Thursday, August 31, 2017

Am I Willing to Have Awareness of the Effects of How I Live My Life?

It is by our daily living, more than by our great accomplishments and achievements that we Live Truth and have a real power to influence the course of human consciousness.   Our daily living, our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds create the template for living on this planet for the seven generations to come.   It is not a question of whether or not a template for the future will be created, the only question is what the template will be.

We each have a template for our own unique being.  The path of Live Truth is a path of increasing awareness of our unique template for this life:  What gifts we bring, what grace we offer, what beauty we are in this world.  We have choice to add honor, peace, ease and beauty to the template of future generations.  Or, we can lay down lines of hatred, prejudice, greed, ugliness and deprivation in the pattern being created for future generations.

Self-Reflection: Each day I add a piece of code for the future. As I come to the end of the day I have a chance to review what I have contributed and amend it if needed, before it causes harm to another or to myself.  Am I willing to use the mystical energy of twilight time to ensure there is harmony in my relationships, my home, my Self?


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

On Living Truth with Intention

I am intentional about my life with my thoughts and words in these two ways:
1) about what I want to create in my life, and
2) with awareness that what I think and say impacts the lives and well being of others.

From this place, I consider the needs of future generations:
1) I play my part in the evolution of human consciousness.
2) I stay aware of connection and unity.
3) I treat everything as sacred.
4) I am a conscious parent, mentor and role model.
5) I trust in the bigger picture.

Self Reflection: Am I living my life with intention?

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Pay-Off

The pay-off from living with Divine Will as the director of our life is having such a stream of power, support and direction that, through our mere willingness to stay connected to Divine Will, serenity, ease and wisdom are our constant (well at least always in arms reach) companions for our life.  

This intention for living brings us the most freedom and possibility to live the Truth of who we are, without fear (from the world and other people and from our own inner fear/power driven and distorted ego.  

Carolyn writes:  Living in alignment with Divine Will is a practice-and through practice I have made some progress in staying connected more and more of the time.  It is certainly not a once and done experience.  But once I had a revelation of what this kind of experience would feel like, I want more of it and more often. Turning a part of my life over to Divine Direction BEFORE I got to the crash and burn has ALWAYS had wondrous results; sometimes beyond my wildest dream results. The longing for living daily with this kind of connection has continued to urge me toward ever more turning over my willfulness and my resistance.  It is a sometimes gut-wrenching process, but it has always, always been worth it when I do. 

Living with Divine Will as a partner, with us as the junior member of the partnership, through a commitment to act by checking in with 'God' first, guarantees progress toward manifesting a positive and healing vision in the direction for our life. 

Self Reflection:  What is my personal partnership today?  Me, my ego and my will? My will and another's will? My will and Divine Will?  How does my pie-chart measure out? 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Sharing Our Will With The Divine

For most of us our first experience of turning our will over to the Divine is when we have run out of options.  How many times have the words "I give up!" or 'Help!" or "I can't do this anymore." or "F%*& this!" come out of our mouths. Those words are a first step toward sharing our Will with Divine.

Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have habit of letting our life get to such edges of desperation before we become willing to change what we are doing, before we open the door for unseen options? Some of us are slow learners.  Some of us have grown up feeling we have to do it all our selves in order to deserve things getting better.

The practice of getting directions for living of our life from a source other than our habits, our egos, our emotions, or our minds, is just that...a practice.  It is a practice that is best done with at least one other person as witness and corroborator.  We share with one other person our intentions for the day, and we connect with them at the end of the day how we were able to hold and complete our intention, or how we were tripped up in our efforts.

Self Reflection:  What is the one area of my life I would be willing, maybe even LOVE to have a direction better than I where I am currently heading?  So far, what has kept me from giving my will over to Creator?

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Only Time Free Will is Truly Free

Our Will is perhaps the biggest gift we are given as human beings.  When others are able to co-opt our Will, when we give them use of our gift--we become a sort of slave to their whim and worry, at the very least.  At the worst, however, because the Will is an instrument for our life force, by living according to other people's will, our life force is no longer available to us to live our life fully, with the health, vitality and creativity that is our birth right.  This shows up in our life in various forms of illness, depression an inability to trust or rely on our intuition etc.

Additionally, our ego distorted and malfunctioning ego takes over the use of the will in collusion.  This renders any sort of discipline, dependability and discernment pretty much impossible.

So what is the solution?  Imagine this, we, after a being is incarnated as body and soul , The Creator/Divine hands us a little package. "Here", Creator says, "here is the tuning fork for your life force. Use it well."  Poof.  We are born.  The exact things required to have our will be useful for us --discipline, discernment, and dependability -- are not available to us as newly born human beings.  We are born helpless in meeting our own needs. These things develop through right use of Will.  This is a paradox, an oxymoron! 

The only way to keep and use this gift for our growth and transformation is to hand it over to the One who gave us the gift in the first place.  We WILL find that the freest and most profound use of our will occurs only when we give it back to The Divine and run all of our life force back through the Original Source of all life.  We know these moments because we experience ease, support, discipline, clarity, hope, feelings of love and acceptance, and the awareness that all is fundamentally well. Probably all of us have had these moments.  The power and energy of these times can be so powerful we are overwhelmed and snatch back our will in an automatic reaction of fear for the unfamiliar.

Carolyn writes;  This is my experience of when things are going to well or are 'too good to be true':  I take back my Will and go back to doing things 'my way' or 'other's way'. The struggle of 'my way' and the painful restriction of being under other's control is more familiar.  I may not thrive in this space, but, so far,  I have survived. I also take back my will when I feel life is going too fast for my comfort zone.  I will find some way (crisis) to bring a halt to my progress so I can return to a more familiar, even if uncomfortable way of living.

Self Reflection:  What are the areas in my life where I am likely to give my will over to others?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Life According to Other People's Will

We begin our reflection on Willingness and Will by looking at how we learned to adopt 'other people's will' as a strategy to live our life.  As infants and young children, we were dependent human beings, and we learned to follow the instruction of others to be safe and secure in our life.  Sometimes these 'instructions' were really demands, and not living according to the rules and dictates of our caregivers threatened our well-being.

For some of us, learning to pick up cues from others about their needs and wants, and about what of our behaviors were acceptable to others became a way of life; a pattern we have never outgrown. In fact we may have honed these skills into fine art.  This way of interpreting and responding is so second nature we may not be aware we are doing it.  

When we are in the grips of 'other people's will', we feel pushed around, helpless., with no or limited options, often out of control, fearful, and concerned about getting things right.  We also feel stuck,  dependent, confusion, and feelings of shame .  We are aligned with a need for approval and acceptance as a priority in our life.  This list, of course, is not nearly complete!   

Self Reflection:  What are times or areas of my life where I still experience some of the above mentioned states of being, emotions, feelings, thoughts and behaviors.  Are there some other ways not on this list I would add where I recognize Someone else has control in my life?  I can recognize this and know, by recognizing the patterns, I have begun to shift willingness to Live Truth has begun.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Waxing Moon: Contemplation and the Will

The first part of the moon cycle, the waxing moon is a more contemplative path/time.  Again, this does not mean there is no action, but rather the action, growth, shift, change, transformation, development, are happening from the inside out.  Often this internal process is not visible to others.  Sometimes, we are not even aware of it.   We go inside this seed of our being to see how, where and what is needed to nourish it to grow and be useful in the outer world. 

In the month of September, with the teaching and path to Live Truth, We ask for whatever we need to Live Truth as the Full path of our life: moment to moment in our day, and taking this commitment into our evening and sleeping/dreaming times and  beginning again every day.

To be willing is the first step in this path to Live Truth.  The suffix '-ing' implies action.  In this case, it implies an intention toward action.  '-ing' always seems to me to give me an out-I can still change my mind about doing whatever it is I am 'ing-ing' to do.

For example: I say I am willing to go on a food-detox program.  This doesn't mean I have begun the program.  It's more like a pre-commitment.  I may be willing, but I might never start the program.
This state of being willing is a critical state to experience on our path of personal and spiritual growth.  Consciously staying in a place of willingness, for as long as necessary, gives time and space for the seed of our purpose (our Life) to accept/receive the impulse to grow. We are willing, and sit with our willingness, and then we consciously choose to take action.

The next place to explore in the world of WILL is an understanding of the three kinds of will from which we live our life:  Our Will, Other people's Will and Divine Will (or God's Will/Creator's Will)

Self Reflection: What nourishment do I need to grow my life to Live Truth-Fully?

Thursday, August 24, 2017

I am doing home visits with my new Kinders this week.  They live close to the Earth, digging in the garden, observing birds at their feeders, devouring Ranger Rick and Nat Geo magazines, making habitats for their Lego foxes and deer.  I am devoted to upholding the relationship of these children to Mother Earth and Father Sky.  I bless them, and I ask the Creator and their guides to bless them. Amen. Aho.

Live Truth, Waxing Moon: How to Be the Essence of Our Truth

September Moon carries the auspicious energy of the clan mother Jamie Sams refers to as 'Keeper of Tomorrow’s Goals and Dreams' (pg. 185). This month revitalizes our commitment to live as fully in our life as we are currently able. This kind of re-commitment  seems necessary following the often busy and chaotic energies of the summer months.

The Path of Live Truth is a call to awareness on many levels:  Of our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self, as well as awareness of all that is going on around us. The close of the day has a vibrational frequency (a unique energetic sense) that is not felt at other times of the day. The awareness we give to this  'close of the day' energy frequency supports our ability to reconnect to to the earth, to our intuition, as well as to the ancient ways. It is only by connecting to the natural world that we are truly able to sustain our connection to a sustainable wisdom [Truth] (MacEowen pg.7).

Carolyn writes: From my own life experience, I find sustaining my connection with the Truth I am aware of is difficult. The teaching of this moon cycle gives us ways to sustain this connection: Keeping our vision and our goals in the forefront of our minds, our eyes to what is ahead and consciously dreaming our dreams—every day!

This energy of Live Truth calls us to connect with our discipline, our determination, and our dependability--which are strongly aligned with our will. In the next few posts for the waxing moon cycle we will explore the role of will in Living Truth.

Self Reflection: How am I keeping and honoring my goals and dreams for my life?

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Twilight Invites Us Into the Flow Between Active and Contemplative

Sitting, standing, or laying on  mother earth, I use my breathing to connect with her energy, continually shifting from active to contemplative. Connecting with the mother, I learn to shift my energy as well. Active energy may not be 'doing', but perhaps total presence.  Contemplative energy does not mean 'doing' does not happen.  On the contrary, learning to be in this breathing space between active and contemplative often means change happens in Big Ways!

Self Reflection:
Here is a wonderful meditation from  "Dancing Moons" by Nancy Wood (pg 59)
(It will take more than a minute)

Septembers's great path of the moon is awareness.**
"Lie down in a secret place with your head pointed toward the east and stay there until you learn something. 
Then move slowly to the south, face-down. Notice what is in font of your nose: leaves, pine needles, dirt, insects, pebbles. 
When you turn to the west, dig into the earth with your fingers. Smell the richness of history. Imagine what this spot was like ten thousand years ago. Who came this way before you? Do they speak to you? Watch the way shadows move. It's history stirring.
Now turn to the north and stay there until you an imagine every drop of rain, every flake of snow that has fallen there. Imagine the animals that have walked by; the snakes and insects and rodents who live nearby; the plants and trees that grow; the earthquakes and the floods, the blizzards and the heat. Imagine fire and drought. Think of how the earth endures.
Complete the circle with your body. Turn to the east and listen for the Voice That Awakens the Land. When you hear it and know what it means, turn over and look at the sky. Think of everything that has happened there. The birth and death of stars. The rising and setting of moon and sun. The birds that have flown by, the clouds that have formed in various shapes and sizes and colors. Consider the darkness beyond.All time, all place is present in these two circles, expanding from your body in both directions, above and below. 
These two circles finally join together in the sky. It's called the seam of life.
Just think: In these circles, you have created your own universe. That's what awareness is all about." "Dancing Moons" by Nancy Wood (pg 59)

**You will find a very similar description in the 13 Original Clan Mothers, where Jamie Sams writes of the Sacred Spiral of the medicine wheel (pages 194-195)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Serving Truth by Living Truth

Sara writes: AS I transitioned from the cycle of Serve Truth to that of Live Truth, this is my awareness:

To be one small part of humanity's evolution toward spiritual unity and wholeness will be my life's greatest accomplishment.  I am called to share, to serve.  I am willing, even eager, to let go of my ego in order to more fully and clearly incarnate my divine spark into the world.

In this cycle just passed, I have faced fears and self-imposed blocks surrounding embracing the calling I am feeling so strongly.  I am becoming more open to following that lead, without knowing (or controlling) the shape of my destiny.  I feel deeply how all that has come before has positioned me for where I am now.

Full of this feeling of immense destiny, I write my prayer to the Universe.  What comes from my pen is the Truth of Setting Sun Woman: "May I walk in awareness that it is by my daily living, as much (or more) as by great works that I fulfill my destiny and play my part".

Self Reflection: What is my 'one small part' of humanity's evolution toward unity and wholeness?

Monday, August 21, 2017

New Moon for September; The Joyous Cycle of Live Truth:

Joyous Cycle, Live Truth!
Life is Truth
     when lived with open eyes
           and open ears
                  and open hands.
Then, heart can open, does open.
Live Truth (with a short 'i' vowel)
Live Truth (with a long 'i' vowel)

Self Reflection:  I am able to live truth everyday, in all my being and doing.  I am able to live Truth in my intention and my trying again. I live Truth and Truth lives me, lives in me.  Just by my being alive I live in Truth.  By my being aware of how I am choosing to live in my life, Truth becomes alive in me.  A joyous life awaits me on this path.  It does. It does!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

A 'Closing', 'Dark', 'Void' Moon Invitation

I align MY internal flame with the Eternal Flame of Love.

By internal flame, is meant one's life force, which is the energy which we bring into the world with us when we are born.  Over time, our life experiences can be like a storm battering away at the flame of a lamp.  While we cannot control the metaphoric winds and storms that threaten our flame, we can strengthen the wick of the lamp which is our life.

Our intention for living our life and our commitment to live with integrity (Truth as best as we currently understand) weave together and become like a wick, drawing up energy from Creator's unlimited source. This energy, ignited by Grace, is an ever-flowing gift of love available to all of us. 

We receive this Grace through two actions: First, through a daily practice of expressing specific and sincere gratitude (thanksgiving) and second, by asking Source (by whatever name we have for Source) for help in living our life and are consciously willing to receive help.  In other words, we establish a morning practice of gratitude prayer and contemplative petition.

Self Reflection: Am I am now able, willing, and ready to Live Truth?

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Another Cycle of the Moon; Another Cycle of Our Becoming More of Who We are in Truth

Carolyn Writes: As we approach the close of the August moon cycle, I find myself thinking about how my desire to Serve Truth has awakened.  It has shown up in my desire to be of more service to many areas of my life.  With this awakening desire to serve, I became aware of how some of my behaviors and fears thwarted my intentions.  In the midst of anger and resentment (toward others and myself) I was blessed with a number of opportunities to let go, ask for help, start over. I found more of me, through doing all these things.

I have come to understand what is  ‘me’ is really my soul energy expressed in my life experience(s), which is the experience of body-being and spirit being, me and more than me!  Me and union with others, and with the Creator of All That Is, of Great Mystery.  

I am more whole.  Yes, I am more whole because I am more able to be all that I am.  I am no longer in the place of ‘what can I be?’, ‘what can I do?’, who am I?’.  Now the questions are ‘What do I do?’,’ How do I do?’, ‘Where do I do?’, ‘Am I willing to be, do?’.    Today I am more whole than yesterday and tomorrow I will be more whole than today.  I now know that experiencing loss and letting go are actually necessary for me to become more whole and more of who I am.  I feel comfort now, rather than fear and angst when I think of letting go.  Letting go no longer feels like a loss.  It feels like the only way my hands can become free to receive—to take what Creative Source/Great Mystery is offering to me.

Self Reflection: Take time to reflect on your journey of this past month.  Speak out loud gratitudes for even small victories of each day.  Speak out loud gratitudes for each bit of willingness to use the tools for support.  Do this in the twilight as the dark of the moon gives over to the new moon, and the next path: to Live Truth.

Friday, August 18, 2017

To Serve Truth is to Empty Oneself to the World

Carolyn writes: This morning I saw the moon, tipped over as if she were pouring herself out onto the earth.  I wondered, "Will I ever be able to just pour myself out into the world?  Could I trust that what I poured out would be of benefit? at least not cause harm?  What would it take to move past my remaining fears (most of them have been removed-whew)?  To serve Truth as I understand Truth without self-doubt (faith now outweighs doubt) ?  I have been told be a woman wiser than me that it takes faith and practice, the heart WILL learn to open so our part of Truth pours out.

The tools for embracing all the cycles of Truth strengthens faith, builds discipline, and opens hearts to receive love.  Develop willing and skillful use of these tools,  Practice using them:

Gather a team to support your longing and purpose-- and help you be accountable.

Prayer everyday, and as often as you think of praying throughout your day. Pray when you wake in the night. Pray in the bathroom, at work, when cooking, taking a shower, when driving.  Pray always and everywhere.

Work to create an consistent time in you daily routine for contemplation.  You will begin to remember to show up at that time.  You will find that the Divine is already there.

Practice receiving help. Practice asking for help. Practice saying 'yes'.

Practice beginning again, and again.  

Carolyn's view of the morning moon
pouring herself out into the world. 

Self Reflection: I trust that with faith and practice my heart opens and my Truth pours out.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

More on the Energy from Letting Go of Baggage

Letting go of emotional and mental baggage releases energy into our system.
This energy is experienced in a number of ways (usually a combination of several)
as feelings (uncomfortable or disturbing and both 'good' and 'bad')
as physical sensations or compulsions,
as mental thoughts/ruminations/obsessions
as an eruption of instincts (like fight, flight, fear)

This energy, however it manifests can trigger similar responses to our initial reaction to the original experience.
This original experience was in some way overwhelming or overpowering.
It threatened our balance and/or our existence.
This threat (whether real or perceived) is why it became part of our baggage.  
Otherwise it would have been just a memory, not a hidden formula for running our life.
We were not able to process it, resolve it or understand it then.
We can now. 

Letting go 
Becoming our True Self
Is now possible—Is now probable
Now, by picking up and using the Tools , is how we put this released energy to good use.

Support tools for letting go what no longer serves us, AND for learning to serve in Truth:1) Gathering with a few others to review the scene before any action (just be sure they aren’t enablers)2) Praying (remember the running out the door prayer-that is enough )3) Contemplating  (which means watching and listening and hearing)4) Receiving help (as gracefully as currently possible)5) Taking a ‘do-over’ and humbly beginning again (as many times as needed

Self Reflection:  Take time to list the ways each of these tools has serves your life and supports you in serving in the world. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tools of Serve Truth, Part Five: The Gift of 'Do-Overs'

Support tools for letting go what no longer serves us AND for learning to serve in Truth:
1) Gathering with a few others to review the scene before any action (just be sure they aren’t enablers)
2) Praying (remember the running out the door prayer-that is enough August 24 )
3) Contemplating  (which means watching and listening and hearing)
4) Receiving help (as gracefully as currently possible)
5) Taking a ‘do-over’ and humbly beginning again (as many times as needed)

Mulligans and gimmes. Re-takes and do-overs.  Can I begin again when I have had a miss-take?  
The Path of Truth is a learning path, not a path to perfection, but ongoing  practice. 
Practice requires a willingness to have error,  trials, failed attempts and blunders.
Learned grace is what comes from our willingness to keep going without any 
guarantee of getting it right-ever.  

Every year, every season, every cycle, every day is an invitation to begin again.  
In Truth, every breath is a renewal of life.  
We all have had times where we take a deep breath and with that breath take hold of the impulse to meet a challenge, move forward, start, begin.  

The gift for all who choose to embrace the Cycles of Truth is the invitation with each breath to begin again.  This gift comes with  compassion, acceptance, tolerance for ours and others wrong steps and love for the beauty of imperfection.  

Self Reflection:  Is there a place in my life where I could use a do-over? If so, what do I need to be humble enough to receive this gift?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tools to Serve Truth Part Four: Receiving Help

Support tools for letting go what no longer serves us AND for learning to serve in Truth:
1) Gathering with a few others to review the scene before any action (just be sure they aren’t enablers)
2) Praying (remember the running out the door prayer-that is enough)
3) Contemplating  (which means watching and listening and hearing)
4) Receiving help (as gracefully as currently possible)
5) Taking a ‘do-over’ and humbly beginning again (as many times as needed)

In Our Willingness to Receive Help
We Experience
Letting go control
New Options
Others touching us
Being seen
Seeing Others
Grace from ourselves
Grace from others
Letting others in
Truth becoming broader

Self Reflection: How do I allow myself to receive help?  What small step can I take to open to receiving more help?

Monday, August 14, 2017

Tools to Serve Truth, Part Three: Contemplation

Support tools for letting go what no longer serves us AND for learning to serve in Truth:
1) Gathering with a few others to review the scene before any action (just be sure they aren’t enablers)
2) Praying (remember the running out the door prayer-that is enough )
3) Contemplating  (which means watching and listening and hearing)
4) Receiving help (as gracefully as currently possible)
5) Taking a ‘do-over’ and humbly beginning again (as many times as needed)

Carolyn writes: For me contemplation is the commitment and willingness to hear, experience, integrate, become aware and come to know the subtler, inter-connected elements of everything that makes me, me—and me part of everything.   I don’t have a clear understanding of the technical differences between meditation and contemplation.  My understanding of meditation is only of the beginning level of sitting and clearing my mind in an effort to empty it of thought.  After years of trying, it still feels like a struggle. 

Contemplation seems more forgiving of the constant movement of my body and my mind. Contemplation is more noticing and allowing and listening with my whole body.  When I sit in contemplation, a kind of knowing comes to me from a place where it seems all wisdom is held.  I see this place of wisdom as one of the infinite facets of GOD.  

Many years ago I took a series of meditation classes in an effort to calm and clear my mind.  I remember being told to keep imagining a blank white canvas on which GOD could reveal GOD to me.  My canvas was never white.  It always appeared thick with layers of paint in many colors, shapes and texture.   I finally stopped struggling and gave into my colored canvas.  This is how I came to embrace ‘my’ form of contemplation. 

Sitting with my multicolored, multi-textured, multi-layered canvas, became a way for Wisdom to make herself known to me.  I would be with what I saw on my inner canvas and ‘wonder’ about it. My ‘wondering’ became a way to loosen the grip of my fears, beliefs and perceptions.

Self-Reflection: I sit in contemplation and I wonder…about whatever becomes to my awareness; and then I listen with all of my senses, and then, I come to know with all my senses.  In sitting this way, I come to know at ever subtler levels what is more Truth.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Tools Part Two: Praying

Support tools for letting go what no longer serves us AND for learning to serve in Truth:
1) Gathering with a few others to review the scene before any action (just be sure they aren’t enablers)
2) Praying (remember the running out the door prayer-that is enough)
3) Contemplating  (which means watching and listening and hearing)
4) Receiving help (as gracefully as currently possible)
5) Taking a ‘do-over’ and humbly beginning again (as many times as needed)

To Pray is being present in the moment, giving voice, and listening with all of our senses.

Begin with gratitude, no matter how tiny the gratitude may be.  It may be only a gratitude of having the willingness to try and pray.  How we pray and why we pray is a very individual process.  There is no wrong or right way, and if there are‘rules’, there are just two: to begin each time of praying with ‘thank you’ and to ask to be heard (followed by asking).

Praying is an active process. Actually, it is an interactive process involving asking and then listening. We do not need to know with whom or what we are interacting.  Our belief in any form of God or Spirit is not even necessary for prayer to be effective.  Our beliefs do not 
make the receiver of our intercessions more or less able to hear for what we are praying.   

The universe receives our words, even when we dare not speak them out loud, though out loud is better.  Hearing ourselves speak our request out loud seems to make it easier to listen and hear the response coming to us.

Then, we listen with our ears, our eyes, our heart, our voice, even with our senses of taste and smell.  This listening can take a while, but it will come.

If you need a starter way to pray try the ‘running out the door prayer' from the post during the waxing moon for August.

"As I go out the door I notice whatever it is Creation presents to me from nature: a tree, bird, animal, the morning star or the moon. 

I notice and I say: 'Good morning, thank you for listening; thank you for hearing, thanking you for being.  Your being allows my being. I ask (insert a request for a definitive support for your day).' Then I say again.  'Thank you, thank you.  A million, million times thank you.'” 

Then, even if you can not stop long enough to listen at that moment, you will find your senses are listening for answers, as you move through your day.

Self Reflection: How is prayer a part of my life? I remind myself that to Serve Truth is a form of prayer.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Tools Part One: Where Two or More are Gathered

From Yesterday's blog post:

Support tools for letting go what no longer serves us AND for learning to serve in Truth:
1) Gathering with a few others to review the scene before any action (just be sure they aren’t enablers)
2) Praying (remember the running out the door prayer-that is enough)
3) Contemplating  (which means watching and listening and hearing)
4) Receiving help (as gracefully as currently possible)
5) Taking a ‘do-over’ and humbly beginning again (as many times as needed)

When we make a decision we often think we are making choices from our adult, matured, logical self.  But, we usually have a committee in our head all vying for a deciding vote. This committee is an accumulation of voices from our past experiences, other people's opinions, our fears, our dreams and...the list of members is a long one.

Even with a lot of personal growth and spiritual work, with therapy and a commitment to live in truth, these inner voices can take over as decision makers without our conscious awareness of where the decision comes from--until after we begin to experience the a feeling of  'buyer's remorse'. The solution is to create a conscious, purposeful committee  inviting Divine Direction for our decisions.

Self Reflection: I  gather around me friends and colleagues**, just a few, wise ones who know a bit more than me about any number of things.  Each has a gift and knowledge in their own way. They are willing to sit and consider the decisions, the choices, the paths before me.  We sit, three or more of us together and make a space for Divine to sit with us. I name the intention for the gathering. We ask questions, name the possibilities, I share fears, hopes, risks, givens.  Then I speak my vision for the outcome. My committee may help me with clarity for my vision.  We then sit in quiet for a bit and each speaks the thoughts that have come to them.  I sit a little longer, and then I know what to do.

**this gathering works best if it does not include any one who has a vested interest of any kind in the decision.   

P.S.  This sitting exercise can take as little as 10-15 minutes. It should take no longer than half an hour. It is not a discussion group!.  If you'd like  more information on setting up this kind of gathering for yourself, contact Carolyn, I would love to share my experience and how to.  

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Vital Tools to Serve and Live Truth; Introduction

The waning moon is the part of the month where we are guided to let go of what no longer serves us. We are also guided to put ourselves more fully out into the world.  

The letting go part brings us ever closer to being our true self, our real self.   Letting go frees up internal space.  Some of us feel this newly freed space as our heart opening or softening; we find ourselves being kinder toward our fellow humans.  Some will find the letting go process brings renewed energy to life, and renewed hope for visions. Some will find they can sleep better, more peacefully.  Some will feel the impulse to become more visible in the world, as the rhythmic practice of letting go and releasing brings our inner vision to the surface. Some of us will start forward and then freeze in uncertainty as new-old fears surface as warnings, inviting us to go back to our old ways. 

Every month we have a repeat of this invitation to release and let go, and to move out and live more.  The ‘mess’ of our life is the place we contemplate to begin to know, see and act on what to let go and what to nourish.  The tools mentioned in yesterday’s post are the essential tools for the waning moon phase. 

In each of the next five posts I will write about these tools of Serve Truth so they may be put to practical use for our lives.

Self Reflection: What Serve Truth's invitation this cycle for me to release and let go, and to move out and live more of me?

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Rhythm of Truth Cycles, Moon Cycles, Our Cycles: A Mandala for Being

10" x 10" mandala made with found objects: sheet music, Scrabble tiles, money plant seed pods, chocolate kisses, rice crackers. copyright 2016 Lisa Kay

Rhythm of Truth
Lisa Kay
August 2016

Ring around the mandala,
Layers, expand/contract.
Receive the spark!
Open space for sweet, abundant, creation.
Nourish the spirit.
Transmute the heavy into light.
Balance energy in/out/ left to right, up/down,

Self Reflection: What is my own individual Rhythm and Cycle? How do I allow it to honor and support me?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Before the Clean Up, Be Willing to See the Truth of the Mess

Earlier contemplation posts suggested taking time for reviewing recent experiences and behaviors.  Patterns in my behavior appear when I practice this kind of review.

As I stand and look over what I have judged as a mess of my life, I CAN spot
-a few tiny but luminous victories 
-some positive results from modest efforts
-a couple of ideas worth sharing (like this post?)
-a certain memory I shall keep and hold dear
-and yes, a couple of behaviors where I’d like do-over

Thankfully, THE Service Master arrives bringing tools:
1) Gathering with a few others to review the scene before any action (just be sure they aren’t enablers)
2) Praying (remember the running out the door prayer-that is enough)
3) Contemplating  (which means watching and listening and hearing)
4) Receiving help (as gracefully as currently possible)
5) Taking a ‘do-over’ and humbly beginning again (as many times as needed)

Self Reflection: What are the tools I am needing/willing to use? Do I need outside help?

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Calling A Spiritual Service Master

Confession: The bottom line is that these one minute meditations are written for the benefit of my own self.  It’s likely others can relate to my life experiences, and I hope some can benefit from, and receive some healing (or a good laugh) by, my sharing.

It seems that in this waning moon, what is being called for in my life is attention to my own container of truth. The service to Truth I feel I am being called to is service to my own self, and what is really Truth. I need to be calling the Spiritual Service Master instead of looking at the mess I have created in my life, bitching and moaning that it should be different, and wailing, “Not Again!” 

Self-Reflection:  Am I willing to have the Spiritual Service Master come and clean up my mess for me?  What else would I need to be willing to call for that kind of help in my life?

Monday, August 7, 2017

August Full Moon: An Invitation to Sit in Contemplation with (at least) One Other Person as a Precursor to Serve Truth

Archbishop Rowan Williams, former leader of the Anglican Church, told the Synod of Catholic Bishops in Rome "…contemplation is the only ultimate answer to the unreal and insane world that our financial systems and our advertising culture and our chaotic and unexamined emotions encourage us to inhabit. To learn contemplative practice is to learn what we need so as to live truthfully and honestly and lovingly." 

Carolyn's thoughts:  In many ways, when one commits to relationship with Truth, which is what this practice of living and working within these cycles is, is to be a contemplative OUT in the world, rather than inside of the walls of our room, church, institution, or other place where we can avoid the impact of other humans’ creative or destructive chaos!  What a commitment!  And to do this without burning out our lives, our inner flame, we MUST be in relationship with some others who have this same longing, this same intention, desire, vision. 

THIS IS THE REASON to gather in small groups, holding each other in the same sacred way, supporting each other’s contemplation, willingness to share their insights, and supporting their actions in the world and their self-care.  In this way we are held in good stead to Serve Truth.

Self Reflection: Today I notice how I am already able to be contemplative AND be in the world, remembering this is a practice of awareness and of service to self, other, Truth.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Questions to Ask While Waxing Toward Fullness

The Full Moon for August is tomorrow.

Stop now and take a moment--  
“What was happening in my life at the beginning of this moon cycle?
What has come in to make my life to make it fuller-whether good, bad, lovely or ugly?
What are my victories, no matter how tiny they might seem, that illuminate of my life?
What experiences and learning do I wish to keep?
What am I willing to share out in the world?
What would I rather not have added into my life and,if given the chance would take a 'do-over' (these are called regrets)?”

Self Reflection: These words rest with me and germinate as I live in these hours moving toward the full Moon of August. To have conscious awareness of the answers is a profound step toward Serving Truth.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Our Desire to Serve Truth and the Myth of 'Not Enough'

Our desire to Serve Truth supports our conscious intention and active practice.
Our intention to Serve Truth strengthens as we let go of our baggage of fears, misperceptions and limited beliefs, including our misperceptions of enough. 
With each letting go, we live more in the present moment. We realize we are enough, there is enough.
Our energy for life, for healing, for creating flows more powerfully in our body.
It can take a while to get used to this energy flowing through our being.
Our emotions are larger, deeper, more intensely felt (and often sweeter and very loving)
We find our mind thinking faster, in new ways; we might find ourselves tongue-tied.  We can't quite get our thoughts organized. 
Our bodies may need more sleep. We may have more energy than we feel we can handle. Old illness's may recur for a brief time, as if our bodies are clearing out space and making way for the energy to flow more freely.
Some people feel as if their heart is opening to hidden longings.
With all this, we are more able to live our life's purpose, our spirit's calling.
As we open to our own calling, we also add to the collective Spirit of all life on this earth plane-this is what has been called the 'library of knowing', the collective conscious, the wisdom of the body of God. 

Self Reflection: As I let go of my illusions of 'not enough', I become more  able to draw on the 'library of knowing'. I come to trust I am enough, there is enough.  From this place of Truth, I can Serve Truth.  I will be gentle with the changes in my being that come with this 'letting go' and this new awareness of Truth.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Frustration and Serving Truth

Not feeling good enough, smart enough, energized enough or deserving enough, is what keeps us from being able to Serve Truth; even when we ARE willing to be of service. Because these feeling-states (all those 'enough's') are not based on Truth, but rather on illusion and misconception, it is incredibly difficult to be in service of truth from this way of being.

In Michael Singer’s book 'The Surrender Experiment', he writes of his commitment to accept  whatever it is he is asked to do--even when he is in doubt about his abilities, or if the request doesn’t make sense in his logical mind.  This commitment is an act of faith; a faith which develops over time.  Having faith allows us to move past our need to be 'enough', and to serve without any need to predict the outcome.  It is an act that develops with practice.  It does not just happen. We must ask and invite it to become a part of our life.

Prayer and contemplation are key to receiving the direction we need, and to hear what 'Service to Truth' is being asked of us. 

Self Reflection:  I become aware of what weighs me down. As the full moon approaches, I begin sorting what am I willing to release my control over, and what guidance I am now willing to receive, so I may be more visible and freer to serve the world and  my true self.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

One Minute Running Out the Door Alignment Prayer

 I like my rituals to be uninterrupted, so I plan them for early dawn hours. In these days, at the close of summer holidays, schedules are getting back in sync for fall—school, work, whatever.  These schedule changes call for adjustments in my personal routines, as well.

My morning ritual takes some time, and part of the frustration of these end of August days is when the morning changes interrupt MY morning prayer and contemplation routine. 

When this happens, I have a one minute ritual, my ‘running out the door into my day prayer’.  As I go out the door I notice whatever it is Creation presents to me from nature: a tree, bird, animal, the morning star or the moon. 

I notice and I say: “Good morning, Creator, thank you for listening; thank you for hearing, thanking you for being.  Your being allows my being. I ask (insert a request for a definitive support for your day).” Then I say again.  “Thank you, thank you.  A million, million times thank you.”  

When this becomes a committed one minute ritual of every day, life changes for the better.  This prayer sets a template for our day. Try it! 

PS: This prayer is an adaption I learned through the teaching that originated with Twylah Nitsch.

Self Reflection: As I leave my home for the day, I notice whatever it is Creation presents to me from nature and greet the day: “Good morning, Creator, thank you for listening; thank you for hearing, thanking you for being.  Your being allows my being. I ask (insert a request for a definitive support for your day).” Then I say:  “Thank you, thank you.  A million, million times thank you.”  

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Waxing Moon's Gift

The rhythm of the Waxing Moon builds energy, preparing for fullness, movement, release.  In the intention to be in service of Truth, our awareness of building to this fullness is a gift. Most people are not aware of these natural rhythms, or if they are aware of these rhythms, they are more likely to experience them as interference rather than support. Our willingness to receive this Divinely orchestrated energy, in the ebb and flow with which it comes to us, will fuel our life in a balanced and regenerative way.  The mere act of asking changes everything.  Ask for direction.  Then LISTEN WITH ALL YOUR SENSES for that direction. Then of course—follow it!

Self Reflection:  Am I aware of my natural rhythms? Do I experience them more as interference or more as support?

Tomorrow:  An alignment prayer for when we are running out the door!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Serving the Truth of Self is a Path for Self Renewal

To serve the Truth, I begin with serving self, which is NOT a form of self enslavement.
In being a servant to my own truth, I renew my being, becoming ever more of my true self, the human I came to Earth to 'be'.  The waxing moon for Serve Truth is about RENEWAL--birthing, re-birthing, healing, becoming new again.  

In this practice of  'renewal', I am reflecting, releasing, realigning, reconnecting. 
I reflect--My willingness to reflect on my life brings my to seeing in a more expanded and visionary way.
release-- As I establish a practice of reflection, I notice my preconceived notions, beliefs and ideas about who I am and even what I do, can do, can't do. It is then possible to seek support to 'let go', to release, what is not healing or supportive for my life. 
I realign-- As I let go and release those parts that are 'not truth for me' (this is not the same thing as bad or wrong, just not who you are), I must consciously recenter in my own being. I am realigning my new awareness with the being experience myself to be. Another word for this is to ground oneself or to be centered in oneself.
I reconnect--As I realign with my self, I am connected with more of the Truth of who I am.  I am more whole. From this ongoing practice of reflecting, releasing, realigning, reconnecting. I am then able to connect and reconnect with others and in this way to Serve Truth.

Self Reflection: In this time of  'renewal', I practice reflecting, releasing, realigning, reconnecting.