Monday, October 26, 2020

In Walking Our Truth We Can Reweave the Tattered Web.

pink moon final.
She brings healing for a new web of truth.

The day Ruth Bader Ginsberg died I painted the new moon for October and the collar of justice she shed that day fell on my painting of the pink new moon 

 October Pink Moon unfinished.

I painted the names of all the truth seekers I could muster over the next 30 days, but the painting would not be finished.  This morning I woke, and during my morning meditation the image for finishing the pink moon came with urgency.  
Layers of paint and lace laid down with an intentionality of their own.  As I finished the work the realization came: today an unprecedented action in the United States senate tore apart weavings of the Supreme Court.  The energy of the moon painting for Walking Truth tells us that in walking our Truth faithfully we can reweave the web of justice.  We each have our own path of Truth, our own contribution to this weaving.

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