Sunday, June 21, 2020

Loves Truth Emerges from a Deep Dark Place

July's New Moon, Loves Truth, emerges from a deep dark Place. 

As seekers of Truth we now have an invitation to acknowldege and be willing to embrace our country's history which powerfully, traumatically, unrelentingly, burst forth. During the moon cycle of Speak Truth which just ended, the deep and concealed stories of our country's truths spilled out on the streets for all the world to witness.  

This new moon cycle has the ability to bring us solice, strength and the courage to continue to face these hard truths and embrace the courage to remedy the untruths the cycle of Speak Truth revealed. All that is required is our willingness to learn how to love truth in all her faces: 

To Love Truth is to fully embrace 
joy and sorrow
pain and pleasure
triumph and failure
history and vision
with a full and open heart!

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