Monday, July 17, 2017

The Willingness to Love Truth Offers a Gift of Peace

Carolyn Shares: The biggest awareness I have received in holding the idea, thought, feeling and experience of Love Truth over the course of this moon cycle is that as I practice (and often fail) to Love ALL Truth(s) I am developing the 'ability' to love in a different way.  This loving is difficult to describe. It feels like a gift-- loving in a way that is a gift to myself, to those close around me, and also out into the world.  By my willingness to embrace that the tiny truth I hold in my mind is NOT the whole truth, and may not even be accurate, I open a space in myself for awareness and courage to receive, even welcome, larger Truths.  This is a gift, and I experience this gift coming from the Creator.  I cannot make it happen, but I can show-up daily and and receive this gift.  To seek the ability to Love Truth IS an experience of deep and abiding Peace.  And this I can offer as a gift for others, just by moving through my daily life wearing the experience of this peace.

Self Reflection:  How have I experienced love this moon cycle? For myself? For Others? For this planet?

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