Sunday, April 30, 2017

Listening Like a Prophet

In the silence of our meditation and contemplation what is it we are listening for? We listen to hear guidance for our life, to reach the wholeness of who we are as a human beings.
We listen for messages from our heart,  nature,  the spirit world, our creature relations and other's point of view. All these are voices through whom Great Mystery speaks.
When we become proficient in listening this way, we begin to see what is coming our way, the possibilities of creation. We develop wisdom, discernment and intuition.  All great prophets were first great listeners.

Self Reflection: When I commit to practice listening, I can trust what I hear.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Practice Listening

With practiced listening I will learn to discern deceptive words from True words.  
My ongoing prayer is to listen with compassion. 
Deceptive words are often spoken out of fear.  
Fear of the consequences of truth.
Just stay present and aware of thoughts.  
Use the eyes of see truth to work with the ears of Hear Truth. 

Self Reflection: Today I renew my commitment to listen whole heartedly.

Friday, April 28, 2017

To Hear Truth, Just Listen

During this month the first weeks of this cycle, choose the time of day or night when it seems easiest for you to listen to that still voice within yourself.  Sit silently, bringing your body into a state of stillness (as much as it is able to be--be patient) Listen without preconceived ideas, judgments, fears or interpretations; all things which shut our ears and hearts to hearing truths. Make this practice of routine stillness a habit in your life and you will soon have develop the the discipline and skill of deep listening; the wisdom to know truth when you hear it.

Self Reflection: Is there anything that would keep me from 'listening'  to my deepest voice--beyond my preconceived voices?

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Defining the Void: May New Moon Cycle Mandala and Haiku

Noir Moon, 9'' x 9" Lisa Kay, 5/6/16
beads, leather, tealights on oak

Noir moon - dark, deep, still;
Concentric space defined in... 

Self Reflection:  I listen with anticipation!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Moon for May Brings the gift of Hearing Truth

This is the last of the moons for the season of spring. The May's Moon is the cycle for Hear Truth and invites us to listen to ourselves first-our inner voice, our out-loud voice (Is it whiny, seductive, open-hearted, compassionate?  Does it change depending on who we are speaking to?) Learn to listen from the metaphor of a ‘blank slate’.

The color reflecting the May moon is obsidian or black. In deep blackness, there is no influence to what we hear-other than ourselves. The Celtic medicine wheel invites us to have compassion for ourselves during this final month in the season of the east. We are learning how to hear ourselves above all the din and distraction of ruminating thoughts, worries, unfounded fears etc. All this takes practice, and having enough compassion for ourselves to keep re-committing to the practice of listening.

Listening, to oneself, what is it that I am REALLY saying? to myself? to others? What are others are saying. There are so many levels of communication. What would I need to change in my life to develop the skill of discernment and use it in my abilities to listen? Listen to what is really being said, listen to my intuition, listen to my conscience, listen to the voice of the Creator, and listen for the real NEED underneath the WANT, from myself and from those with who I am in relationship.

Self Reflection: Am I willing to listen? Am I willing to hear, and am I willing to take action on what I hear? Can I discern the differences in the voices of my ego, my spiritual essence and Divine voice?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April's Closing Moon Opens Our Eyes to Be Able Hear Truth

Spirit and matter dance together 
In dreams and far visions 
I have learned to see. 
I notice and reflect on my journey this month, 
I see where I have become one who embodies the willingness to look through the eyes of my heart. My ability to see and perceive experiences clearly and accurately is growing. 
More and more, my perceptions are trustworthy. 
Now, my decisions are made with wise guidance, not fear. 
The gift of experiencing wisdom through dreamtime is awakening.  
My wisdom and abilities will continue to expand as I receive the gift of the May moon cycle, 
to Hear Truth.

Self Reflection: I reflect, notice and see what See Truth has expanded in my life. I take time and prepare to hear what truths will be told, next. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Seeing Through the Window of the Soul

"Eyes are the window to the soul"

If this English proverb is true, the reverse is true as well; our soul also sees the world through our eyes. How do we keep our eye clear for our soul to see clearly? We weep! Have we wept enough for joy, for sorrow, for witnessing wholeheartedly, so that our soul has a clean and shining window through which to see our world without distortion?

Weeping, shedding, releasing, cleansing;
That is the eyes' way.
Joy, sorrow, the wind against our face, the pain of another (or our own),
These are the catalysts for tears.
We weep for the joy of accomplishments, seeming and actual miracles, the overwhelm of love.
We weep for endings, losses, witnessing other's pain.
We weep when the wind is in our face,
       bringing us a new (something) we are being shown and invited to see.
Our tears cleanse our eyes for clearer seeing.
Weep in gratitude.

Self -Reflection: How do I feel about crying?  Do I allow myself to shed tears? Do I allow others?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Seeing Differently Changes Everything

How/What do we see differently now than we did at the beginning of this moon cycle, See Truth?
Now is the time to reflect on how/where we started to see the world through new eyes, the eyes of Creator and the eyes of Mother Earth, and the eyes of our soul.

As we come near the close of this moon cycle for embodying the gifts of See Truth, it is the time to reflect on how and what we see differently than when we began this journey nearly four weeks ago.

Self reflection: Over the course of this cycle. where do I see that my awareness shifted, and I began to look from a different, more truth-filled perspective? Can I see how this shift helps me claim my Self, my wholeness?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Manifestations of April's Waning Moon

How is April's moon, See Truth, manifesting in your life?  How is the teaching of See Truth playing out? What do you notice about how you see the world?  Do you notice distortions you haven't before seen? Are there synchronicities popping up at serendipitous times? Are you being called to action in new ways? Feeling the need to release habits, shake off old thought patterns?  Do you feel you are seeing with new awareness, new eyes? These are the gifts and challenges of this cycle of See Truth.

The waning phase of every moon cycle calls for action.  While in some cycles, the action of the waning moon time is more reflective, calling for inner work and action, others cycles teach action in the outer world. The waning phase in the cycle of See Truth calls us to both deep inner work and outer action.

Impeccable self-care is required for this kind of work.  Be gentle with yourself, get enough sleep, eat well, get out of doors, sit in prayer and meditation.  Seek the support of others.

Self Reflection: How am I caring for myself? Gentleness? Rest? Eating well? Being in Nature? Praying and meditating? Not doing life alone?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Surrendering Seen and Unseen

Fears lurk in the shadows of those parts of our self we are afraid to see and to have seen.
We enlighten our shadow, by slowly bringing our light toward it.
In doing so, our fears will naturally fade away.
We surrender our shadows to the light.
Surrender: to give over; to let go of; to turn in; to stop fighting.
Surrender in our case, about our life, means first learning to
Hand over our struggles,
Then our egos,
Then our successes,
Then our visions and dreams,
Then maybe--everything,
Even our souls.
We surrender everything to Creator.
It all comes from Creator, anyway.
We are just returning the whole of our being,
Most likely by bits and pieces.
We humans do like to hang on as long as we can.
Eventually we give it all over, the good and the bad, by bits and pieces.
Back to where it came from.
Back to Source.

Self -Reflection: Make a list of all you could turn over to Creator.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Lesson of the Waning Moon

Lesson of the April's Waning Moon: Let your mind and heart come together to bring into focus what you most need to learn from this cycle of See Truth. Review your recent journal writings, or spend time reflecting on the revelations of your prayers and meditations from the past month (or the recent worries and ruminations of your mind).  What new ways of seeing yourself are called for? What new ways of seeing others? What new ways of seeing the world? Know too, that there are ways where your vision of self, others and the world is solid, carries full integrity and truth. Honor the wisdom you already hold; open to the wisdom being revealed and brought into focus. The eyes of see truth reveal wondrous visions of what is manifesting to those who are willing to see through them.

Self Reflection:  How are the lessons of April's moon cycle working in me?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Our Being is a Home for Divine Expression

We are a home being built to house Divine light.
We are expressions of Creations's design.
We must keep referring to the Architect's plans.
A home does not build itself of it's own accord.
All means of crafts persons are required.
All kind of skills are called upon.
Our lives do not come into being in a vacuum.
The supplies we need arrive at just the right time,
So, too do the instructions for what to do - next.

Self Reflection: All I need to build this home for my creation is provided for, if I can open my eyes to see and my heart to receive them.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

From Seeming Opposites, We See the Truth of Our Connection

In our conscious choice to See Truth, we see the contradictions between what we believe to be true and our actual experience of truth we now encounter.  It is our quest for truth, and our willingness to see(k) Truth, that brings us this gift of clarity.  Our conflicts and challenges become doorways leading us to compassion, and to become who we are born to be.
We begin to see and know the bigger Truth of our wondrous Self (and truly, we are created wondrous).

We consciously act as the Self we are now discovering.
We begin to be visible in the world, to those around us.
One of the results of stepping more fully and truthfully into our lives is that, we become more visible to others, and people see us differently than they have before.
[Carolyn's personal comment: Since I have begun working with the Truth Cycles and consciously trying to apply them in my daily life, it is not unusual for someone I have not seen for a while to comment that I seem somehow different to them, changed. I take this as a good thing!]

But more important than how we are seen, is that we begin to see others differently. We have more compassion, and a broader and deeper understanding of what we see in the world around us. We are able to humbly acknowledge the limits of our ability to know others' truth.  We are able to allow them more space for their journey and in doing so, we have more space for our own.

Self Reflection: As I stay on my path and continue to see(k) truth, I change, others change, confirming we are all connected.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Shadows and Brilliance from the Same Source

The full moon casts the deepest shadows and shines the brightest brilliance.
We turn and face the shadows of ourselves.
These shadows are distorted images and misshapen reflections of our true Self.
When we turn and face them, we see they are not the 'real thing'.
When we sit with Grace, our shadows reveal for us how we are mistaken about who we are.
Our shadow seen for what it is, we turn toward the light, and see for ourselves the shining brilliance of our being.

Self Reflection: Start by reflecting on the miraculous light of your own hands:
Cupping your hands with your fingers slightly spread in front of you. Let your eyes rest softly on your hands. Breathing gently yet deeply for twenty breathes, hold your gaze on your hands with soft eyes. These are miraculous hands; they can do so many things, caress, comfort, create...
As you breathe and gaze and appreciate, you may see a thin brilliant white aura reveal itself around the fingers.  This is the same brilliance that emanates around our whole being.  It is always there, even if we don't see it.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Responding to What Beckons Us, Traveling in 'Blind Faith'

In our journey toward full humanity, we are willing to travel a path to deeper and fuller knowledge of our divine humanness. We come to see our purpose---and we also become able and willing to be holders of sacred/safe space for others taking this same journey toward embodying their full self.

It does not matter where you are in the process of your human journey —just that you remain willing to look far enough to see the eternal flame of love beckoning you.
We are beckoned in our dreams.
We are beckoned in our longings.
We are beckoned in our visions.

We say 'yes' to what beckons us.
Sometimes it feels we move with blind faith.
As we travel this path of becoming ourselves, we will (eventually) awaken to the awareness
our path leads us deep into the core of our own essence*.
We will recognize we have and are a light of the eternal flame of love.
This is what seeing Truth will reveal when our eyes become willing to see the eternal flame of love
in all of creation.

*This is the 'door in the crack of the universe' of the Story of Looks Far Woman in Jamie Sam's The 13 Original Clan Mothers. (pgs 89-94)

Self Reflection:  I say, "Yes!" to what beckons me forward, 'blind faith' transforms to knowing, love and vision. I learn to move with ease. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Trust the Journey of the Waning Moon

We have dreams and we have fears.
When our dreams and fears meet, our beliefs become less certain,
cracks in our longstanding defenses appear in the mask that is our ego.
We  dare to dream. We dare to say 'yes' to our dreams.
We consciously invite these cracks in our old way of being to widen, letting the light of our true self shine through more, more and ever more.
By our conscious actions, our dreams manifest our potential for wholeness.
Each day, we take a next step to becoming the vision for our life as it is revealed to our through our dreams.
Trust the dream!
Trust the journey!

Self Reflection: I can trust my dreams, I can Trust my Journey, I can release my fears.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Honoring the Presence: April Moon Cycle Mandala

New Moon, 10" x 10" Lisa Kay, 4/2016*
She sits on the drawing board, empty and open, 
defining her boundaries.
Waiting, unattached and uncommitted, with prayer flags: white, red, green and yellow. 
She remains ready, anticipating - 
expecting something to happen.
Full Pink Moon, 10' x 10 " Lisa Kay, 4/2016
 The pink moon arrives - 
 delicately presenting her love and grace.
Full Pink Moon, 10' x 10 " Lisa Kay, 4/2016 copyright
 She watches and weeps, as she recedes, 
 scattered, leaving traces of her magnificent presence. 

*Mixed media mandala: watercolor pencils, paper, prayer flags, pewter picture frames, pink weeping cherry petals, rose quartz,  matte board,

Thursday, April 13, 2017

April's Full Moon Brings Us Grace to See(k)

We ask for clearer sight to see the truth of our gifts, as well as our foibles.
Asking for grace, asking for guidance, we are brave and move forward toward the light that is the    
            eternal flame of love.
Willingness is a Grace that allows us to be brave in our movement.
All we need is the Grace of willingness to see what is truth for our lives.
Our real life force is so much bigger, wiser, more encompassing and expansive than we are aware.
When we see(k) the light of eternal love, we are drawn toward our own heart where our true self is  
            waiting to be set free.
We break out of the shell of our false self.
We face our foibles and they dissolve into the light, or are transformed into learn-ed wisdom.
Our true potential begins to take form. Our journey now is to see(k) guidance to support our

Self Reflection: May this time of April's waning moon be the time I consciously choose to take the next step in my journey of becoming 'Me'.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What Are the Gifts of See Truth?

We are all seers, dreamers and visionaries.  
We are also oracles (one through whom Wisdom is shared). 

Can this really be true?  YES.  It is true.  We all have these gifts.  Some of these gifts are more developed than for others in our own individual lives.  For some of us, we are guided to use these gifts privately, for our own growth. Others will use some form of these gifts in their work.  

The ability to see beyond what is right in front of our eyes (this gift of the seer) is possible if we are willing to see beyond our preconceived ideas, notions and prejudices.

The ability to dream what has yet to created, invented or manifested (the gift of the dreamer) happens when we loosen the reigns of control on our creativity.

The ability to envision a future full of possibility, prosperity and purpose (the gift of the visionary) occurs when we open our eyes with trust and see through the illusion of fears.

Our practices of prayer, meditation, contemplation and gratitude eventually open our eyes to see, our ears to hear…all of our senses to receive the unlimited wisdom of Creation (this is the gift of the oracle).

Self-Reflection:  How do I embrace the gifts this cycle of See Truth has for my life?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

In Full Moon of April: Practice Seeing Softly

When we understand what if feels and looks like to 'see softly', we experience a gentle way to bring our life into alignment. If we are to move through the narrow vortex between our living in perceived reality and the reality of our Truth, as it is offered by the Divine Source for us to see.

When we look softly at the world around us, our awareness of our being becomes soft as well. With practice we soften our self-criticism, judging, and self-imposed limits.
Amy Cuddy, speaking of how our way of being in our body influences who we are in our life, says: "small tweaks can lead to big changes".   In this truth cycle, 'See Truth' means that we learn to be soft and compassionate with our self. It is this compassionate, yet focused, way of seeing connects us with the power and strength of Godly Seeing/Seeing with the eyes of Creative Source.  We become able to move through anxiety and fear (that narrow vortex) toward what is Truth for our life.

We practice the change we want to be gently, daily, consistently.  We receive new awareness, new guidance.  We 'see' more fully.

Self Reflection:  Today on this Full Moon, I will look softly, and in the fullness of her energetic light I will see-at least a glimpse-of the light and fullness of my Truth. This willingness opens my path forward.  Am I willing to commit to this practice of soft seeing and 'small tweaks'?

Monday, April 10, 2017

Seeing as a Watcher Watching

Before we step through the doorway, leaving behind the shadowy image we hold of ourselves, and over the threshold from illusion and into the vision Creator has of us, we must learn to see in a new way. We learn to see with the same kind of eyes Creator has for all Creation. 

When we learn to watch ourselves while still staying present to our experience, our way of seeing begins to shift.  We choose to become observers of our self in the world, and of the world as it touches our life.  This kind of ‘watching/seeing practice’ brings a kind of illumination to the act of looking at the world.  We begin to see how all is interconnected.

Self Reflection: Imagine that you are a watcher (one who watches) and you are watching yourself watch yourself—you are watching the watcher, watch.  You are observing yourself, observing yourself, observing your life. This kind of three times removed observation brings a level of objectivity and depth to your ability to see what is really happening, to see the judgment and beliefs you carry.  and to develop a wider view of possibilities, potentials and options for your life.  

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Heeding the Call to See the Light

As the waxing moon of April moves toward fullness, Sara’sPoem, from yesterday’s Daily Inspiration speaks to our own movement of stepping into our own fullness.  Using the gift if this cycle, to See Truth, we are given all we need to step out of fear and into Self. 

An immensely bright light beckons to us, calling us toward a thin line of  inky blackness, the crack in the cosmic egg of our Being.  This immense light is the passionate fire ever bursting forth from the heart of Creation.  We have this passionate fire in our own hearts as well. Our willingness to grow, our efforts and our actions to know more, feel more, hear more and see more bring us to the time when we notice this light and are drawn toward it. 

We have ‘seen the light’ and we can no longer close our eyes against it. A tiny crack has opened in the mask of who we believed ourselves to be, a thin line of inky blackness. It opens us to the truth of who we are in our Fullness.  Even if we turn away and try to go back to our old ways of being, we can never be the same. This light of Illumination has merged with the flame in our own human heart.  It will not let us forget.  Our experiences in our life will always call us to remember and return.

Self Reflection: Can I receive the gifts that come with a willingness to see the light in my own heart.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Standing Before the Crack of Creation

I stand before the crack of Creation
Bathed in light beyond reckoning;
     Golden glow, warm and embracing
          Purest white, brilliant and piercing
My soul is laid bare.

Here I meet my faults, my shadows
The secrets I don't dare whisper
     even to myself
Here is revealed my glory and my calling
      A secret even deeper than the first

If I but step through, I will be cleansed.
Why, then, do I hesitate?
Not for fear that I am unworthy,
But for fear that I am.
         Sara Faivre-Davis, 2016

Self Reflection: Read Sara's poem, allowing it to speak for you.  How do you resonate with her challenge and promise?

Friday, April 7, 2017

Taking TIme to See Cleary and Accurately

Carolyn Shares: I received a strong teaching this morning when I opened up the Daily Inspiration post and found it was not what I thought I had posted.  I have an excuse, I was so tired from a long day of traveling that I couldn't see straight (literally-my eyes were all fogged up and goopy). Apparently I didn't save my edits to the rough draft of the post, so when I hit 'publish' the original draft and not the polished final went into the outbox.
I was so tired I also did not take the time to re-check the post log. I just trusted what I thought I had posted, but, OOPS, I was wrong.
This brings to my awareness how my seeing is often not accurate because of my own lack of attention and distraction in the present moment. So, apologies for an unclear and messy post, which has since been appropriately updated.
Self Reflection:  I practice... honoring my current state of being.  I stay in present time. I slow down.
I look, see, look again, see again. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

If you would have wisdom, you must first give up judgment

The transition from Wisdom Keeper to Looks Far Woman has me thinking about the relatinship between wisdom and vision.  I never understood before this cycle why the sequence is what it is.  This year, I have been shown that vision without wisdom, for me at least, mainly a source of obsession and worry.

I am copying below a portion of a post from my blog from my first time through the cycle.  I entered the circle at Looks Far Woman.  Here's what she had to say to me:

If you would have wisdom, you must first give up judgment
In my morning meditation/visualization I started beneath a tree, covered in tiny new spring-green leaves and began a slow walk down a path of 13 large flagstone steps. At each stone, a ghost-whisper of one of the 13 Clan Mothers joined me. At the fourth step, Looks Far Woman came and took my hand, walking with me the rest of the way. The steps led through lush grass, sloping gently down to water’s edge and curving to end at a hidden cut in the bank. There, in a horseshoe shaped alcove, lined above by rocks, sat a well-worn stone bench. There I sat with Looks Far Woman.
I asked her to be my guide this month; to call me back when I lost my sight or to hold my hand and keep me on the path of my desire to stay connected with the All and to let go of critical thoughts and judgments.

“It is not for me to call you back or to hold you, but I will be here when you remember where you need to be”

I asked for help in seeing my connection to all things and in feeling that connection, especially in times of stress. I had a vision of a vast web, stretching across the horizon of earth and into space. My perspective was from edge of the web, but I knew that I was also part of its center.

“You cannot yet see your connectedness unless you are still. As you learn to be and feel your own center, your awareness of your place in the web will travel with you. But for now, be still”

I asked for particular help with my tendency to be critical and to blame others when things were not perfect, or when I am feeling less than perfect myself. I asked for wisdom to see that all things have their place and things are as they should be.

“If you would have wisdom, you must first give up judgment”

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

As We View Our Selves and Our World, Is How We Co-Create Our Life

The April moon cycle energy is the energy for new-life and the gift and teaching of Seeing Truth.  The 4th moon reminds us that our thoughts and emotions are like lasers that focus the energy of our life and sharpen our point of view, resulting in how we see the world.  Our thoughts and emotions give life to what they are focused on.  In this way, we really do have the capacity to create our own reality.  This capacity comes first through our view of ourselves, and second by how we view the world around us.  What a difference it makes if our view of the world is fear or ego driven verses coming through Divine Guidance.  

Unfortunately, many people do not understand that in order to create the possibility of a desired reality, thoughts and emotions must be finely tuned and carefully focused, as this impacts our ability to see what is Truth-- even in the midst of distortion and chaos. For example,  if our thoughts and emotions are focused on feelings of guilt and non-deserving, our way of seeing in the world is through the lens of this point of view and creating a space for our deeper desires and longings is not possible.  We can only create more situations that reinforce guilt and non-deserving, and lack. However, when we invite Divine Guidance into our vision, we  co-create through our connection to Creator, and see with eyes of possibility and potential.  

Self Reflections: How do I choose to see myself, my world, what is possible? 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Learning to mirror the softness of April's coloring.

Carolyn shares:  With the softness of the pastel colors of April's moon, I am taught to see 'myself' with softness.  I am invited to see the softness in my self, as a way of being in the world, and a way of seeing the world.  I remember one of my father's favorite sayings:"I've looked long and hard..." before sharing a decision he had made. Usually, this would be a decision that went against something I wanted to do, have or be.

Rather in this cycle we are invited to see with soft eyes and a soft heart. the experience we have right now, in the present moment, and to look softly into the distant vision of our future. There is no need, in fact it may be counter productive, to 'look long and hard'.

Self Reflection:  I will take time to see myself with soft eyes and a soft heart.  This is my opening to see the beautiful truth of my life.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Getting Crystal Clear About Our Life

This is the month to become crystal clear about our calling or life purpose. If it is hard to think of a 'life purpose' begin by substituting the words 'my intention'.

If we are willing to connect to our inner knowing and discipline ourselves to stay focused, we will flourish and create abundance in wherever we direct that focus.

Find a good cut crystal sun-catcher and hang it in an Eastern window. It's a great way to catch April’s  "See Truth" wisdom being reflected to us every morning!

Self Reflection:  What is my intention for my life? 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Aligning With the Seer Within

The gift of See Truth stimulates us to connect to the 'SEER' within. This ability is available to all who are willing to develop discipline and focus. This willingness makes it not only possible for us to manifest our life to its’ fullest extent, but probable.

Jamie Sams, author of Earth Medicine, writes succinctly about this: “Every thought has a life force, depending on how much feeling is connected to within the person. If the person envisions the thought, the mind's eye also adds life force to that idea by creating a picture or vision. If the thought has deep emotion and imagination connected to it, there is a very good chance the Dreamer or Visionary will be able to make that thought come to fruition." (Pg. 90, Earth Medicine, 1994 Harper Collins, N.Y. see Resources)

Self Reflection: What do I need to become willing to do to develop my discipline and focus?