Monday, December 7, 2015

A Share from Carolyn

There are many ways to receive guidance;
I had a visit from Wolf.
I attended a SoulCollage Card Workshop
We were invited to create a soulcollage card.
Hundreds of images cut from magazines were piled high on the conference table.
Out of all of them, two wolf images caught my eye.
Although I continued to sort and look through the stacks, these two images were insistent on being a part of my collage.  So I gave in and took my seat at the art table.

Following directions I created my card--or more truthful to say, I cooperated with my card creating itself-for it did not turn out the way I was thinking it should be.
Then, following more directions from our leader, I asked my wolf-card what it had to say to me:
"Wait to leap until the waters are still.  Use your strong emotions to help you center and stay focused."

Well, that is mostly the opposite of what I do.  I make changes in the midst of chaos and rest (from exhaustion) when things are (finally) quiet.  Timely wisdom.  I will take it to heart.

Carolyn's SoulCollage Wolf Card