Friday, January 22, 2016

Coming up to the Full Moon For Learn Truth

Self Reflection: On the New Moon, I named my vision and intention for this cycle's gift of Learn Truth. During the waxing days as the moon moves toward fullness, my vision and intention for these gifts becomes clearer. It begins to unfold.  Even if I wasn't aware of a vision, or set an intention, no worries.  In my spirit and soul, and my longing to be my full self, they are made on my behalf. Now as I approach the Full Moon, I can reflect back on my past two weeks and see what Truth has touched me, and how I am supported in going forward.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Eternal Love - January New Moon Mandala from Lisa

Lisa Kay has been a member of our moon circle group since shortly after we began gathering. Lisa’s wisdom around the moon cycles includes her knowledge of the Celtic medicine wheel.  She is also a gifted artist and writer.  Over this year, Lisa will share the mandalas she creates as she contemplates the Cycles of Truth and rhythms of the moon.  We hope they inspire and bless you on your journey as well.
Here is Lisa's January New Moon Mandala:

The orange flame represents Eternal Love that the great spirit has placed in the heart (core) of every part of creation. Words from the chapter Clan Mother of the First Moon Cycle  and the last two lines of Jamie Sam's poem, Talks with Relations,  "Mother, I see you in the dewdrop, I hear you in the Eagle's call"  holds the circle together. In this mixed media new moon mandala, I layered prismacolor pencils and pastels and collaged dried rose petals and used matches from my morning meditation sessions.  Lisa 

Friday, January 1, 2016

An Invitation

The moon circle journal brings an ancient system of healing and caring for self, others and the earth to the peoples of the modern era.  It is a way for individuals to do their part to bring balance and peace into their life, and learn a natural way to share this balance and peace out in the world.
The journal offers month to month (moon cycle to moon cycle) teachings and practices. In the ancient lineage of tribal cultures across the world these teachings are considered as ‘Gifts of Truth’ and are held as essential qualities each person must develop within themselves to become wholly human.
The elders tell us that every human embarks on this journey toward maturity.  The choice is whether the journeyer is asleep or awake.  Working with this journal process will help the user WAKE-UP to their potential and learn how to embody and live the qualities of character that support their life.

The Moon Circle Journal Project is ready to launch for the 2016 Cycle beginning with the first new moon of the year on January 9, 2016.  Sara and I, along with a few other long time participants of our virtual moon cycle circle group began to talk about ways to support one another.  As we had worked with the moon cycles and shared during our monthly calls we realized we were just scratching the surface of the wisdom contained within this ancient, cross-cultural lineage.  How could we bring this wisdom up to date and relevant to our present day experiences and cultures?

Membership in the Moon Circle Journal includes:

·    *12 months (13 cycles) of calendar and journal pages, (approximately 196 pages in an 11X 8 ½” circa-bound journal)
        *Two recorded 30-minute teachings for each new and full moon (24 recordings)
        * Invitation to participate in a private group sharing teleconferences at 7PMCST on the night of each     new and full moon (24 group sharing sessions)
         *Membership in the Private MoonCycleCircle Face Book page
        *Access to Daily Meditation Posts on the MoonCycleCircle Blog
         *Bonus ‘Become Your Vision’ packet at the completion of your 12 cycles. 
     Electronic copy of journal pages

The 12 month membership in the Moon Circle Journal Project  is $159
(Membership may begin any time during the year)

The Moon Circle Journal  can also be purchased as a stand-alone product for $49 

***Until our paypal button is ready to accept orders, please contact Carolyn for membership and purchase details.
Alpha test members who have completed the survey will receive $10 off on their purchase.  Carolyn can be emailed at

The 2016 Moon CIrcle Journal