Monday, July 31, 2017

Serving Truth Requires Balance

Sara writes: To Serve Truth, I must have balance.  I cannot sustainably fulfill my calling if I do not feed all the necessary parts of my life and my self.  My list of cyclically neglected parts includes; body care (nutrition, exercise, sleep, medical), relaxation, fun, creative work, time with loved ones, meeting my commitments, financial stewardship and nurturing my business.

To have balance, I must have both awareness and discipline.  I must make conscious choices.  I must be honest with myself about the consequences of those choices.  Then, I must stay on track and follow through with my choices.  A couple years ago, it came to me that "Discipline is integrity in working clothes "Discipline is integrity in working clothes".   I am gradually learning that when I have a choice between 'doing what feels good' and 'doing what makes me feel good about myself', the latter is almost always the choice that is in alignment with my Purpose.

Self Reflection:  Do I feel the difference between 'doing what feels good' and 'doing what makes me feel good about myself'?

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Strengthening and Aligning Our Internal Flame, Final Part (at least for now)

Carolyn writes:  Sara and I both shared about our ‘off day’ experiences.  From my long years of working with others, I know these kind of days happen for everyone.  Out-of-sync days occur regardless of our supposed level of ‘spiritual development’.  We can’t prevent them, and we can’t control when they occur; that’s not the point. When they come, they are an invitation to upgrade our life.  They become the backdrop for the illuminating the experience of being in sync with Divine Direction.

Self Reflection: The feeling of not being ‘good enough’ or not doing things ‘right’ are ways that my internal flame, my being, moves out of alignment with Creator.  My morning ritual-my intentional act of offering my life to Servie, restores my alignment. This practice is pure act of faith.  If I stick with it-it sticks with me. In short order, it will become my felt sense, a known internal feeling.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Strengthening and Aligning Our Internal Flame, Part 5: Building a spiritual muscle memory

Sara writes:

Sometimes, our environment or situation can be incredibly challenging or draining.  When I am in the midst of such negative energy, I often become uncentered. Afterward, I recall the spiritual person I think I am during my morning contemplative time and wonder where she went!

Today, I am reminded that the challenging times are the reason a spiritual practice is exactly that; a practice.  During my contemplative time, I practice sensing and aligning with the pull of the Universe/Creator.  I become centered.  Frequently, I set reminders for myself throughout the day to do a mini-check-in with that same centering.  In this way, I build a kind of spiritual "muscle memory".

The more dedicated I am to this practice, the more likely I will remember to (and be able to) open to the Grace and Guidance needed.  Responding from a perspective that allows a positive outcome becomes more automatic.  When I neglect my practice, I become spiritually "out of shape" and revert to old, negative attitudes and reactions.

The words in the daily circles in the journal are practices of gratitude, opening to guidance, intention, and noticing alignment working in our life.  As Carolyn mentioned in yesterday's post, there is great value in just the practice, even when (or especially when) we aren't feeling particularly "spiritual"

Self Reflection:  How does my spiritual practice nourish and support me?

Friday, July 28, 2017

Strengthening and Aligning Our Internal Flame, Part 4: Discipline as Grace

Carolyn writes:
I'm writing about myself today, in first person, not assuming others experience life as I do. When I am irritable and frustrated by the limitations I see in myself,  my personal world, or other people's actions, I find my intentions and my integrity can fall to the way-side.  To continue with the metaphor of the 'wick in the lamp' (see Part 1), it is as if my wick is separated from the fuel source, or has become so fouled it can no longer maintain a flame.   

There are also times when  I am so angry or upset that I consciously shut off any experience of Grace and Divine support. I 'yank my wick out of my lamp'! And, I usually shut out human support as well, which, in my metaphor, is the 'fouled-up-wick' part.

Yet, tbecause I have a commitment to daily contemplation, even when I am pissed off, through the grace of this daily practice, I sit my bottom down on my prayer cushion. I make an attempt to name some things I am grateful for. Sometimes, I can only say I am grateful for the gift of discipline to sit when I don't want to. Sometimes I'm not even able to do that. I set my timer for five minutes, and I sit. This commitment to sit, even when I don't want to, is a movement toward alignment. It is a profound, disciplined act of loving myself.

Self Reflection: Where am I disciplined in loving myself?  Where would I like more discipline? 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Strengthening and Aligning Our Internal Flame, Part 3

From Sara’s waxing moon inspiration: “To be born again is to accept the gifts of life consciously and with humility.”

Humility and Alignment: It is unfortunate humiliation and humility sound so similar.  Humiliation is an invitation to crawl back into our hiding places; to fight for our emotional life- to struggle against being under others’ control.

To be humiliated is one of the worst feelings and experiences we can have as human beings.  It is a truly a violation of our being to our deepest core sense of self.  Most of us will do whatever we can to avoid humiliation-and a big part of that avoidance is hiding our light and our life from others.

Humility is the ability to carry, with grace, our gifts, making space for those around us to feel safe, supported, seen.  True humility allows us to be visible in our gifts and abilities, and vulnerable to others response to these gifts.  

Self Reflection:  Embracing humlilty, I carry my gifts with grace; making space for those around me to feel safe, supported, seen. Embracing humility, I, too, am safe and supported.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Strengthening and Aligning Our Internal Flame, Part 2

From Sara’s waxing moon inspiration: “To be born again is to accept the gifts of life consciously and with humility.”

To serve implies a commitment followed closely by action!  Every time I consciously commit to accepting and living/expressing/making visible/using the gifts I have, I am born again, and again and again.  New birthing of myself happens over and over.  Every time I take action, I become an updated version of ME (My Essence), closer and closer, more and more in alignment with Creator’s Vision of me. 

Humility is the vessel which has the capacity to hold the magnificence of Creator’s vision for our unique expression of life.  Doubt and mistrust limit our humility, and constrict the space available in our life to birth our vision.  

Self Reflection:  I consciously accept my gifts. I commit to live an ongoing updated version of my possibility!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Strengthening and Aligning Our Internal Flame Part 1

By internal flame, is meant one's life force, which is the energy which we bring into the world with us when we are born.  Over time, our life experiences can be like a storm battering away at the flame of a lamp.  While we cannot control the metaphoric winds and storms that threaten our flame, we can strengthen the wick of the lamp which is our life.

Our intention for living our life and our commitment to live with integrity (Truth as best as we currently understand) weave together and become like a wick, drawing up energy from Creator's unlimited source. This energy, ignited by Grace, is an ever-flowing gift of love available to all of us. 

We receive this Grace through two actions: First, through a daily practice of expressing specific and sincere gratitude (thanksgiving) and second, by asking Source (by whatever name we have for Source) for help in living our life and are consciously willing to receive help.  In other words, we establish a morning practice of gratitude prayer and contemplative petition.

Self Reflection: I align MY internal flame with the Eternal Flame of Love.

Monday, July 24, 2017

To Serve Truth is to First Love Self

Ultimately, If we are to be healthy and whole, we must love what we serve.
Otherwise, our serving will likely carry a level of resentment or resistance, and ulterior motive.
We practice Serving Truth-which is serving God/Creator/Great Mystery--by serving our the Truth of our own self first.

The more I do this work of consciously living  these cycles, year after year, I find I am called over and over to love myself more.  I find that my ability to love (hence, serve) Truth is limited to my ability to Love (not the same as indulge-darn-it!) my own being-ALL parts of me, and to serve this being that is 'me'.

It is only from this place that I am finally able to experience the immense flow of love that comes in those fleeting moments I am humbly surrendered to Serve truth.

Self Reflection:  I acknowledge the areas in my life where I love my own being. I also acknowledge where I 'indulge' my being in ways that do not serve my Truth.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Building A Reservoir of Love and Healing: Serving the Truth Within Ourselves

How each of us experience the gifts and teachings of each of the moon cycles is going to be an unique and individual experience.  Our common ground in developing a practice of contemplation, prayer and meditation.  Each of us will have our own unique expression of these practices as well. Our practice of prayer, contemplation and meditation is actually a practice of communication with Truth in all her forms.

Developing this communication generally develops over time.  Most of us will not have 'conversion' experiences like Paul of Tarsus or Buddha or Hildegard of Bingen.   It is more likely we will have times of personal struggle followed by an awareness that changes our attitudes, behaviors and beliefs. It is these series of little changes that then lead to major and sustainable shifts and ultimately regenerative transformation of different areas of our life. Over time, our entire life transforms.

Self Reflection: I begin building my reservoir by asking in prayer, contemplation, and/or  meditation what serves me most to focus on as I begin the practice of loving and healing my own being.  

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Setting the Space for the August New Moon: Serve Truth and Heal

The journey of Love Truth has prepared us to step  into the moon cycle for August, Serve Truth, a month that invites us to VERY INTENTIONAL (and maybe intense) SELF-HEALING.  

We are called by the focus and energy of the August Moon Cycle to experience Serving what is True.  This serving begins with our own being, ourselves.  Otherwise, it is not possible to sustain serving others and the rest of the world.

Self Reflection:  Can I be truthful about what I need healed in my own being?  Mental, emotional, physical or spiritual?  Am I willing to accept, without knowing, the outcome of being healed? Am I willing to continue asking for healing until I can sense healing happening?  Can I ask for support in holding this space and staying steady in the waiting? 

PS.  A reminder that 'healed' does not mean the same as 'cured'.  

Friday, July 21, 2017

Closing Moon Prayer for Loving Truth

Sara's prayere for the Closing Moon of Love Truth

May I walk in the Grace of Now. May I walk in the Grace of Being.  Loving What Is, exactly as it is. In expectancy of whatever will be, but never in anticipation.

May I let go of the future and the past, of controlling either.  Just as I have no control over what already Is.
For then, I will have Peace

Self Reflection:  I feel how I walk in the grace of the moment. I am aware of how I love what is. It helps me stay in expectation and not anticipation.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday Summer Blessing

Karen shares a blessing that resonates with her journey of Love Truth:

Thursday Summer Blessing

As the tree shares its gifts of fruit,
So I, too, share the gifts of me.
For in me
Is the facilitator
Of a more loving world;
In me is the catalyst
For a greater social awareness.
In me is the power of the Word,
And I share that gift with All.

--Essene Book of Meditations and Blessings
     by Danaan Parry

Carolyn shares:  When Karen shared this blessing with me, I truly felt it as 'a blessing'.  As I read these words, I felt an affirmation of my intention and commitment to open myself to love the truth of what is and my desire to be a catalyst who helps others know the power, peace and sense of well-being which comes with loving the truth.  Reading this blessing, I heard this: There is power in the Word, and this power is a gift.  And I am blessed in sharing this gift.
I left my contemplation time with a deep sense of peace and with hope. To embrace 'power', I think will be a practice, and the coming cycle of Serve Truth, will offer a time for practice.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

We All, Eventually, Return Home to Ourselves

29 days on a journey committed to loving what is Truth will reveal parts of our character that have previously been hidden in shadow.  As we embrace these parts of our selves, such
harmful behaviors, errant beliefs, or judgments (of self and others), it is common to experience feelings of shame.
Love Truth invites us to compassionate forgiveness of ourselves for all the foibles of our life journey so far.  we are the prodigal goddess of Sara's poem.  The parent we are returning to is ourselves, the woman we are becoming; the woman Love Truth has invited us to see as Truth.  We are returning to a mansion where a life rich with possibility, creativity, growth and abundant love is waiting to be experienced.

Wait no longer to Love all the Truths of your journey thus far. Embrace the imperfections of your life as a human being. This conscious act starts the healing, just as in Jamie Sams' story of Loves All Things.

Sewlf Reflection:  Have I allowed ALL of me to return to rest in my own being, in my heart?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Prodigal Goddess Prepares to Serve Truth

To return home,
to walk as prodigal into our own life.
Will we feast on our fatted calf?
Or mete our own justice?

To know the light, we must learn darkness.
We value most, that which is nearly lost.

Treat yourself with kindness.
and upon turning back,
Welcome yourself with open arms.
Embrace the cycle.
Hug your Goddess.
Greet yourself,

perfect in your imperfection

Originally posted by Sara on

Self Reflection:  My imperfection is my path of learning my perfection as a child of Creator.

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Willingness to Love Truth Offers a Gift of Peace

Carolyn Shares: The biggest awareness I have received in holding the idea, thought, feeling and experience of Love Truth over the course of this moon cycle is that as I practice (and often fail) to Love ALL Truth(s) I am developing the 'ability' to love in a different way.  This loving is difficult to describe. It feels like a gift-- loving in a way that is a gift to myself, to those close around me, and also out into the world.  By my willingness to embrace that the tiny truth I hold in my mind is NOT the whole truth, and may not even be accurate, I open a space in myself for awareness and courage to receive, even welcome, larger Truths.  This is a gift, and I experience this gift coming from the Creator.  I cannot make it happen, but I can show-up daily and and receive this gift.  To seek the ability to Love Truth IS an experience of deep and abiding Peace.  And this I can offer as a gift for others, just by moving through my daily life wearing the experience of this peace.

Self Reflection:  How have I experienced love this moon cycle? For myself? For Others? For this planet?

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Love Truth is Letting Go of the Need for Perfection

What have I encountered on this journey to Love Truth?
I have encountered the Truth that to Love Truth is to let go of my idea of the need for perfection.
I could name this a journey 'love imperfection', 'love patience', 'love what is hard to love'.
In my imperfections I recognize I have caused harm to others.
To love the truth of my human fallibility, means I can send a prayer for the one I have harmed.  
I can open myself to receive the grace of self-forgiveness, and in doing so
Grace comes through me to amend for the suffering my own suffering has caused another.
In the truth of Love Truth, grace can come through me.
And I can offer comfort through me.

Self Reflection: What am I encountering on my journey to Love Truth.  I wonder what is yet to be revealed?

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Quest to Love Truth Bridges the Gaps in Our Perception and Judgment

The quest to love Truth is the journey of compassion.  The Truth cycles up to this point have been offering us gentle invitations to embrace a more compassionate way of living: with ourselves, with others, and in the world. On this quest to Love Truth we now come face to face with what we perceive or judge as wanted or unwanted, good or bad, kind or hurtful, honorable or shameful...For most of us, coming face to face with the undesirable of these is like coming to a cliff edge 'reality' and come to an abyss of our fear-based perceptions and judgments.

Our options are always the same:  We can turn back, taking up our addictions for comfort and retreat. We can freeze-up emotionally or physically and become frozen into inaction. We can fight them until they consume us and we end up falling into the abyss. OR...we can build a bridge of compassionate forgiveness, one plank at a time to span the abyss of our dark shadows--all those places we can not yet truthfully see in ourselves, judge in others, and perceive in the world.

Self Reflection: When I lay down my judgment of self and others, I am freed to accept the Truth,  I am able to love what, in my error of perception, I deemed unlovable. I am freed from a prison of my own making, and I cross the abyss toward a freedom of great love.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Take Time to Reflect on Your Path of Loving Truth

During the waning moon phase, our mind and heart come together to bring into focus what we most need to learn about loving what is true--in our own life, in the life of others who our life touches, in our communities, and our world. A commitment to love truth is not an easy path, but the pay off is worth the effort.  Inner peace comes with this commitment. We develop a deeper understanding of our and others' challenges and difficulties. There is a growing wisdom that comes from this practice. 

Self Reflection: How are the lessons of this cycle of Love Truth coming into play in my life? Where am I called to take action? What might I need to release to be able love a larger, deeper truth? What new awareness is uniting my mind and heart? 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Great Mystery's Truth Hides in the Shadows

Through reflecting on the life we have lived so far, we go from hiding ourselves in the shadow, to coming to know we are already whole.  It is the same for all human beings. We must learn to see ourselves in the Magnificent Wholeness of who we are, and that includes our shadows.  Because we have not known the truth within our shadows, we have not been able to see the Truths of ourselves or the Truth of the world around us. This Truth: We are all magnificent manifestations of Creator/Creation.  We have the ability to learn, know, hear, see and accept this Truth.

One of the easiest, and least scary ways to begin a practice of  loving the truth present in life is through our experience of nature. This is especially evident when we choose to experience a place in nature which we would name unattractive or damaged. Choose an abandoned parking lot where the weeds are growing up in the cracks, or the far corner of your yard, which doesn't get any attention, or a dead tree. Choose one small spot and sit in front of it and just notice it. Look at the detail of the plants. Notice little bugs, or lichen, the detail in a stone. Really, see the colors present, the different textures.  If you look long enough, you will begin to see a miracle a creation in the new life insisting on making it's way, or in the process of decay giving way to what will come next. If we take time to experience the miracles within this little piece of Creation's process--a 'less than ideal' place in nature-- how can we not experience the magnificence of ourselves, even when we experience our self as 'less than ideal'?  We are all magnificent!  We can embrace and love this as Truth. We can come to love traveling even the shadowed paths of our life journey.

Self Reflection:  Make a commitment to sit in nature. In your nature sitting, what small magnificence showed itself to you... nature has shared with you? Find this magnificence in your own being and reflect it back. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Spiritual Teachers Also Accompany Us on Our Journeys

It seems All of great spiritual teachers, mystics and holy ones were/are seekers of Truth.  All of them!  Go and read your favorites, and you will find this longing and searching very soon in their writing.  This seeking  is likely to show itself in one of the forms we experience in the Cycles of Truth, which is only another way of searching and knowing.  

As I follow the path of my longing to understand and live my life purpose ever more truth-fully, I find teachings on Truth popping up all over, and with synchronicity. This one came this morning:

 "...Does truth work in our lives?...Truth Heals the body, purifies the soul, reforms the sinner, solves difficulties, pacifies strife. There is no such thing as undemonstrated understanding. If you wish to know where you really stand spiritually, look about you at your environment, beginning with the body.  There can be nothing in the soul that is not demonstrated sooner or later in the outer, and there is nothing in the outer that does not find some correspondence in the inner." (pg 201)       From Emmet Fox, July 20, (1886-1951) , a pioneer of the New Thought movement, continues to inform many present day wisdom teachers and spiritual searchers. Around the Year With Emmet Fox,

Self Reflection:  Who is/are the Spiritual Teacher(s) I connect to? 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Stepping Fully Into the Meaning of Love Truth in Our Life

We step fully into the waning phase of the Moon Cycle of Love Truth.  Jamie Sams’ Clan Mother story relating to this Cycle of Truth is the tale of Loves All Things. It is the story of the intense pain and harm which comes from the misperception that Love is impermanent, cannot transcend time or space, and of the damage that we as human beings can do when we do not understand the true nature of Love. 

Love is the source of ALL creation.  What does it mean to Love Truth in all her forms and all her presentations? Even those whose form we cannot begin to understand? We come to understand by reflecting on our journey through the moon cycles and through the cycles of truth as we have experienced them in our lives, so far.  Remembering our whole life is the journey, and we are in the midst of this journey. We will continue to grow and become.

When we have opened ourselves to Learn Truth, to Honor Truth as we learn it, to Know and Accept Truth as it is revealed to us, we can then See and Hear Truth.  When we live with these qualities growing within us, are able to Love Truth as it comes to us, from us and through us.  We begin to understand that our loving others is another way Creator/Great Mystery/God loves all things.

Self Reflection: Love is the Source of all creation.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Our Traveling Companions for Our Waning Moon Journey

Let the days of the waning moon be a journey of more fully experiencing those aspects of our life that have woken up in us during the waxing moon.
We take as our waning moon traveling companions, compassion, acceptance, patience and forgiveness.
We embrace imperfections in ourselves and in others, and we celebrate even small progress.
Joy, appreciation, faith, trust and hope fall into step beside us.

Self Reflection: I can be aware of the joy, appreciation, faith, trust and hope that surrounds me--waiting just to be noticed with my awareness.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Acting on My Intention to Love

Karen shares a blessing for the intention to love:

There is a vibration
That emanates from me
In whatever I do,
Mingling with,
Enhancing or detracting from
The Universal Vibration,
Depending on the quality
Of my intent.
I commit myself
To a positive enhancement
Of the Universal Vibration
Of Love
In each act and thought
That I create.

Essene Book of Meditations and Blessings

Self Reflection: I commit to practice loving all the is.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Full Moon arrives. Just in Time!

Creator of all that is, we need this full moon of Love Truth to shine her brightest!
The people of the earth are suffering from the illusions put forth by our shadows.
We need Truth to be illuminated to her fullest.
We need to see the truth beyond the shadows of small stories, media slant, and stubborn prejudices.
We need the light of the full moon, whose nature it is to expose distortion and invite clarity, to bring us clear vision, truthful knowing, and words coming through Truth’s Love.

Welcome full moon! You have arrived in the nick of time!

Self Reflection: I open my heart to let in the full moon of Love Truth to fill and illuminate my heart!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Our Work is to Love Our World, Our Community, Nature, and the Home Which Shelters Us.

The cycles of the moon are a continual reminder of how Divine Love invites us to begin again and again and again, as many times as we must, to live our calling and fulfill our purpose for our life.  While it may never be easy to stay focused, having a routine and living in our familiar and usual environment can help keep us staying in alignment with our intentions. And yes, we can also use our surroundings to distract ourselves from our intentions!

So, what happens when we are not in a space or environment where we feel supported in keeping our  intention for living our life calling?

Two thoughts come to mind: The first one, I mention only briefly: our Life Calling should be broad enough to encompass the moment to moment experience of our daily lives.

The second is that our Life Calling becomes the anchor for our future. It can draw us toward our life purpose, even when the path we are on becomes rocky and crooked, or takes a detour. It will help us see the bigger truth of a world we struggle to stay connected with. The moon cycle energy for this month-and the energy of summer and the cycle of the south, all  are reminders for loving the truth what is, not just in relation to ourselves, but the full truth of our entire globe: all the peoples of the world, our own community, all nature around us and our own homes.

Why is this so critical, especially at this time in creation? Because  'love' is the most nourishing nutrient there is for growing a healthy human, a healthy community, a thriving, abundant nature and a world that will come to know Love IS her Truth.

Self Reflection: Will I do my full part into create a nourishing environment for all my world?

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Embracing the Journey of Loving Truth.

To love truth is to accept both our gifts and weaknesses, our strengths and the places we still struggle, our failures and our victories.  In accepting all of our self, we are not diminished, but made whole. We become complete human beings, with a great capacity to love, and carriers of Wisdom.

In Jamie Sams story of Loves All Things, the clan mother of July's moon cycle was eventually able to see how the errors in her perceptions had caused great harm to herself, others and the world. She became willing to see the larger Truth about her life experiences. Only then was she able to seek forgiveness and make amends to her community.  Only then was she able to step into her role as wise teacher and mentor for her community. Her struggles were transformed into compassion and wisdom. We too have this capacity. It is our birthright.

Self Reflection: I accept both my gifts and my weakness, my victrories and my failures, my strengths and the places I still struggle.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wednesday Summer Blessing

Karen shares wisdom of Love from the Essene's:

Does not the apple tree
Share its fruit with all,
Not choosing who is blest?
As my Vessel
Overflows with Love,
Do I not share this Love with all?
For in our Oneness
There exist no chosen ones.
Only Fellow Travelers do I see
On the path back home
To The Divine.

--The Essene Book of Meditations & Blessings

Self Reflection: I am a fellow among fellows, all traveling on the path toward Love, of Love.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Encouragement For Moving Through Times of Challenge

Karen Shares:
I carried this with me all day yesterday.  May I continue to look to my Inner Nature, that Font of Love, even during the uncertain, the unknown, the silent, even violent, times of darkness:

"In this time of outward activity,
Of Creation on the physical plane,
I ask to remember
That the Wheel is ever-turning.
And I am propelled by my Inner Nature
Even as I celebrate
My Outer Nature.
For in the fullness of light
Rest the seeds of night,
And in darkness the seeds of day."

--Essene Book of Meditations & Blessings

Self Reflection:  I look to my Inner Nature, where my love sprouts, to inform how I will live my life.

Monday, July 3, 2017

A Call to Keep Loving Through the Terror

Carolyn shares: "The slaughter throughout the world continues. With the grief that rises from within, I can barely center myself to hear any guidance inviting me to post tonight.  I know in my heart love and truth will prevail, but I think it will be long journey." 

We must keep loving. We must love even more than we think is possible.  We must keep looking for the light which is there, waiting to  burst forth from these dense dark shadows.  We must Keep the faith by holding fast to our commitment to Love. 

Self Reflection:  Do I commit to 'keep in loving'?

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Messages Received: We are Never alone; Our Tears are Waters of Transformation

Carolyn Shares: In my morning contemplation these words came through my heart, leaving a sense of peace and well-being I have not felt for a long time: "You never walk alone. I AM always with you. Bring your heart into everything you do and all will be foundationally well, allowing you to see, hear, know, feel, touch, sense, taste, receive, learn and accept the Truth of All That Is."

The feeling of peace continued and I was able to let myself sink into deeper knowing about the gift of these words: "...this experience of foundational well-being can always happen, even in the midst of trauma, disaster, or violence. It occurs also in the midst of tremendous joy and beauty or when in the middle of overwhelm. With this practice of bringing your heart into everything LOVE, which is Truth, will wash over all. Your tears, all tears, are the waters bringing transformation."

Self Reflection:  Can I bring my heart into EVERYTHING I do?

Saturday, July 1, 2017

How We Are Like the Moon

We see the moon only through the reflection of the light she receives and the light she reflects.  It seems the perception of myself is like that, too.  The shape, size and substance of my being (of ME) is only visible and useful when it is reflective of what is true  about me. This happens only by my willingness to let my light shine and reflect it out to all of creation.

Self Reflection:  How do I let my light shine?