Friday, February 14, 2014

February Full Moon

She seems so far away tonight.  Smaller than I've seen a full moon before, yet intensely bright.  Rays radiate from her brilliance.  I just stood and looked at her in this very silent winter night.  Until my feet got cold and I felt a nudge to go inside. Such peace I felt.  Such hope.  And even better:  a surge of excitement to keep going on my path.  My Path.  My Path.  The work I do on myself, with myself, for my own growth, healing, happiness and sense of being...If I do this for myself, honoring the process, I am also doing it for all creatures--and them for me, for we are all connected--because we are all unique.  If we weren't unique, we would not be connected, we would all be the same. No differentiation.  No boundaries. No growth. That is what I got from Wisdom Keeper looking down from her archetypal home.  I feel blessed for my life, and for the women here in this small but powerful circle who encourage each other to keep going--for all of us.  Much Love, Carolyn

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Moon Cycle Circle Bead Collage

Hello All - I am honored to be a part of this virtual circle. Over the course of the year, I am creating what I call a "bead collage " to document our moon cycle circle and my experience.  I live in Philadelphia so since its an hour later, I'm not able to listen to the calls in real time. Thanks to technology ( and Carolyn), I listen to the recording the next day.
After each call, I add beads, charms, and found objects. My aesthetic response is intuitive however I am guided by Carolyn's words/supplemental information, everyone's voices, and reading The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers and my intuitive  As we grow and learn together, so too will this piece. Thank you all.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wisdom Keeper Enters the East

My morning's meditations on the first parts of Wisdom Keeper's journey:

Entering the cave, I accept with gratitude the experiential threads of many colors that have contributed to my personal tapestry.  Each teacher and lesson lives in me.  I carry them forward to be passed on; for good or apparent ill depending on my motives and state.  (but all resolves to good in the end).

I take my whole self into the caves of directions.

Entering East:  I embrace my male side--seeking clarity and enlightenment.  When I do so in humility and awareness of my unquenchable ignorance, I make space for Wisdom.  What speaks to me here is the recurring message of the uniqueness of each person's journey and the sacredness of that uniqueness.

I see the male side is the law-making side.  I feel the baseness of relying on laws and rules instead of softening into Wisdom.  How de-humanized I felt this week when my ex-husband resorted to the written rule of law to exert control, rather than cooperation and communication!  I feel reactive and defensive in the face of imposed rules.  I am closed to Wisdom.  How can I better be in Wisdom, when facing someone who is coming from a base of laws and rules?

Wisdom Keeper's whisper to me from the 13th moon circle of last year was "Be a non-threatening presence to others".  Perhaps keeping awareness of the sacred paths of others (ALL others!) will help me to avoid feeling like I have to block, alter or follow their path.  I can be less defensive and better able to open to Wisdom.