Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Benefits of Transmuting Baggage

When we start to let go and release our baggage, the next experience we are likely to have is that memories will begin to bubble up from our sub-conscious and unconscious.
The revealing of memories from our past is a required step toward living more fully in the Truth of our life, rather than living an image of our life.

Note that memories are revealed; they are NOT meant to be relived

Self Reflection: As I release each memory, I reclaim the energy held in the memory and take it back into myself.
This transmuted* energy  purifies through my heart and first is energy to strengthen and heal myself, then energy to share in serving others. Letting go opens the way for me to transmute my old way of being and doing.  

*To transmute is to completely change in form, appearance or nature-especially to a higher form. 

I have the ability to shift my emotional energy to a creative force rather than a destructive force.