Friday, June 30, 2017

Loving the Truth of the Creative Part of My Being

Loving myself is the doorway to being a human who adds to the creative juices of the world. When I am able to love the truth of myself, my life becomes a living expression of Creation's vision for my being. My actions become creative and life giving. They have the capacity to nourish everything I touch. In return I, too, am nourished.  I flourish and prosper.

Self Reflection: Do I nourish and honor my creativity truthfully?

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Our Truth is Reflected in Our Relationships

Our Own Truth is reflected in how we relate to others. 
Our relationships can reflect the parts of ourselves with which we resonate--like attracts like.
Our relationships can reflect to us the parts of ourselves we reject, or that we need to learn to love-- finding ourselves repeating the same kind of relationships with the same kind of conflicts and challenges.

The gift of relationship is the gift of experiencing the truth of our own being through our interactions with others, as well as their response to us. It is a primary catalyst for our becoming our True Self.

All the cycles of truth are experienced through relationships.  This is true leading way back to the original gift of the Cycles of Truth relayed through the story of Hiawatha (also see the wolf clan teaching lodge ), with each teaching a necessary and cyclical precursor to the one that follows:
Learn Truth
Honor Truth
Know/Accept Truth
See Truth 
Hear Truth
Speak Truth
Love Truth
Serve Truth
Live Truth
Work/Walk (in) Truth
Share Truth
Thank Truth
Be Truth

Self Reflection: With what in my relationships do I resonate? What in my relationships do I reject?

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

To Love the Truth in Others, We First Must Love the Truth in Ourselves

What does it takes to be able to love all things?  We must be willing to develop a personal practice of being willing to trust ourselves, to trust what we feel, to acknowledge what we CAN KNOW when we REALLY LISTEN to our body, our gut, our feelings, and when we do all fear of loving dissolves. Why would this be so?  Because when we truly listen to our body then we become grounded in our body. We can trust our feelings to tell us how we are experiencing our life. Our thinking will be more in alignment with truth. WE (our spirit, personality, psyche and soul) become ever more fully embodied as our unique self .  We really cannot love another, or love life until we experience love for ourselves.

Self Reflection:  What must I do to trust myself more fully so that I may live loving the Truth in myself?

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Love Truth and the Way of Our Mind PART TWO

Carolyn Shares: As I sit in meditation and continue watching the thoughts of my mind, always inviting her toward stillness, the flavor of her thought patterns becomes clear. My mind has a story, a number of stories. I recognize these stories aren’t necessarily true. They have been created by my beliefs, which are based largely on my past experiences, things other people have told me, and my observations (which are colored by my experiences, beliefs and information received from others).  As I become aware of the origin of the stories of my mind, I recognize my own influence on my mind’s patterns. What I feed my mind reflects my how I love and care for her. Do I fill her with experiences and images that inspire, uplift and grow? Or do I feed her violence, resentment and fear, a need for power and control?

Self Reflection: To love my mind is to treat her well, and to nourish her with supportive food for thought. To love the Truth of her as she is moment to moment, requires I am willing to see my part in how I have encouraged both her loving and destructive qualities.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Love Truth and the Way of Our Mind

Jamie Sams story of 'Loves All Things' (The 13 Original Clan Mothers)  tells of the destruction we are all capable of when we fail in our ability to truly love ourselves. We falter in our efforts because we have lost awareness of what is the Truth/the much larger picture of our experiences). This is a powerful cautionary tale of despair, destruction and redemption. It is worth reading. 

Our mind is a powerful vehicle for either embracing Truth or obsessing over inaccurate thoughts patterns of a self-created reality

How do we know obsessive thought patterns are inaccurate?

  • They have a compulsive and intrusive quality. We think of them repeatedly, even when we don't want to.
  • Their dominance in our life drives decisions that nearly always end in a bad outcome.
  • They support and are justification for destructive actions.
  • They tend to exclude others or be against others rather than being inclusive and receptive.
  • They encourage us to be defensive and resentful.

Are these are symptoms of an 'unloved' mind? Maybe so. They certainly are symptoms of a mind that has not been provided the support and resources needed to know, receive and experience a Whole Truth.  

The way of shifting the mind's patterns of thinking is very simple, but not easy, as an habituated mind will resist any change that it perceives threatens 'taking care of 'itself'. Just as with our body, we begin by actively and consciously loving our mind. This process of expressly loving our mind is different then our practice of listening to our body. Learning to love the truth of our mind is not through listening to her (we already do that and have, no doubt, experienced the chaos this can cause). Rather, it is by our consistent and deliberate guidance of our mind that we are invited to go ever deeper underneath our thought patterns to know and reveal our Truth. If this sounds like a meditation practice--it is exactly that!

Self Reflection: Am I willing to consistently and deliberately guide my mind toward a larger Truth?

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Loving the Truth of All Aspects of ‘Me’: Starting with My Body PART TWO

To Love Truth means to live in acceptance of what is shown us; which ultimately means we come to love the very thing we have had difficulty accepting.

Carolyn continues her share: "Following my imaginary walk with my body, I became aware of a new, clear intention to actually spend time and energy loving my body. Today I felt myself wanting to love her and care for her. And because of her trust in sharing her truth with me,  I heard clearly how she experienced me as always rushing, and the cost of that behavior to her health and ability to give me what I want and ask of her. She reflected to me (as do all our relationships reflect a larger truth to us) the rushing behavior that is so prevalent in almost all areas of my life.  How, just like cramming food down my throat, I cram way too much into my day and my schedule. She, my body, who is servant to the rest of me, pays the price. Her care is the first thing I have been setting aside in favor of other 'necessities' on my calendar. Of course, all this can change, must change. I will practice loving her, and I will stop putting off until tomorrow what is called for today.  I believe that is called 'living in the present'. It is the best prevention for warding off the phrase "it's too late".  This lesson has been hard won in the 60+ years I have already lived. My body sharing her wisdom and experience with me lets me know I have a choice."

Self Reflection:  Am I willing to live in balance in my life, in balance with my body?

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Loving the Truth of All Aspects of ‘Me’: Starting with My Body

Imagine yourself taking a taking a walk with your physical body. Of course, anytime we take a walk, it is our physical body who does the walking, but this time, imagine you are walking with your physical body, as a companion to her.  The two of you are walking with the intention of having a truthful conversation about your body and it is first ‘body’s’ opportunity to speak truth to you, and you job is listening and to receive with an open, non-judging and receptive heart, to your body’s truth.

Carolyn shares: "The first time walking with my body, I chose a set time for meditation-about 25 minutes and sat comfortably, imagining walking beside this body, long silver grey hair and an easy gate in her walk. I ask  my‘body’ to speak to me the truth of her experience as the one who carries the rest of me around. 

"My body speaks: 'You don’t give me enough time-enough time to go to the bathroom, I feel hurried, like you are impatient with how long bodily functions take. And the same with eating. I can’t digest as fast as you eat, it’s hard for stomach to deal with the chunks of food that you haven’t chewed well enough to break down. This makes your allergies worse, and then I suffer for that because I have bits of toxins and irritation in the most tender places of my body: my joints and soft tissue. It’s hard to stay healthy when I am using so much of my daily energy to deal with that, and yet, I want to move more. That would help every part of me.'

"My body continues: 'I feel like when you look at me you are comparing me with how you think I should look, noticing new wrinkles and age spots, or places you call ‘fat’. Give me time and I can show you how I am meant to look- not the way you think I should, not the way I do now. You are not able to imagine that, but I would reveal it to you, if you would let me.'

"I ask what Body needs: 'Love me, appreciate the 24/7 work I do for you. Be willing to set aside the habits of the emotions and the mind where I end up feeling like a catch-all for your unfinished emotions and unresolved conflicts. I am a garbage can for food stuff that you love, but is toxic for my cells and my heart. Have gratitude, don’t just say it, act toward me as if you are grateful. This is energy for me, for my soul-yes I am a part of your soul.' I am surprised by that, I hadn’t thought of my soul as having ‘parts’, but it makes sense when I think about it, that I am ALL a manifestation of my soul’s energy.

"My time for my walk with my body is coming to a close, and I feel I have just scratched the surface in hearing what my body would teach me about her truth. I am surprised that the anxiety I had at the start is no longer present in my body, or in my feelings. I feel more connected with this physical part of myself.  I do thank my body, and I AM living in a different way to change this relationship with my body. I feel my intention and desire to be in partnership with her, a symbiotic relationship, being mutual servants to each other. I thank her and let her know we will walk again. "Everyday” She says. “I’m not finished yet!”"

Self Reflection:  What would my body say to me?  Am I willing to walk with her and listen?

Friday, June 23, 2017

New Moon For July: Learning To Love Truth in All Aspects of Life

To Love Truth is to fully embrace 
joy and sorrow
pain and pleasure
triumph and failure
history and vision
with a full and open heart!

This Moon cycle teaches us to Love Truth in all her manifestations and in all experiences of our human journey. Love has an immense creative power when freely given, and horrifyingly destructive power when we are blind to the inevitable change and loss that is part of life.  

Self Reflection for today's New Moon: This cycle I am invited to expand my capacity and willingness to love. I first begin with loving myself.  Without loving self (as I currently am, not as I think I need to or should be) It is not possible to really love another, or the world, or even the one we name as our Source and Creator.  
On this new moon I reflect on how I AM loving my body, my mind, my emotions, my spirit. I will reflect on how I have yet to learn what it means to Love the Truth of these.  I make my lists and trust through the course of these next weeks, wisdom will come bringing me the teachings I need to learn to love my WHOLE self, so that I may love all.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

June Closing Moon Speaking: Truth and Wisdom are Twin Storytellers

Having compassion and understanding for what has gone before us is necessary to pass on the Wisdom gleaned from our experiences.  Our own Truth and Wisdom grow from sitting in the circle of storytellers.
If our story is to serve humankind and the universe, it must be shared. It takes courage to speak a new story or to share a dream.
Seeing, hearing and speaking Truth with humility, acceptance and a joyful, open heart prepares us to Love all Things and Serve Truth.

Self Reflection: Wisdom support my willingness to Speak Truth with humility and to Love the Truth revealed to me. On this closing moon I sit in reflection and contemplation on this closing moon for June

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June Moon Mandalas:Truth Words

Word Play Mandala #1. Lisa Kay, 4 " x 4",  pencil/pen, paper 

Word Play Mandala #2, Lisa Kay, 4 " x 4",  pencil/pen, paper  
Think, listen, hear word(s):
Speak - seek love, laughter, (k)now faith
Courage becomes truth.

Self Reflection: My courage to think, listen and hear my words has brought me courage to Speak Truth.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Speaking Without Attachment to Outcome

This cycle of Speak Truth has invited us to explore our way of being with our words, our knowledge, motives and integrity.
With this awareness, with this wisdom, we can speak without attachment to outcome.
This cycle we learn that if we speak the Truth there is no need to be attached to the outcome of your words.
If they are Truth, the Truth will take care of the outcome, and all will be fundamentally well.

Self Reflection: I reflect on how I have learned to be with my words, my knowledge, my motives and my integrity.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Reflecting On What Truth Remains to Be Shared.

This cycle of Speak Truth is coming full circle.
It's time for reflection as our journey for this cycle comes to a close:
What might yet call to be spoken?
Are there places I have been called to speak,
but have held back  from fear or uncertainty?

Self Reflection: What stories do I still need to share-
       for my own benefit?
       to aid and support others?

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Be Brave and Speak the Truth of your Self

Be brave and speak the truth of your Self.
Your longings point to the truth of your being--
who you are in your essence.
Speak the truth about these longings.
Don't speak to the naysayers who will dissuade you,
and encourage you to stay in a diminished state of being.
Speak of your longing to those who will encourage you
to go forward on your journey of becoming.
Speak-up! Speak!

Self Reflection:  I acknowledge my brave Spirit and I have faith I am able and willing to speak my truth

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Integrity and Humility of Speaking a Hard Truth

Carolyn shares:  There are so many times when it would be easier to not speak a truth.
It's easy to keep silent when someone else is blamed for something I did.  I remember the time my grandson was yelled at by his father for moving the dog's water bowl. The little guy began to cry. I would have liked to slink into a corner myself and be quiet about my deed, not wanting the wrath of my stepson, who likes things orderly, have one more thing I did that was aggravated him. But I acknowledge my deed.

It's easy to tell a different story when we forget, are absent minded and we have inconvenienced or disappointed another person. There was the time I spaced on my agreement to have breakfast with a friend. I didn't forget. It was on my calendar, but when I checked, I couldn't connect the name to any event.  When my friend finally called, I really didn't want her to know why I was not there.  I thought about not picking up the phone. But I answered and spoke the truth of my error.

How about going for a medical check-up and are asked to fill out the 'patient information form'. The part where they ask how much alcohol or coffee is consumed and how often. I have fudged on that one. I never want to admit I smoked in college, so I have left that off, too. Not telling the truth about these things harmed me, no one else.

I have a lot of stories like this. I imagine most readers do. My first couple vignettes may make me look somewhat saintly in my misspoken words, but I am hardly so!  There are many times I did not speak my truth, and the lie or silence was perceived as the truth for a long time. Some of my brushes with keeping a lie as the face of truth were much worse, had bigger consequences than others.  I won't tell those stories here! Since I have been on this path of Truth, I have spoken up about most of them to the people they need spoken to. In doing so I have suffered the loss of some relationships.  Thankfully, most of the time, my amends were received with appreciation for my willingness to set things right.

I would like to be impeccable with my words.  It's a process, I am definitely not perfect.  Yet, I have committed to living the Cycles of Truth as part of my path. Now, I  notice times when I am going to say something and the words stick in my throat. Often when I check myself, I'm getting some 'guidance' on speaking truth.

Self Reflection: Not Speaking Truth harms me the most. What are the areas of my life where I am inclined to hedge my truth?

Friday, June 16, 2017

A Short Guide for Speaking Truth

A Short Guide for Speaking Truth:

Speak with clarity, not manipulation.
Speak with Love, not indifference.
Speak with humility, not pride.
Speak with courage, not fear.
Speak with an open heart, not a closed mind.
Speak with discernment, not judgment.
Speak with appreciation for the gifts and talents given, not with greed or envy.
Speak from a place of knowing, not a place of thinking.

Speak in this way and you will speak a new story, a new Truth.

Self Reflection: I speak with clarity, not manipulation.
I speak with Love, not indifference.
I speak with humility, not pride.
I speak with courage, not fear.
I speak with an open heart, not a closed mind.
I speak with discernment, not judgment.
I speak with appreciation for the gifts and talents given, not with greed or envy.
I speak from a place of knowing, not a place of thinking.
I speak my true self.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thomas Merton on Speaking Truth

The waning phase of the moon cycle is a metaphor for shedding and letting go of our burdens, fears, and battered beliefs. It is also symbolic of emptying ourselves out into the world, a visual nudge of encouragement to give of our gifts and talents in service to the world and to our own life.

"To find the courage to Speak the Truth, it is very good, almost essential, to have at one's side others with similar determination, and one can then be guided by a common inspiration and a communion in truth." (a letter to Ernesto Cardenal in 1967 from Thomas Merton.)

Self Reflection: Who are those in my life with who help me find courage to Speak Truth?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Seeds of Truth Sprout and and Grow to Bear Fruit!

The seeds of Truth
planted by Creator
take root and flower
through my

Seeds of truth are planted within our hearts and soul.
These are the seeds of deep longing for our life to be an expression of Creator's vision, a vision for our being that was present when we were incarnated into our human body.
Throughout the course of their life most human beings lose conscious awareness of these seeds, yet the Truth of who we are remains and though dormant, waits to germinate.
Equally true is that throughout the course of life, we have experiences which nudge us to sprout the seeds of who we are born to be.  
As these seeds of truth sprout and begin to flower, our life becomes a multifaceted expression of Divine Truth manifested through our lives.

Self Reflection: My life itself gives Voice to Truth. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

When I don't know what to say...

When I don't know what to say, or if what I would say is going to cause harm to another being or myself, then I don't say anything. I wait.
I ask for guidance and I ask the speaker within to speak a positive truth.
If there is no positive truth, I wait more. I don't say anything, I keep seeking the positive truth.

What is a positive truth?
A positive truth is a truth which causes no harm to others, myself, animals and other creatures or the environment in which I live.
A positive truth does not mean it is an easy truth.  It does mean that the words shared are not about power-over, shaming, sarcasm, ridicule or manipulation of any kind.
To practice speaking in this way requires discipline and practice.
Am I willing to be this kind of speaker?

Self Reflection: Do I speak positive truth, causing no harm to myself or others? Am I willing to be silent if I cannot speak in this way? 

Monday, June 12, 2017

What Part of Me is Speaking and is it Really Truth, Part 2

What is it we want others to hear when we speak?
How do we know that what we are saying is what we really want others to hear?
What part of our personality/our person is doing the speaking?
Once we come to recognize our different voices of our personality, or to have some awareness of their history, we will have a more conscious choice about which voice speaks.

What speaking truth means in each of our lives will be different from person to person for we all have our own life experiences which determine our perceptions and beliefs.  In difficult conversations, such as the example shared in yesterday's post having awareness of our own personal histories and biases is a giant step toward speaking a truth that causes no harm and honors the other's truth, even when that truth is at odds with ours.

How do we do this?
First,  connect with the way in which we respect and have gratitude for the person with whom we are speaking, or may have conflict. Gratitude or respect supports our speaking in a less defended way.
Second, offer a prayer and set an intention for the conversation.
Third, review your motives. Take time to release pent-up anxiety, fears, demands through talking with an unbiased friend.
Next, acknowledge  your triggers and biases; align with intention for an outcome with the highest good for all-yourself included.
Finally, look for the lesson this opportunity offers for you too become a being whose life is in Truth.

Self Reflection: It is my choice to reflect upon, ignore or twist life's lessons.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

What Part of Me is Speaking and is it Really Truth

What is it we want others to hear when we speak?
How do we know that what we are saying is what we really want others to hear?
What part of our personality/our person is doing the speaking?

For example: We need to have a conversation with our partner about being short of the money needed to meet all our financial obligations this month.  That in itself can be challenging!  Even more a challenge is which part of ‘me’ is going to be the speaker for our conversation?  The 6 year old who was told asking for a bicycle was being selfish because the family needed the money for more important things?  The 12 year old who continually heard her parents arguing about finances? The hopeful young bride who thought her new husband a knight in shining armor?  The exhausted, overworked, self-reliant 33 year old who would just like to be taken care of for a change? Or the woman who acknowledges she has played a part in the debacle and is willing to play her part in correcting the problem?  Each one of these parts of ‘me’ have their story that has ‘truth’. Yet, each voice is different from the voice of my other parts.  Each voice, whether conscious or not, will express a different need in the conversation about money.

We all have different parts of ourselves.  We are complex beings. If we listen to these parts speak, we will see that each has a different quality, tone and pitch. (e.g. whiny, demanding, scared, confident…) Once we come to recognize our different voices, to have some awareness of their history, we will have a more conscious choice about who speaks.  With that consciousness we can be more secure in knowing we are speaking the truth needed for our conversation with another (or with ourselves).

Self Reflection: Today I choose to speak with the voice that would choose Truth over ease. 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Meaning of Speak Truth in My Life

In the waxing moon phase of this cycle we explored the inquiry, "What is the meaning of Speak Truth?"
Then, at Full Moon, we let the fullness of her light shine on what will not serve us in our desire to speak truth, as well as what truths we are now called to embody by our presence, actions and words.
Now, in the waning phase of the cycle we are asked, "What is the meaning of Speak Truth for My Life?"  Speaking truth becomes very personal; the directions I receive for speaking truth may be different than how you are directed to speak truth. Your truth is not less truth than my truth. My truth not less truth than yours. There are many points of view and many stories, sharing many elements of one whole true story.  We each have a unique role to share. The common thread in these unique experiences and expressions of  truth for each person is the Truth shared by the Great Mystery.

Self Reflection: How different would my stories be, if I spoke them only from a place of connection to the Great Mystery?

Friday, June 9, 2017

Full Moon for June: Speaking Truth Begins with Inner Reflection and Awareness

Through our conversations with others, in the stories we hear (and now stories we share) we create an identity of our self. We also create a story about how others identify with us, our identity in our community and culture.
In other words, our speaking and sharing of our stories shape how we see ourselves and how others experience us. Our stories are our identity.
The question is-are our stories (the ones we tell ourselves and the ones we share with others about our self) based in Truth, or in fear or self deception?
This time of full moon is the time in the cycle for letting go of what holds us back as well as expressing our intentions in the world. We ask, "What is it I am called to surrender in order to speak the full truth of my being in my current state of awareness? What am I now willing to express of myself in the world?"
Full moon's brightness offers us a time to write a clearer and more truth-filled vision for our self.  In her brightness we can shed old and false stories, or stories that no longer resonate in our being. We can see emerging truths that will bring us more into alignment with the being we have been created to be.

Self Reflection: I take time during this time of the full moon to share the story I am letting go of and the new story which is emerging.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Gift and Grace of Speaking Truth

In anticipation of Speaking Truth in the world which is your life:
Just be still.
Still your body.
Still your mind.
Still all swirling emotions-feelings.
Still your spirit.

Being still with the body, hear her speak truth of her needs and her knowing.
Being still with the mind, discern ego speak from wise guidance.
Being still with emotions and feelings, their soft underbelly speaks a deeper truth of your heart.
Being still with spirit and Truth wells up from within, waiting to be spoken,

Self Reflection:  In preparation for June's full moon, I make time for my Self to be still.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Preparations to Speak Truth-Outloud

Full Moon approaches.
She is calling us to be brightly visible.
She is calling us to speak the truth of our being.
Not just to be seen, but also willing to have our voices heard.
To share our stories with others.
These are the things which prepare us to speak truth:
We are willing to learn truth--to learn from the heart.
-to listen with the ears of the heart
-to see with the eyes of the heart
-to speak with the voice of the heart
We are willing to honor truth:
-the truth of our histories, memories and beliefs;
-the truth of our families, our culture, the world.
We are willing to know and accept what is truth,
particularly the truth of who we are.
We acknowledge and accept
-our strengths
-our weaknesses
-our gifts, skills, and talents
-our challenges.
We are ready now to share what we have learned, with humility and with truth.
Grace will accompany us as we prepare to step into the light,
to speak to the world truthfully, who we are!

Self Reflection:  I am prepared to listen, hear, see and speak my truth--out loud.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Waiting to Speak Truth

There are days when what to say eludes me.
The urge to speak is strong, yet no words come.
I look around for hints or clues: checking out this book or that;
I  listen for what others have to say to inspire me or point me in a right direction.
I'm looking for clues to say what is, as of yet,still unknown to me.
So, I sit and wait.
My body becomes increasingly antsy.
My emotions are rattled; crabby, resentful.
My mind races, doubts, and eventually, worn down by her antics, shuts down.
Can I keep from getting desperate, and speak what would be contrived? not true?

The story is there, just not revealed, not at this time.
I can only look within and patiently wait,
Compassionately wait.
If I judge myself for not knowing,
If I try too hard to make the story come,
I may not hear the still small voice when she begins to whisper.
Not having words to speak, when I need to speak, is agony.

Self Reflection:  There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.Maya Angelou (1928-2014)

Monday, June 5, 2017

Understanding the Power of Our Words

Carolyn Shares: "What others say to us need have no lasting impact on the flow of our lives. 
However, what we say to others may alter the course of their lives forever." 
I am not sure the author of this quote,  but it feels profoundly true.  
As adults we have choice over how other's words affect us.
As adults, we have a powerful ability to use our words to adversely or positively impact another's life.

The Season of Summer holds the space and energy of the June, July and August moon cycles: The three cycles of Speak Truth, Love Truth and Serve Truth.  These Truth Cycles teach us a great deal about how to be in relationship with others. Read the post on working with our relationships on the Circle of Self Muse; 

Self Reflection:  I will honor the words I speak, knowing that what I say to another has the power to alter the course of their lives. 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Nurturing the Desire to Speak Truth

I want to speak the truth about my life.
The real truth!
The Truth of my gifts, skills and talents
The Truth of my longings and dreams
The Truth of how my life experiences have formed me, so far.
I want to speak about this to others and share my journey.
Perhaps what I share will benefit their life.
Or maybe, in sharing I will see my own story more clearly and it will benefit me

In sharing, I will likely begin to see parts of the story that no longer ring true.
Could I be brave enough to drop them from my script?
And let a new cleaner, clearer, story emerge-more True?

My desire to Speak Truth requires gathering:
Gathering my energy
Gathering my thoughts
Gathering my experiences
Gathering ideas, inspirations
Gathering my gifts, skills and talents
Gathering my dreams and hope
Gathering discipline and willingness
Gathering together with those with whom I would share
and risk being seen in my unfinished truth

I gather up, too, all those parts and pieces
That no longer serve me.
That are distortions of Truth.
That keep my Truth from being seen.
Perhaps woodpecker will come and clear them off, just as he did for Pine, the Tree of Peace.

Woodpecker, as totem, pecks away at deception until truth is revealed.

Self Reflection:  If woodpecker happens into my life, I can know I am being supported in letting go of any self-deception--if I am willing.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Gathering Our Energy to Speak Truthful Stories

This is the month of Storyteller, the grandmother of the sixth moon cycle.  It seems fitting to have a storyteller as the energetic personality as we begin to work with the energy of relationships over the course of the summer months.  We can tell a story to teach or to share our history, or we can tell stories to deceive and manipulate.  What kind of stories do we tell, and to whom do we tell them?

Just as the waxing moon gathers energy for the full moon, we too gather our own energy to have the courage to speak the truth about what we have been working to create in our life over the past weeks. We also prepare to release and offer up for cleansing what no longer serves us or others.

Are there any stories you need to share-or stop sharing/telling yourself?

In Jamie Sams' book Earth Medicine the reading for June, on page 162, tells of the tale of woodpecker coming to clean the bugs off the White Pine-the Peace Tree, so that the Pine could perform its' duty as peacekeeper for the people without distraction from the bugs that were burrowing under its' bark. This is a good week for cleansing-if you keep or use crystals, set them in a salt water bath over several nights until the moon enters her fullness to clarify and cleanse them.  We too, need clarifying and cleansing so that we can fully shine.  A good sea-salt scrub bath is a wonderful way to clear what is bugging us no matter what the source.

Self Reflection: What is distracting me; getting under my skin?

Friday, June 2, 2017

'saying what you think' & 'speaking your truth'

Is  'saying what you think' the same as 'speaking your truth'? 

"I speak my truth," she said. "I always say what I think. People think I'm too blunt, but you know, I can't help it if the truth hurts."

Speaking bluntly does not equal speaking truth. 
Neither, however, is softening or putting a spin on a truth that need to spoken.
Speaking the truth is not the same as giving someone 'a piece of your mind'.
Speaking truth takes practise and more.  It is more than a skill; it seems rather to be an evolving wisdom that comes with practise and with conscious intention. 
We grow in our ability to recognize our tendency to speak out of defensiveness and the need to be 'right'.
We learn to take time to 'think our thoughts through, thoroughly. 
We check our motive.
Speaking Truth can mean NOT speaking any words at all--especially when our thinking brain or our emotions are urging us to blurt out words that we know will cause injury, pain or hurt to our self or another. 

Self Reflection:  Just for this day, I will practice thinking through the truth of my thoughts before I speak.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

It Takes Courage to Speak Truth

It Takes Courage to Speak Truth
Speaking Truth requires courage, sometimes immense courage.
In our daily life, this courage for speaking truth comes in the form of commitment to not consciously* lie. We pay attention to our feeling states and check our motives behind our words. In our commitment to speak truth we do this practice before we say something, or push the send button on a text or email. In this, we practice a continual self review of our intentions and motives. We stay in awareness that there is often a deeper meaning to our feelings than what we may be aware of. This is a Spiritual Practice.  It is a moment to moment continuation of a contemplation practice.  It takes courage to live in this way. 

consciously* Note from Carolyn: In my own life I have become aware of how I use 'consciousness' in my vocabulary. It is easy to say 'I wasn't conscious...'.  What I recognize is that I sometime choose not to let my conscience into my consciousness. Once I committed to a daily spiritual practice, more material that had previously resided in the realm of my subconscious and unconscious began to move into my consciousness. Sometimes I find myself not wanting to be conscious of what I know is a more complete 'truth' about my thoughts, feelings, actions.  But, my inner knowing no longer lets me live in this state of denial without great cost to myself. In my life I know this has happened when I feel resentful or am ruminating over something. This is always a clue I have drank from the river of denial. 

Self Reflection:  Just for this day, I will be conscious of what I know as a more complete 'truth' about my thoughts, feelings and actions.