Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Prayer for the Feast of Life

Guide me through my day; help me
 Live fully,
Laugh deeply,
Love heartily,
Manifest abundantly,
Receive unconditionally,
Heal profoundly.

(feel free to add your own...)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Orange; the color for January's Moon and the 3rd Chakra

Carolyn's thoughts: On meditating on Lisa's mandala  I found my mind wandering into the realm of chakras. Hmmm; I know this relates in some way! Orange is the color associated with the second chakra, centered in the abdomen. It is the center holding the energy of relationships (and money and power in relationships). This chakra 'hangs out' between the first chakra at the base of the spine and the third chakra, at the solar plexus. The first chakra, represented in the color red, holds the energy related to our family of origin, culture, country, and ancestry (and the power these hold in our life). The third chakra center for our sense of self and self esteem is associated with the color yellow. Although I have worked with chakra energy for many years, The fullness of Lisa's orange mandala gave me a new awareness of the influence on my origin of birth and my sense of self on how I 'relate' in my relationships.  A healthy vibrant red and a healthy vibrant yellow will come together to support a healthy and vital orange.  Having had some digestive issues recently, I am also contemplating how this all shows up in my physical body.  What is it I need to learn?  I have a gut feeling there are some Truths I am resisting!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Receiving the Fullness of the January Moon; Lisa Kay

Lisa Kay generously shares her creativity and her inspiration for January's moon.  This is how she has added to her mandala from the new moon for January 12, New Moon 

copyright Lisa Kay 2016
In her fullness, in her completeness.
Winter whiteout
The moon is in her fullness.
She s/peaks through the trees, difficult to see
Her powerful full presence
Her rich, ripe reflection
Her generous, abundant nature
Her sparkling inner fire; her soft, gentle glow
In her fullness, in her completeness.
She is among us.
Lisa Kay, January 2016