Friday, March 31, 2017

Growing to See the Truth of Our Destiny.

Our destiny as human and spiritual beings is revealed to us according to our capacity (and willingness) to see what is the truth of 'me'.  Our goal on this journey is to enlarge our capacity to have, receive, hold and manifest what is revealed to us.  This is a continual process of receiving the Truth of what is 'me', and trusting to let go what is 'not me'. We do this by clearing false beliefs, and by surrendering to what we are asked and guided to do and be.

Truth and Trust intertwine.

Self Reflection:  I see the Truth of what is me. I trust and let go of what is not me. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Noticing Blind Spots

Noticing Blind Spots

Do I even realize when I am blind to what is?

 Am I able to recognize when my sight is distorted, diminished, delusional?
Do I notice those times when what I am seeing just doesn't seem to line up,
when lines are blurred or the scene before me out of focus?

These are signs that "I" am out of focus.  A visual cue from the universe that I might need to realign my point of view.

Noticing my blind spots brings a freedom and new possibilities...even though I cling to my blind spots thinking they protect me.  But from what?

Self Reflection:  I will notice and name my blind spots. I will ask for the courage to take off my blinders that I might See Truth. 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Interfering with Alignment

How we see things creates our reality.  When we don't see clearly, we often miss the assistance that is there to help us on our journey along the Good Red Road.

How often do my own projections and preconceptions prevent me from noticing how the Universe aligns to assist me? How often do they cause me to miss the good in a person or situation?  How often do these same blinds spots change the course of events such that alignment cannot manifest in my life?

My projections become my reality.  What I see in my blindness blocks alignment and changes what IS.

Self Reflection: I take time to notice how I see all aspects of my life.  I am open to seeing in a new way. I am open to seeing Truth as reality. What does this mean?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Inner Seeing in the Dark

The new moon time invites us to begin our choices, commitments, intentions, once again. That is the gift of each new moon, We have the opportunity to begin anew.

Practice inner seeing, being still and contemplate: "Who is this 'me', who is beginning anew?"

To sit in contemplation, prayer, or meditation with this question on our mind, in our heart, and perched on our lips is not an easy commitment.  But, it does seem easier to do in the darkness of the early days of the waxing moon.  Perhaps, this is because our physical eyes cannot see through the darkness clearly, and this gives a space for our inner eyes to reflect back to us what is Truth about who we are when look deeply within our being. We look through and past all our preconceived notions, ideas and prejudices about ourselves.

When we focus our inner seeing long enough, we will see the light that we are; the light that is our life. It has been said that the medicine bowl of the universe is filled with stars which represent light coming from the brilliance present in EVERY soul. That means us. That means, even if we do not look within, our light, our brilliance is still there. Waiting for us to see ourselves clearly.  During this Cycle of Truth,we are invited, encouraged, cajoled to a new way of seeing.

Self Reflection: I look far into my being to see the 'me' who is beginning anew.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Being with the Darkness of New Moon as a Path for Transformation

It is the time of the new moon.
Sometimes I forget the depth of darkness that arrives with the new moon.

Are there parts of my life where I am trying to push away darkness?
I push it away instead of living with it as a teacher and bringer of transformation?
This does not mean I partner or collude with darkness.
I just am with it, waiting to know what knowledge it brings to me.
What is it teaching me?
How might I be transformed by just being with it, to see what it tells me.
It is interesting that, given time, my eyes adjust to the darkness.
I can see, where only moments before I was blinded by the dark.
I can trust in the knowing to come.
I can trust what comes when I stay with the dark until my eyes can see.
This adjustment comes more quickly when I remember I can see through the eyes of my heart.
I remember the light comes.
The light comes, in Her own time.
I will see the Light.

Self Reflection:  How might the darkness of this new moon be an opening for me to see my life with new knowing-a knowing founded in trust.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Wisdom Reflection

It is good to look,
With kind and honest eyes,
     at the month just completed.
Truth wears many robes:
It can be found beneath shame,
     Hiding in ego
          Shrouded in fear.
Look for it also in what brings you joy,
     in where you find peace.

Be honest and accepting today
     of where you are on your journey
For all steps are part of your path
To Wholeness

Self Reflection:  I look with kind and honest eyes at my month just completed.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Traversing Our Own Sacred Spiral of Growth

I am traversing a sacred spiral staircase of ever more willingness and action
         for awareness, knowing and acceptance.
I come again full circle to the next place in my life,
        arriving with a slightly different perspective-a more aware point of view.
My willingness and action, even in fits, stops and starts
        grows me into more Me.
I ascend the spiral staircase to Great Mystery, Divine Source.
This is Good Orderly Direction, an acronym for G.O.D.

Self Reflection: With good orderly direction, I can trust my path in life

Friday, March 24, 2017

Living in the Sacred Spiral of Awareness, Knowing and the Choice of Acceptance

Carolyn Shares:  I feel blessed to have some of the wise members of our moon circle community occasionally author posts.  The wisdom they share inspires and guides me-sometimes pointing out a new point of view or awareness.  When Lisa shared her mandala for March, I found myself in synchronicity with both the visual of the mandala and Lisa's thoughts.  I was touched by Sara's post on awareness and taking time for the depth and truth of knowing to sink in and the prayer she shared.

This is the poem on awareness, choice, patience and change that came through me when I saw the spiraling nature of Lisa's March mandala.

This Cycle to Know and Accept Truth
I know and accept it is a cycle of many cycles.
It has it's own purpose and teaching, one of many.
It has a rhythm and flow.
I begin with an awareness of what I know
Then awareness of accepting (or not) what I know
Then awareness of how my acceptance or non-acceptance 
FEELS in my being [body, emotions, mind and spirit]
Then another level of knowing
and awareness
and accepting (or not).

I am traversing a sacred spiral 
Coming to know
the Truth of my being and my purpose
in the ebb and flow
in the rhythm and cycle of
Knowing/Awareness/Acceptance (or not).

Self Reflection: 


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Prayer for the Courage to Know My Real Self

I ask to be willing to continue my journey to know and accept who I am.
To accept who I am in the core of my being, as the person I am created to be, my Real and True Self.
Keep me solid in my sense of excitement and possibility for what I discover
as I stay in willingness to know myself better.
Keep the illusions of images and roles, mistakes and humiliation at bay.
Remind me these illusions can overpower my ability to sense what it Truth.
Steady me as I begin to feel the hope and freedom of truthful knowing 
that comes with accepting this new awareness of myself.
Keep me in the place of hope and possibility as I ask:
"What if I really could be...?"
"What if I really could do...?"
"What if I really am...?"
Keep me in present time, the only time there is, where I embrace possibility as reality.

Self Reflection: I ask to be willing to know and accept the Truth who I am.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Awareness and Change

Awareness is the beginning of change. Just being aware begins the process of change. We must have awareness before we can know and accept.

Be aware of your choices and accept the consequences of those choices. From this place of full and honest knowing, action will flow when you are ready; when it is what you truly desire.

Sometimes, we need to sit with the knowing a while, before we are ready, before we truly desire. Have compassion for yourself in this time. As long as you stay in awareness, the change is incubating. Alignment and right action will eventually follow.

Self Reflection: Am I aware of my awareness?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Teaching Prayer

Teach me gently, Great Spirit
Help me to be open to whispers,
     gentle guidance
         and soft focus
Open my heart,
Illuminate my mind

Let me not put up such barriers to knowing
     That my lessons need be hard
           or loud
                or big
Make me a page upon which to be written with golden ink
And not a stone tablet writ with chisels

Self Reflection: Am I willing to be taught gently, to be open to the soft whispers which I hear when my heart is open?

Monday, March 20, 2017

on not hanging on to our present idea of good

When what we know and accept about ourselves feels like it is good enough, or that we are a finished product, or that we have finally arrived, we are likely entering the realm of illusion--once more time. When we keep striving to improve our lives and ourselves, to get to where we think we want to go, it is easy to forget there is no end point. We forget life is an ever-transforming journey. 
This journey is not to be feared, but embraced as we are ever evolving, ever more becoming, ever more being the person we were created to become. When we finally surrender to this process, we then experience the transforming joy of truth.  

He who binds to himself a joy 
Does the winged life destroy; 
But he who kisses the joy as it flies
 Lives in eternity's sun rise. 
William Blake

Self Reflection: I set my self free for transformation and joy!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Shedding Old Beliefs

New ways of thinking, doing, and being come through conscious awareness.
We consciously trade in our current knowledge for greater Wisdom and knowing.
This knowing is much deeper, more grounded in truth, and more expansive than 'knowledge'.
'Knowledge' is connected with our personality, ego and 'book-learning' and the self-protective interpretations of our experiences.
Knowledge is frequently rooted in fears.
This kind of self-knowledge is what habituates into false beliefs.
It is easy to cling to the beliefs we have about ourselves, especially if those beliefs are self-critical.

Self Reflection:  Do my interpretations and beliefs about my life come more from my fears or from the Knowing which comes through connecting to Divine Guidance?

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Being a Conduit for Grace.

My life flows out into the world-freely and abundantly.
This flow is from Source, to me, through me.
My life is the transformer; my breath is the conduit.
It is not for me to stop or block Creator's flow.
I am a conduit for Divine Grace to flow out into the world.
This Grace becomes the expression of my life.

Self Reflection:   My life is a Transformer for Creator's Love; I am a conduit for Divine Grace.

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Gifts of the Waning Moon

During these last two weeks of every moon cycle, the moon slowly recedes from sight.
Yet, this time is not inviting us to withdraw and retreat.
Rather, this is a time for visibility, sharing and letting go.
Put into practice what you have been working on in the previous weeks of the cycle.
The waning phase of the cycle offers support for manifesting your intentions, visions and goals.
If your focus for this month is creating and becoming,
          the waning phase is time for putting your efforts out into the world.
If your focus relates to working with an addiction, releasing a bad habit, attitude or behavior,
          the energy of this part of the moon cycle offers gifts to lessen unhealthy cravings and urges.

Self Reflection; an exercise for clarity and direction: Go out each night being aware of the moon’s disappearing act; visualize your own self-sabotaging behaviors and attitudes disappearing from your life. Visualize them being replaced by manifestation and action.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Lisa Sharing on Her Mandala and Wisdom for March's Moon

Spiraling in, expanding out,
ordering thoughts.

Digging, burying,
un/covering earthy understandings.

Overlapping intentions:

Accepting the truth.

 March Full Moon Mandala 
detail, March Full Moon Mandala
copyright, 2016 Lisa Kay
8 " x 9 " Mixed media (pastels, paint) and found objects 
( beads, buttons, charms, Grandma Annie's bracelet, wisteria seed pods) on matt board.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Slow Down and Know the Truth

To grow ourselves to be in our full human stature does require some shifts in the way we 'do' our daily life.
First- the process of coming to know and accept the core Truth of our being (which is goodness) happens over time. And as the cycles of the moon continually remind us, these awareness and changes happen in ebbs and flows.  It is the ebbing and flowing which allows what is Truth to plant deep and sustainable roots within our being.
Slow down, if you want to able to sense clearly what is Truth.
Slow down your breath,
Slow down your thoughts
Slow down your actions
Slow down, be conscious of your prayers
Slow down your smiles
Slow down your looking
Slow down your listening
Slow down your eating
Slow down brushing your teeth
Slow down waking up
Slow down putting yourself to bed.
Slow down everything, except perhaps your willingness to love ALL.
This slowing down practise becomes a space for Truth to take root.
Imagine slowing down as a habit.

Self Reflection: I consciously slow down my day to sense what is Truth in my life.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Moon Cycles as Reflections of Our Soul's Growth

These moon cycles are really teachings for our soul.
The moon symbolizes the rhythmic journey of our soul's growth.
We receive and reflect the light of Source, then going within, taking time to reflect in darkness,
         and then, becoming visible, we are reflected in the light.
There is always this dependable pattern:
         receiving and taking in, integrating and reflecting out.
What we are taking in is Light.
Light, symbolizing the good that is ALL of Creation, us included.

Self-Reflection:  I am a receiver of the light of Creation.  I reflect what I am able to receive.

Monday, March 13, 2017

We Are Invited to Know Ourselves Better

Carolyn Shares:  I know we are months past Christmas, but this morning I found myself thinking about Dickens's Christmas Carol. There is a part in the story where the Ghost of Christmas Present invites Scrooge to "Come close and know me better."  This is the phrase I heard as I sat in contemplation about this full moon message:  This cycle to Know and Accept Truth is  an invitation to come close to ourselves so that we can know ever more clearly the truth of who we really are and to accept the wonderment of this 'hidden' self. Through our relationship with the rest of creation, we come to know more about who we are and why we are here, now, at this time in the history of the world.  We all have a purpose, often hidden from our awareness until we are ready to accept our possibility and potential.  I was also reminded today that, often, our willingness to accept our true self requires healing and restoration, and for that relationship with others is key.  This morning a blogger I follow wrote a wonderful tale of how this healing through relationship happens.  You can read dr.kelly flanagan 's blog post.

For the waning phase of March Moon the Daily Inspirations will focus on ways to open to the truth of our gifts, strengths and journey.

Self Reflection: I commit to opening to my true gifts during the Second half of this moon cycle.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Light of the Full Moon Shines Light on the Many Facets of Truth

Being willing to Know Truth, regardless of how it may change our belief or point of view, brings us remarkable freedom.  We no longer have to be afraid of what we don’t know,
The Elders teach that by accepting Truth the seeker finds doors open to more wisdom and to more possibility to live the lives she or he are designed to live. 
This Truth the Elders speak of, is not the truth of intellectual knowledge, but a knowing which surpasses the understanding of the mind.  We comprehend this kind of knowing through our heart.  

Self Reflection: Trust that you already possess this kind of knowing, because all human beings do.  
Trust this Truth and fear less.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

First Full Moon of Spring. Are You Ready to Birth A Renewed Self?

More births happen on the full moon than any other time of the month. What is ready to be birthed in your life?

With the warm winter we have had, all the plants and trees have buds which look pregnant and posed to pop fully open at any moment.  They are ahead of their natural cycle.  It seems they have been influenced more by the weather than their genetics.

What do pregnant buds have to do with us?   Like pregnancy, we have parts of our lives which seem to have their own timeline.  Influenced by things outside our control, wishes and plans...when the time is at hand for birthing (or budding) change happens-with or without our 'permission'.  We may have done everything required to be ABLE and READY for what is pending birth; but are we WILLING to fully embrace what is being born within us?

Self Reflection: On the timeline of my life, what am I preparing to birth?

Friday, March 10, 2017

Reflections On the Waxing Moon

As the waxing moon moves toward fullness and the second half of this powerful moon cycle,
remember these are the qualities of the Wise Discerner:
Facing uncomfortable truths,
Knowing and accepting strengths and weaknesses,
Seeing ALL with clarity of heart,
Compassionate acceptance of mistakes,
(all for both self and others).

Self Reflection: As I move through the last days of the waxing moon,
I reflect on the waxing moon directives:
What are the uncomfortable truths I became willing to face?
What self-worth and talent have I come to accept in the last two weeks?
What clarity have I come to know/accept, about myself/about others?
What mistakes have I come to accept and hold in heartfelt compassion, for myself/for others?

The Relationship Between Truth and Fear

Over time we absorb more truth about ourselves, about our world,
           and about what amazing creation is STILL being created;
                     For us,
                     Through us,
                     By us.
We show up and tune in to the rhythm of the moon cycles.
We come into sync with the world around us.
Over time, we will come into sync with our own being.
Over time, we will live in sync with Truth.

Being aware of (and honoring) our own personal rhythms is an antidote for fear.
Living in alignment with our personal rhythm is an essential step for discerning
          what is real from what is  F.E.A.R (false evidence appearing real).
To Know and Accept Truth is an antidote to fear.

Self Reflection: This moon cycle invites awareness of my personal rhythms, an essential step to know and accept the Truth of my self, to know and accept the Truth of fear.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Our Home Is a Refuge Supporting Our Growth

We move through March's moon cycle, embracing the gifts to Know and Accept Truth. We let go of our habitual judgments and experience the maturing effects that the wisdom of discernment brings. This is a challenging and active month of personal growth and change. Take time to rest and create a nest of comfort and security in your home.

In the Celtic traditions, this part of the spring cycle encourages giving attention to one's home. It's a good time to spring clean before we are called to be out of doors when the weather breaks warmer and nature beckons to us. Just as we de-clutter our minds and belief systems, we also need to declutter our surroundings so our home can support us as a place of rest and serenity.  

Self Reflection: Does my home environment support my well being? If not, what small changes can I make that will bring my home more in alignment with the person I am becoming?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March Moon Cycle and the Season of Spring Invite Creative Growth

March is the first of the three cycles for the season of spring. Now new growth will start for all living things-including us. In this cycle we are called to look at truth from many different aspects. This insures our growth is balanced and in proportion. Balanced growth requires the development of the attribute of discernment rather than the use of judgment in relationship to all aspects of our life-the care of our Self, our relationships, our  life as creative beings, and the whole of our earthly home. 

The color for the season of Spring  is yellow, and reflects the third chakra, relating to the solar plexus, sense of self, and self-esteem. Brown is the color associated with March's Moon Cycle and the Truth Cycle to Know and Accept Truth. Brown is the color of the earth and reminds us of our necessary connection to Mother Earth.  The yellow of the sun and the brown of the earth also symbolize the abundant fertility of creation.  We are a vital part of this creative process. 

In The Celtic Way of Seeing, Meditations on the Irish Spirit Wheel (see Resources), Frank MacEowan writes about how this cycle of the east, in the springtime, relates to everything to do with ‘Home’-how our home reflects our sense of self, how we care for our home, how home is a place for our own resting and safe-keeping as well as for welcoming others into our life with more openness and intimacy. In the larger sense, the concept of ‘home’ also refers to Mother Earth, our planetary home. 

Self Reflection:  This moon cycle I embrace my homes; the home of my own being, the home where I live, and the home of us all, this planet earth.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Becoming Willing to Know and Accept

This Moon Cycle asks us to become willing to Know and to Accept Truth.

We are asked to know and accept without any promise of what the outcome will be
           when we know more of our Self,
           when we accept more of our Self.
We are so much more than who we currently know ourselves to be
We are so far beyond the limited acceptability we claim for ourselves.
When we sit in judgment of our perceived strengths and weakness
          we limit our ability to use our perceived strengths for good and
          we limit our ability to avoid the pitfalls of our perceived weakness.
To move from judgment to discernment means we are able to allow for what we don't know and cannot accept. Acknowledging our judgment and prejudice (non-acceptance) is a giant step toward deeper knowing and deeper acceptance and this will lead us to knowing and accepting the deeper and wondrous Truth of ourselves, of others, of our world.

Self reflection:
Am I willing to know what I don't know?
Am I willing to accept what will make itself known to me?
Without conditions?
If not, what would I need to be able to step into this way of being in the world?

Monday, March 6, 2017

Discernment Prayer

Great Spirit;
Help me to see clearly the truth of what is
Let the chaff of my ego blow away
Lift the mists of self-delusion from my eyes

Give me strength to walk without defenses
To speak rightly, or hold my tongue
Let me not tread another's road
     nor be diverted by another from my own

May I act rightly, ruled by Divine Law
     humbly accepting my role as student
May all teaching come from you without interference

I cannot fail, because I seek Truth

Self Reflection:  Great Spirit, with your aid, I see clearly the truth of what is. I have strength to walk without defensiveness. I speak rightly, or hold my tongue. I act rightly.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Oh to Discern like Cats and Dogs

We all have strengths. We all have weaknesses.  The questions which are asked of us for wiser knowing and more sweeping awareness are these:
How do we know that what we claim as our strengths are really strengths?
How do we know that what we shame ourselves for as weakness really is weakness?
How do we know?
Do we sit and gather evidence to prove OUR perspective right?
Do we compare and contrast ourselves with others?

Let us ask for the kind of discernment that our animal friends have with their discerning sense of smell.  Science tell us the cats and dogs have at least 75 million (cats) to 295 million (dogs) more smell receptors than us humans.   Ah that we could have that kind of discernment about the Truth of who we are.

Self Reflection:  I ask Creator for guidance to develop discernment--for wiser 'knowing' and expansive 'awareness'.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Willingness to Know and Accept Truth is a Source of Healing

There is a story in Jamie Sam’s book The 13 Original Clan Mothers of two women, Blue Goose and Running Water, (pages 78-84).  March’s clan mother, Weighs the Truth, created a way for these two feuding women to come to know the more complete truth of themselves, each other, and their community. In their willingness to follow her guidance, both women became willing and able to see clearly and understand their life experience.  From this new understanding, they were able to see the source of their fears and limited thinking.  With the healing that resulted from their work, they took their rightful place as friends and wise women in their community. 

The healing journey of transformation for Blue Goose and Running Water took thirteen moon cycles.  It is easy to be impatient for changes within ourselves, of our beliefs and our old patterns of feeling, thinking and being to change.  In our modern culture, we want change NOW, and if we don't have to give much effort, that is even better.  This kind of change is not sustainable.  The value we receive is equal to the value we give.  Blue Goose and Running Water transformed themselves, each other and their community.  This is the kind of transformation asked of those who live toward honoring the Cycles of Truth and the gift of being human.

Self Reflection: May I never forget how my willingness to Know and Accept the Truth in my self heals me, heals my relationships, heals my community, and heals the world.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Humility to the Rescue

Our feelings are real, but they may not be reality.
Our thoughts are real, but they may not be reality either.

We don't have control over the feelings and thoughts which rise up from within us.  At least we don't have control over them when they FIRST come to our consciousness.  We do have control over what we do with our thoughts and feelings when we become conscious of them.

There are specific action steps which bring our thoughts and feelings into alignment with what is Truth: In this third moon cycle, we come to know Truth by seeing all sides of every situation, inquiring always for more clarity. Our willingness to set aside our personal opinion, will clear our mind of all superiority, pride and power related to class, race, sex, wealth, popularity and personality. When we endeavor to level the playing field between ourselves and others, we keep our ego 'right-sized'.  An ego which is 'right-sized' is an ego can live with humility. Humility is the counterbalance to arrogance.  Humility is protector against false feelings and false thinking.  Humility is the forerunner of right action. Humility precedes discernment.

Self Reflection: How do I understand the difference between 'humility' and 'humiliation' (shame)?

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Feelings Are Real, But They Might Not be Reality

A woman of wise counsel tells Carolyn; "Remember that feelings are real; but they may not be reality."
Our feelings are real.  They frequently determine our decisions- both our action and our inaction.

In discerning, we honor that the feelings we have are the feelings we have. We can't say --"I'm not going to have XYZ feelings" and expect that 'poof', our feelings just won't be there.  To live with this expectation would be living in denial, or self-delusion, or living in a lie.

When our feelings won't leave us alone, we can be pretty sure these feelings are out of alignment with Truth.  Whether these feelings are of shame or feelings of superiority, it is likely these feelings are not based in reality.

How do we begin to weigh the truth of our feelings? Begin with awareness of feeling, and (over time) we begin to be able to 'sniff out' what is true and is is misguided. Our feelings will come in alignment with that Truth.

Self-Reflection: Begin with, be with this awareness.  Refrain from self-judgment. That is all I need do for now.