Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cave of the South: Innocence and Will

The second cave is the cave of the South.  Energy of youth and innocence in Jamie Sams' writing.  Also traditionally the energy of fire and action.

My mind (energy of the first cave) is frequently not my friend.  It is often a tool of the ego; the vehicle thorugh which my intentions and actions become distorted and redirected into protecting my small self, the part of me which sees itself separate from the Divine.

Like a child, I am distractable.
Like a child, I ignore and procrastinate in the hope that what is "not fun" will go away.
Like a child, I want dessert first.

From this direction, comes much of my self-sabotage; the distractability and small-willfulness of a child.  What do I need to use this energy to my healing and growth?

As Wisdom Keeper  says "in innocence and humility, there is a great power that transcends self-importance, which is the mask that humans use to hide their insecurities and their pain." (p. 62)

I am called to become In-Nocent:  Literally, not guilty.  To enter the state before sin, prior to my perceived separation from the Divine.  To be truly innocent would elminate the need to divert or protect.

I am called to become as a child and trust in God, the Universe and Everything to hold me, and to direct me (if I will only listen and obey).  I am called, repeatedly, to turn my will and my life over to the care of that which is beyond and within me.

I am called to embrace the innocence of youth.  To relax into what is and allow joy to bubble to the surface.  To delight in the small things.

To channel Exuberance in the service of the Divine incarnated in my Self.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cave of the East: Bringing my Male Energy to Wholeness

The first cave of Wisdom Keeper's passage was the cave of the East, representing the male side of her being.  What is my wisdom from this energy?  What do I bring with me from my history?  What needs to be healed?

To desire Knowing
        As much as I desire the Breath of Life.
Enlightenment must be sought with humility
The first Knowing is of my own emptiness.
From that place only, can I embrace my fullness.

To heal (i.e. bring into wholeness) the male side of my energy and history, it must be given birth; passing through my womanliness, a part of my Motherhood.
My desire for seeking, clarity, knowledge and growth must be willing to be made small.
To become a slate washed clean, again and again,
So that upon it may be written Wisdom.
Echos of my ancestors
       Whispers of my pre-cestors.

They teach me how to be strong in a way that makes me a safe place for fledgling hearts to land.
I have misunderstood and misdirected that strength; a family heritage.
I have called to myself, similarly, anger and domination, mistaking it for refuge.
And I have passed it on, in DNA and learned behaviors.

I ask now, of Wisdom Keeper and all the Clan Mothers: Help me to bring to wholeness this energy
      to blend
      to use
      to create
As it was Intended to Be.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Moon: Wisdom Keeper 2015

My own takeaways from this month's recording and tonight's discussion on the night of the actual New Moon for Wisdom Keeprer's cycle:

Listening to the messages (truths) of my mind, emotions, soul, body and spirit in the Dark Moon earlier this week is a good segue into honoring the truths of All My Relations.  My messages call me into more balance.  I see the Universe moving to bring me into relationship with people and situations that can help to balance me.

In particular, this month, I am contemplating embarking on a possible long-term project/business.   It's pursuit would bring together many disparate areas of my life--honoring the truth of my varied experiences and the "hats" I have worn.  I also see where it can be a vehicle of healing ancestral imbalances.  I am honoring my fears, my strengths and the weaknesses that will require the blessing of working with other wonderful, talented people to bring my emerging vision into reality.

From the story of this month's Clan Mother, I was especially touched by the meaning and symbolism of the seven caves/seven directions.  I plan to use the waxing moon to contemplate the energy of each and honor the truths of that energy in my life and experiences.

The color for this month is gray.  A color of neutrality.  I journal each cycle in the color of that cycle (although crystal and white are a bit tough...).  I love color.  This year I don't have a gray pen, so have had to settle for black with a slight sparkle.  I laughed when I realized that even the color is a reminder for balance.  Frequently, when I start something new, especially if sparked by a "big idea", my level of enthusiasm causes me to burn out.  This month, as I journal in "gray" I will remind myself to honor the long road of experience that has led to being called into this next phase of my life, and to keep the balance among all those many aspects of myself and my history.