open heart!

Friday, June 5, 2020

A Full Moon Invitation from Speak Truth

Inside the Soul of Speaking Truth
Red Moon in the Making
CJFaivre, 2018, 30X30 Acrylic on Canvas

Every Full Moon brings two invitations. One is to let go of whatever it is in our life that no longer serves us, or that is harmful to us or to others.  The second invitation is to offer the gifts we carry within us to those whom our life touches.

Most of us spend many moons learning to let go of what holds us back before we enter the space where we get a glimpse of what we can offer others.  Over time,  we spend more time in this space learning about the gifts of our own being.

To Speak Truth requires we know this space.  I know this space as the 'heart of my soul'.  The story of my life is here.  I sit in the dark womb of this space with intention. In the dark my fingers are my eyes, and I read the stories of the life I have lived. They are marked on a red timeline in the heiroglyphics of my heart's own language.  Here I learn to read the Truth of my stories. 

Stories of my relatives are here, my ancestors, marked as thumprints of gold, they paint the walls of this sacred space. Touching these marks, I can read the Truth their stories have for me. A luminous cross of blessing is suspended in this space, and the wind of the Spirit blows through this space, refreshing both my life and my spirit. 

Tonight, as I sit in my soul space, on the eve of June's Full Moon, the Red Moon shines down on our country as citizens are marching, standing up, kneeling, lying down and crying out for life, for justice and for peace. I am grateful for my timeline of remembering, and for the history of my ancestors, and for the blessing and life-giving breath of Great Spirit.  May I learn from my history and the history of others. May we each visit the hearts of our souls and learn the gifts we have to offer and be willing Speak Truth.