Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Listening to Hear Truth Speak for Herself

Carolyn shares: When I opened Lisa Kay's full moon mandala for May/the cycle of Hear Truth I felt spoken to. Loud and clear!  I didn't feel shouted at, rather beckoned in a way I was compelled to take note of.  What is it that spoke to me?  A few words about working with mandalas might be helpful.  Working with a mandala is a bit like working with a dream.  In both cases, the dreamer (or the viewer of the mandala) becomes each part of the dream/mandala.  We see, sense and feel from each perspective. In this way we are able to interpret for ourselves the meaning it has for us and perhaps the different parts of ourselves.
As I sat in contemplation with Lisa's full moon mandala I recalled how I felt when opening her gift of the May New Moon Mandala-I felt impatient to light all the candles, and wanted to light them one at a time as the moon moved through her waxing phase. Impatience was my predominant feeling-antsy anticipation. I shared about this in a post the next day: Waiting to Hear.

This morning. I entered the mandala from the inside circle. I felt protected by the circle of light.  I felt the light shining upon me in the center of my being, I felt seen and invited to be seen.  I also felt a little in shadow by the light the candles cast. The ring of beads around the center--all my possibilities and potential-or maybe all my experiences, neatly wrapped inside each bead for safe keeping and organization.  I can be so disorganized. Either way, they remain an invitation for further exploration.

I am now the light of the candles-twelve of them.  The light that comes forth from patiently moving through the cycles of the year, the moons, the Truth teachings. Am I willing to be a light in all the ways I am called to be? When I live with the intention of light, I not only am a light for others, I also bring light to my own essence, the core of my being. The strength of the twelve lights in the circle are a strong boundary for me; a protection of sorts. I recognize I am not the source of my own light. I was lit up by another source, by Source.  With humility I remember that.

I am now the ring around the twelve candles.  I am the container holding all together.  The concentric circles remain concentric circles because the securely rest in their container. I sit in contemplation feeling contained, container, flame and wax and wick, twelve times over, the experiences and possibilities of who I am, and my I AM in the center of it all.  In this way I feel connected, I am connected with myself and with all.

Lisa's May Mandala transformed from a concentric space defined in anticipation to Speaking for Herself; a powerful, brilliant voice of reassurance and beckoning truth.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016