Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Addendum to yesterday's post: This is What Healing Looks Like

Addendum to yesterday's post, to the shock witnessing a shredded web: 

After I hit the publish button on yesterday's post, I realized that while my mind had sorted out yesterday's news, the physical and emotional parts of my being was experiencing the numbess that often comes with being in a state of shock.  While the painting named the hopefullnes of a positve future, I saw a certain frozeness in the image.  A good night of sleep and a bit of time gave space for the completion of October's moon painting:

Healing has begun.
Hope empowers us.
Action energizes us. 
No matter the outcome in days to come 
the reweaving of the fabric of our national community will happen.
we are just not privy to the timing or the form

RGB and the new moon of October.

 Painting the day of the a new justice vote. 

Now reveals what hope, empowerment, action and energy look like.  


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